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Mar/Apr chat thread for Dec 2008 mamas!

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Or papas, if we get any!

I just wanted to create a space which was not introductions, and not the first random thread that was started to try to get a Dec 2008 DDC started, but is for just talking... whether about pregnancy, or life, or whatever.

Like i wanted a place to say: how are the rest of you feeling? Anyone sick yet? I felt really green this evening... if only I would remember that eating makes the queasies go away, not get worse!

I had a stupendous DDC with my son, real friendships that I am still carrying, so I guess I'm just trying to recreate such a welcoming space...
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Great idea.
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Just what I was looking for.

Morning sickness has hit me hard. Nausea gets worse as the day goes by. Tiredness is another one that has gotten to me. However, I think it's getting better as the days go by. How are you feeling?

My first appt to see my doctor is April 8th. We'll see what to do next and who he recommends for an OB/GYN for me. When is your first appt?
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Does anyone know when the initial hormone-induced breast soreness will go away? I remember the giant, swollen boobs at the end, but I can't remember when the early tenderness goes away (if ever).

We are due 12/4, and I've been having symptoms for about a week. Mostly fatigue, sore breasts and morning sickness. I have to say I prefer the morning sickness to the sore breasts, since at least with morning sickness I have an excuse to eat and lie in bed. The sore breasts have no such perks.

I have an appointment with my Gyn on 4/7 (a fluke, I've had it scheduled for a while) so I hope to get her advice on choosing a midwife. Last time we went the dr/hospital route, so this time I want to try to do things a little more laid back.

I hope you are all well! Thanks for you support and comradere!
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I have the sore breasts too and I am kind of excited about it, which sounds absolutely ridiculous, I'm sure but last time I had no tenderness or anything - including no growth - and my milk supply could be measured in drops. So I'm hoping that the sore breasts actually MEANS something, and maybe I'll be shooting up to a C cup this pregnancy and have ample milk - wow, what a delight that would be.

I get more and more nauseous as the day goes on because I forget to eat. I've been pounding the protein and when I have it in my belly, I feel fine. I just had an odd craving for the samosas we had last night with dinner - which are spicyspicyspicy! - and totally indulged it and I'm surprised it didn't make me sick.

My first mw appt is April 22. I've just signed up for prenatal yoga every Monday while DS is @ preschool so that I have some consistent activity (plus I need core work because I hurt my back BAD in February training for an inline marathon) so I will be watching the weeks go by with that.

I am trying really hard to have a good attitude going into my mw appt but I already am feeling really sassy because the first thing they asked me when I called to make my appointment was, "what was the first day of your last period?" - I know that many women have 28-day cycles, but mine usually last anywhere from 30-60. (The one I conceived on would have been 55.) I get tired of the assumptions. So I'm tempted, when the midwife asks me when the first day of my LMP was (which I know she will ask), to just say "January 29" and let her deal with that until I tell her "no, my EDD is November 30." Of course, the nice thing to do would be to tell her that I know the day I conceived was March 8th and then go from there.

I'm sorry I'm such a yacker today, my family is off at Costco and I bless my DP up and down for giving me some alone time, but I'm feeling a little lonely somehow!?!
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All I have are sore boobs, which vary in soreness throughout the day. Is this normal? It is afterall my first so I'm very new to all of this. The other symptom I have is the occasional mild cramp (not a period cramp and no spotting) that sweeps over and then is gone within a few seconds. It doesn't happen often - maybe every other day. I'm tired but I've been associating it to jet-lag, and I do wake up with bad hunger pangs. I haven't felt nauseous yet, which may be a good or bad thing. It seems like most of you girls have had a bout of it already...should I start being concerned?

Are you girls still taking a pregnancy tests to make sure things have stuck? I haven't made an appointment to my GP yet but I heard they don't like to see you until you're at least 8 weeks?!

So many questions...sorry!
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Originally Posted by nisti75 View Post
It seems like most of you girls have had a bout of it already...should I start being concerned?
Gawd no! no, seriously, maybe it's just how your pregnancy / pregnancies will be. I've had some of that interesting cramping too, it happened mostly the first week when I would swivel too quickly, like in bed. I just assume that every time I feel something crampy, it's yet another connection being made between embryo / placenta / uterine wall...

Are you girls still taking a pregnancy tests to make sure things have stuck? I haven't made an appointment to my GP yet but I heard they don't like to see you until you're at least 8 weeks?!
Yes, my first mw appt is @ 8 weeks... I did one test that I almost just threw in the garbage (here) and since I don't have any more tests, I just decided that I'm pregnant unless I start bleeding. I'm going to eat like I'm pregnant, talk to the baby, try to stay positive and release the worry to my higher power...
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Last time around, I didn't know I was pregnant until right about 8 weeks, so it has been interesting to observe the subtle symptoms this time...like certain smells gross me out (my husband's watermelon mint gum today, for example). My breasts are just a little fuller and more tender (I was a SUPER milk producer my last time around - so tenderness doesn't necessarily mean anything, I don't think, but it can't be a bad sign, I imagine!!). I actually felt great during my last pregnancy - joked with everyone that it was my "normal" (because normally, I get frequent migraines, am tired, etc.). Pregnancy felt great and postpartum I felt like I was on speed...was so excited, I couldn't sleep and roamed the house doing chores, chatting, tending to Alex. It was awesome. I hope it's like that this time, and I hope I don't annoy you all if you're sick or tired. Be sure you EAT! Maybe that's one thing I'm doing right?? =)

