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April No-Spend Challenge ~ Last day of our challenge. How did you do? - Page 11

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Originally Posted by llamalluv View Post

- finished UFO's
llamalluv, I am so glad you mentioned this! I am always tempted to begin this or that new project (which almost always involves spending more money to buy new supplies). Or else I get that anxious feeling about not having completed some planned project (sewing diapers or new pants or pajamas) and so I end up buying the thing. I feel so much better when I complete a project. Completing a project gives me a usuable item that fulfills a need (or a want!) and feels way better than buying the similar thing. And I know that unfinished projects lurking around are a source of anxiety. For me, that anxiety frequently translates into spending.

Yesterday, after reading this, I went and finished spinning some yarn I was working on. It's a cool blend of superwash wool in multi-colors. I finished one bobbin and spun up a second, then plied and set them. Now I have two new hanks of yarn, almost 300 yds. With handspun selling for about .25/yd, that's almost $75 worth of yarn. And I didn't spend anything (well except buying the fiber, but that was over a year ago so I don't count it now). I feel great.
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$15.87 dinner at Penn Station, took $120 out of checking account for groceries, gas and to pay someone I owe money to. Spent $30.00 on gas. Have $60.00 left for groceries. (I think tomorrow will be better.

4/2-NO SPEND DAY #1!! 1/30
4/3-$1.25 coke
4/4-$5 valet parking at emergency room, $4.79 Tim Horton's
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1/4 No spend no drive
2/4 no spend no drive
3/4 no spend planned drive and cheapest travle option
4/4 21.47 Treasure Mapping supplies (forgot to budget : ) 1.50 ds1s tennis new activity not in budget : Drove twice to shop am and tennis pm

Budget already blown but a GREAT excercise for me to account for every expenditure, at least now I can see where things are going wrong!
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04- Today I got gas, groceries, paid bills. I really need to EAT before I go out on the town. I was hungry and nearly broke my fast food fast but I didn't!

3/20 No Drive Days
3/20 No Spend Days
4/30 No Fast Food Days
54/75 Gas
210/500 Food/Household
220/1000 Snowball
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4/1 no spend
4/2 2.00 coffee
4/3 $2.00 coffee
4/4 2.00 breakfast

I'm not off to a good start
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4/3 Was both my lunch out for the week AND our dinner out for the week. Just a tough day all around, but no 'additional' spending other than that.

DH brought the boys and a sandwich for lunch to me at work today, instead of my having to go out, because we're out of left overs. Plus, I got to have some baby time in the middle of my day

On the other hand, I absolutely desperately want to grill out tonight and we don't have a grill. If I could find one for >$50, I probably would run out and pick one up. But they're $80 at Target, and that just wasn't a budgeted spend for this month. I'm tempted, but I'm hanging on to the idea that $80 is 2/3 of the car seat we increasingly badly need for DS1, and the money must go to that instead. I'm asking for a used one on Craigslist and Freecycle and eyeing the side of the road -- I've never bought a grill before in my life and have always just inherited them or had them come to me for free, so hopefully my luck will hold.
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01: $134 groceries/household stuff - within budget but more than I meant to spend IYKWIM. However, I did get some PP pads, some labour drinks and a bit of extra meat to make PP meals for the freezer, so I got a lot for my money. DH spent $1 at work on a chocolate bar!
02: No spend!!! DH spent a tiny bit at work but this isn't his challenge....
03: DH spent $7 on playing football plus $1.5 on a drink afterwards. The weather was glorious so I took DS1 and DS2 to the park after school. I had packed snacks but DS1 accidentally dropped his and spilled them everywhere so I ended up with a $2 spend at the store for replacements.......
04: Needed butter but came out of the store with chocolate too So, that's $4 out of my grocery budget. I wanted a Coke later but I resisted so it wasn't all bad!!

Tomorrow I have to post an eBay item but the postage for it has already been paid for by the buyer so I think if that's all I spend, it's still a no spend day. Fingers crossed!!
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I'm hanging in there... Only groceries and the milkman. I'm pretty pleased. Its been my spring break week, and I haven't been shopping with my extra time, and we had friends over last night instead of going out.

April 1: $20 birthday gift for BIL, $32 misc kitchen/house stuff that was not needed. $3 toy for the boys, $5 fast food, $20 groceries.
April 2-3: No spend!
April 4: $6 milk, $3 bread and ice, gas $34

$29 groceries
$40 unneeded
$20 gifts
$34 gas
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Hello, everyone. I've been lurking on this thread for a few months now and am finally ready to join in! So here goes:

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us anything you think it would help us to know about yourself.
I'm a part-time homeschooling SAH/WAHM to 5 great kiddos who range in age from 9 to 2 yrs. My DH is self-employed and works from home. We are currently TTC baby #6. DH's business has hit a rough patch and finances are very tight right now. That is stressful.

2. Please tell us why you have decided to spend nothing (or spend significantly less) for the Month of April. Memorize these goals and recite them to yourself before all purchases.
Due to DH's business slow-down, we need to cut back where we can. Last month, we went siginificantly over budget in almost all categories, but especially gas and food, which are both skyrocketing lately. Since we don't have additional $ to add to those areas, we need to either take it from other parts of the budget and/or find ways to reduce gas and food costs.

3. No spending is hard work. You need a plan. Please tell us your game plan -- how do you plan to approach no spending for a month?
Starting this month, we are making the following changes to reduce our spending:
* Switching back to CD full-time and not buying anymore sposies. We'd gotten lazy and out of the habit over the holidays and just never got back in the groove.

