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House selling question--timing?

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We're looking at listing our house in June and trying to sell by December since our ARM will be expiring in March of next year.

In early June we'll be holding a garage sale and will have had May with me out of school for staging the house--time we simply don't have right now. Also, we're planning a homebirth sometime in late August.

However, in another thread, I saw that spring to early summer is the time most people look for homes.

If it were you, would you try to list the house now, or stick with cleaning things up and listing in June, or do something entirely different?
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I think June is a good month to list it. If potential buyers have kids they can still get moved in by the time school would start. Summer time and green always makes a house look more homey Good luck!
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A lot of it depends on your particular market. If you're going to use a real estate agent, go ahead and call around for some advice now. They can tell you if it'd be better to list it in the spring vs. early summer.

Also, allowing yourself a longer amount of time to sit on the market if it comes to that would be better if you absolutely MUST sell before the ARM is up.

The only other thing I'd suggest would be to price it to sell. Find out what other homes in your area have sold for and be realistic with what you price it at.
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The other factor is I don't want to go into labor in the middle of moving, but I know there isn't a good way to avoid that without taking the house off the market for a month. to the universe.

I'll ask my aunt in law who just retired from being a realtor in the area.

We put down $20k that we got as a gift, so we can list it at up to that much under what we paid and still clear out the mortgage. We'll probably be listing at $10-$15k over what we paid since the county assessors report indicates that similar houses in our area are going for $10k over ($15k would be to give us some flexibility in negotiating), and that's the range I'd be using to determine if I like a realtor's assessment. ("Oh, let's list this for $50k over what you spent!"= buh bye )
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In our area, I'd go ahead and list it. Kindergarten registration is happening right now, and people want to make sure everything is settled for their kids' schooling way before it starts up.
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It also might depend where you live/and your house style. Like is it a family oriented house and neighborhood, or is more in an urban setting? Or would the house sell better to young couples with no kids? Your aunt sounds like a great resource.

I would also be weary of the county tax assesment value. Around here they can be completely off from what the house market value is.

That being said, I would try to get the house decluttered and ´"show ready" before putting it on the market. Those buyers that see your house the first time probably won't comeback for a second look, even if they are still in the market in after you get it decluttered.
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I'd list it one week after you get out of school in May.

You don't need an entire month to stage your house.

Have the garage sale in May and get that house on the market.

If you sell it in May it may not close for an entire month (that happens because the buyer may need to sell their home) and you are getting closer and closer to your due date in August.

Good luck to you!!! Lots of exciting changes in your life right now.
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So we ended up listing at the end of May. Got the house ready to show in a week. Had our first showing the day after the house was listed. Had our first offer (lousy) 17 days later. We accepted the second offer after 25 DOM and the buyer's inspection will be this Wednesday.

We're moving to the new apartment this coming Saturday.

Our nice little planning chart of when to do things has us starting to look for an apartment at the first of July.

So yeah. Woosh!
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Well at least you know the house will be sold before the rate increases! Congrats on the quick sale- they seem to be few and far between in many housing markets!
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