Anyway, my son has already absorbed the idea of pregnancy. He talks about the baby in my belly button and how it needs to get bigger before it comes out. I was actually surprised that it made such an impression on him. Are you all introducing the idea to older siblings? How are they taking it?
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I was planning on waiting til the 1st tri was past to tell my son, but my neighbor spilled the beans to him today. He didn't seem to get it yet. My friend thinks that he knows something on a subconscious level, though, because he gets up in the middle of the night every night and wedges himself firmly between us in bed. We have nothing against this, but I swear, if it keeps up, we need to get ourselves a king bed...!
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Hello all! Sorry to just jump in here but I wasn't sure where to go for newly pregnant mamas! I suppose this would be the place since i am due in December as well! Congrats to everyone: I am sure you are just as excited, and nervous dare I say, as I am. I just got my yesterday, which I took on a whim in the afternoon, since my first(of the day that is, hehe!!) hpt I took with FMU was a BFN! But yes I too being a POAS addict have taken two more to make sure and look at those wonderful lines!!
I haven't got really any symptoms, minus peeing at night and slightly crampy, which is normal for me. Mostly I just knew I was pregnant. I have had three kids and "knew" with all of them too. I have taken many more hpts than I needed to throughout my time but those darn things are addicting!!
We have decided not to tell our other kids for a few weeks. I have miscarried before so I don't want to have to tell them that news.
Anyway, I hope to talk lots with you all and hope our group grows, just like our bellies!! Sticky Baby dust to everyone!!!
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I am so excited to see a Dec. Mom's Club. I just POAS and it was a BFP! My FIRST EVER!! I'm so excited and trying to figure out a fun way to tell dh when he gets home. I'm thinking of telling everyone else on our Mother's Day Girls retreat (Mom and best girlfriends).

My breasts are huge and so sore I have to hold them going up and down stairs, etc.! Otherwise I'm super tired and have a cold and have been eating like three-grown-men! :

We have been TTC since August for our first, and a big thanks to TCOYF for helping me figure out my long cycles and coming off birth control after 5+ years.

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I am ridiculously sick, but I have been with all of my pregnancies. The new thing for me, being that I'm breastfeeding, is that my nipples are killing me instead of my boobs hurting, which makes for fun nursing.
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Massive pregnancy anxiety struck last night. Mostly money concerns. We gave away all our baby stuff because we were so certain we wouldn't have more kids [stupid!]. So now we have to buy the same stuff all over again. And the fact that everything - swings, bouncers, pack n' play, everything - cost at least $50 totally freaks me out. We will be minimalists this time. All I need are boobs, diapers and a sling, right? That's what I'm telling myself for now.

Plus I work for a small company that is made up entirely of childless people. I will literally be the first pregnant employee, and the first employee to take maternity leave. My bosses have been very understanding and supportive of all my familial responsibilities, but this might be pushing it. And I am determined to take 12 weeks off, so I am already dreading the conversation. I will try to put it off as long as possible. Luckily I work from home, so they won't see my expanding belly!

My objective today is to think positive thoughts about holding my new baby. Because that's why I'm doing this. All the realities will be made evident soon enough. Thanks for listening!!


Me (30) WAHM * DH (38) * DS (4) * New baby! (due 12/4)
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I am so sick. Still nursing DS who is 2 and a half so its like I CANNOT get enough food in me to stop the queasies. the super fatigue hasn't started yet, but I am looking forward to that so I can nap with impunity! I was afraid to post anything about being sick cause I thought maybe it was just in my head, since i only POAS last week. Definite cramping and a teeny bit of spotting, but I had two "periods" while pregnant w/ds so I'm not too worried. My breasts aren't sore, but nursing feels like ds is using his teeth and sandpaper to get the milk out. and I STILL can't get the grin off my face!Anyway for all!
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LeaAline so how'd you tell your hubby?

nicole, I can see how that could cause a sick feeling. Do you have a local Craig's List? That might take the sting out of replacing at least some of the items... I'd suggest freecycle too but sometimes the quality of items you get on freecycle can be less than you were looking for... we're lucky here to have a natural family living swap, it's like a private craig's list for cloth diapers, slings, etc!

All you tandem nursers, or at least mamas nursing babies while pregnant, you are hard-core. I am very grateful to my son for weaning himself around Thanksgiving.

I just got back from prenatal yoga and it was SUUUUUPER. And here I sit eating sunflower butter with a spoon, straight out of the jar... must stop that now.
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i have zero symptoms -- nothing, nada, zilch. i feel great.
makes me feel like i should POAS again, just to be sure
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yep, digital just said i'm still "pregnant." (OK, that's the last time i'll do that. now i'll just wait for some symptoms to show up)
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Am I crazy?

I bought another pregnancy test and POAS again last night. I don't know, I just felt worried that maybe the first two were wrong! Not having an appt until 8 weeks feels crazy...and yet I'm annoyed that I feel like I need a doctor's confirmation.

It was comforting to see that nice, dark plus.
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I plan to go pee on a another test at my MWs office on Friday just to be sure (and because I need a confirmation letter for WIC). And I still have one more $tree test to take someday soon. I'm only like 12 dpo today so I figure I'll wait until I can get a dark obvious line.
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And I won't have an apopintment for that long or longer Erin. But thats by choice...Unless L wants me to come in for some odd reason.
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