* We're going to work hard on helping our 5 yo DS be dry at night to cut down on the need to buy pull-ups.

*Cut back on cleaning help from weekly to 2x/month. This will have to go altogether if business doesn't pick up soon, though.

*Only buy dessert and/or coffee/tea when out w/DH on our "date nights" and eat dinner at home before we go. This way, we can still afford to go out (for now), but won't be spending as much $.

*Reduce eating out to 2 dinners w/whole family per month, and lunches/snacks out to 4x/month.

My key:
: -- No drive day
-- No spend day
-- Planned spending day
: -- Unplanned spending, emergency, fell off wagon

My goals:
5/30 No spend days
4/30 No drive days (this is a really hard one for our family of 7 -- someone always needs a ride somewhere!)
0/2 Eat out dinners
0/4 Eat out lunches/snacks
0/219 Gas
61.73/800 Food/Household

So far this month:

01 --
02 -- $51.14 groceries, $2.22 household
03 -- $80 housecleaning
04 -- $8.37 groceries

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4/1: spent nothing
4/2: spent nothing
4/3: $10.28 playplace admission/ about $9 snacks throughout the day
4/4: $10.42 grocery run
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April 1 - : Not starting out too well. $73 tax payment (which I forgot about) and $60 on baseball tickets (which we committed too a long time about, which I also forgot about). Ugh.

April 2 - : $5 on sweet and salty snacks (it's that time of the month and I caved )

April 3 - First no spend day of the month!

April 4 - Editing! Yay! We did not go shopping and I got paid for freelance work so we will not have to spend out of our budgeted funds. Yay! : Pre-emptive. I know we have to buy a gift for a baby shower. We do not budget for gift money since it usually comes out of any freelance work I do, but that money has not come in so we will have to take it out of the regular budget.

No Spend
: Spend

Total overspending in March $478.33
Total no spend days - 20/31

Total overspending in February $666.45
Total no spend days - 14/29
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2: 4.98 on laundry soap, $1770 on a new mattress (budgeted for)
4: $2 on a shirt for dd, came out of my spending cash
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Grocery spending - within budget + should be set for month w/ exception of fruit/milk.


April 1:
April 2: parking ticket + library fine
April 3:
April 4:

* Less than $50 in frivolous spending: month to date $17
* At least 25 days (no spend or spending w/in budget): 3/25
* Pack snacks/water for outings: 4/30
* NO library fines: month to date $12
* Stay within grocery/eating out budget: $404.69/$500
* ORGANIZE/declutter (lack of organization = spending): 4/25
* Exercise (feeling good = decreased emotional spending): 3/25
* Items posted for sale on internet: 0/10
* Meal plan created: 0.25/4 weeks
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April 1: budgeted spending: $16.21 groceries, $22.35 school lunches/juice for April
April 2: budgeted spending: $11.39 lunch out, $48.10 gas, $15.65 dollar store
April 3: budgeted spending: $$17.26 Dollar Store, $94.85 grocery store, $11.99 Bakery Outlet
April 4: budgeted spending: $6 ECFE class fee, $17.40 softener salt & chicken feed, $12 kids' school carnival

My goals for April:
0/15 true no-spend days
0/5 no drive days
2/less than 15 days driving more than 50 miles in a day
$213.77/$400 groceries
$69.31/$200 household/misc.
$98.59/$250 gas
$11.39/$130 eating out/take out/entertainment
0/1000 minutes on the treadmill
0/20 items sold
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4/1: Dinner $15
4/3: Gas $25 /Groceries $307.88 /Newspaper $.53 /Clippers $40 /Pet $11 / Seeds $9 /Tupperware $14 /Shoes for DS $12 /Toy for kids $17

My key:

No spend
Budget spend
Over spend

Groceries $307.88/$650
Pet $11/$100
Eat-Out $15/$20
Misc. $83.53/$100
Garden $9/$50
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april 1:
april 2:
april 3:
april 4: although if i lived closer to a liquor store it would be a . my roomate's 5yo is having a sleepover. :

week 1: 3$ leftover
week 2: 100$ remaining
100$ remaining for the month

(the budget is 100$/week for food, transportation, outings, etc, 100$ a month for clothes, gifts, craft stuff, etc)

march: 48% no-spend days
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4/2 $20 dr copay for dh, $19.77 in groceries, $4.05 for dh's starbucks :
4/3 $63 gas, $51.67 entertainment
4/4 groceries $92.04, $81.50 entertainment

1/15 no spend days
$63/$125 gas budget
$111.81/$400 grocery budget
$137.22/$50 entertainment budget
$0/$1000 sent to savings
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4/02... Groceries 56.23 (3 stores)...Gas $36.41

True no spend
Spend within budget
unbudgeted but needed
unbudgeted and totally not needed
: no drive

4/21 no spend/spend within budget
36.41/$300 gas
56.23/$300 groceries
more no drive days (I think I only had 3 last month)
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Yayayayay!!! I resisted the urge to splurge at work, and stuck to my "one fancy coffee drink" rule!!!

4/1~ Spent nothing
4/2~ Responsible spending: $21.49 pooper-scooper, $23.34 grocery store
4/3~ Spent nothing
4/4~ Responsible spending: $2.99 teacher’s bday card, $1.59 *fancy coffee drink @ work* (I get them for half off)

2/15 Days no spending at ALL
4/30 Days no frivolous spending on self
0/3 No Drive days
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