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Originally Posted by Mommy2Austin View Post
I'd be tempted to set an alarm clock to go off every 30-90 minutes randomly while he's sleeping and see how great his "12 hours" is!

(borrow extras so you don't have to keep getting up to reset.)
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Mommy2Austin, I like that idea!
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When DS was an infant my Mom told me it was best to let him cry for a little while because it teaches him that he can be okay even when Mommy isn't around. :
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This is mainly just bizarre, but I thought of this thread...

DD is 14 months. We were at a birthday party for my older DD and he was walking around with a stick and babbling--"Ba ba ba da da da!" When he stood in front of one older lady and did this, her response was, "Oh, is he shooting me with his gun?"

WTF??? I admit I was so surprised I just laughed and said, "No, he doesn't know what a gun IS!"
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Originally Posted by Mommy2Austin View Post
I'd be tempted to set an alarm clock to go off every 30-90 minutes randomly while he's sleeping and see how great his "12 hours" is!
Or just wake him up every time the baby wakes you up.
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Originally Posted by crabbyowl View Post
I got a real doozy this morning... from my HUSBAND. I was crabby because Eleanor has been gradually getting up earlier and earlier in spite of going to bed at the same time - I start getting her ready for bed at 8, and she's asleep by 8:30, or 8:45 at the very latest, but that's rare. She used to get up around 8:30 (not STTN), then 7:30, now she's down to 7:15. : Plus, she usually wants to get up and nurse 3 times per night, so the most I sleep at a time is 3 hours or so.

His response?

Well, that's almost 12 hours! That's plenty of sleep for anyone, even if you are getting up during the night!


I was speechless! By the time I was able to speak again he had already left the room, which was a good thing because I was about ready to punch him!

There was one night that I was DEAD, like couldn't stop crying b/c I was SO TIRED - it was awful. My boyfriend had been saying the same thing, so I thawed enough milk for several bottles, got them ready and slept on the air mattress in the living room. He hasn't said a word about me sleeping enough since!
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Originally Posted by ishyfishie View Post
My dh has learned better than to suggest that my "12 hours of sleep" (generally in anywhere from 30 to 90 minute increments!) is enough for any human to exist on.

yup, now that DH gets up with DS1 while I sleep with DS2, he doesn't have anything but sympathy for me!

(not that I'm getting any more sleep than he is, but that's a whole 'nother story.)
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Originally Posted by Storm Bride View Post
Don't get me wrong. I'm glad the nurses and LCs are there to help, if needed. I just wish they'd learn to butt out when people don't want or need the help. In my case, I've had some difficulties initially with two of my three babies, but I do better when I'm left alone to figure things out for myself (this applies to almost everything in my life), and they just won't back off. This woman wasn't really doing a lot of "what issues are you having?" or "let's check your latch" kind of stuff, though - it was just really weird advice about supply, mastitis, etc.

OTOH, at least she didn't grab my breast and my baby without my consent, like the LC at the hospital when I had ds2!
she asked before touching me or my lo. i'm sorry your lc wasn't respectful.
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Originally Posted by tjjazzy View Post
she asked before touching me or my lo. i'm sorry your lc wasn't respectful.
Mine asked as well. They should definitely ask!!
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Originally Posted by tjjazzy View Post
she asked before touching me or my lo. i'm sorry your lc wasn't respectful.
Mine helped me latch the first time, though they really didn't have to do much. (had the hospital LC plus my Doula who was also an LC). The next day they just popped into the room and asked if I was okay or needed help and then left me be
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My baby wasn't even 24 hours old and the night nurse told me that I HAD to wake him every 2 hours to eat. Then she told me that he wasn't nursing right because she could see that he wasn't latching correctly (not by looking at him nursing, but by looking at my breasts) She informed me that he had to put most of my areola in his mouth...my huge areola is supposed to fit in his tiny mouth? Yeah, I was SO glad when there was a shift change.
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Ugh, these last couple reminded me of another--at first I just added it to my list of "reasons to avoid the stupid hospital next time" but I think it qualifies! In fact, several of the statements issued in this situation probably qualify.

My dd was born at 38 weeks and was 9 lbs 13 oz, so even if I hadn't "had gestational diabetes," their policy was to check her blood sugar every 3 hours for the first 24 hours (I know better than to let ANY of this happen again). Anyway. We had a terrible experience the first night with a nurse insisting she had to have formula poured down her throat because she wouldn't wake up to nurse. Before we could even say that milk allergies run in the family (and now we know dd is severely allergic!), she did it and dd was sputtering and coughing. The nurse insisted that dd was "mucousy" and "gaggy" and that she should spend the night in the nursery instead of rooming in, and was shocked that dd had nursed just fine and no one had labeled her "gaggy" before that. Fortunately, we vetoed that immediately with the support of the nurse coming on duty after her.

So, at two blood sugar checks following the formula, she (purportedly) vomited in the nursery--though she hadn't so much as spit up ONCE for us. In the morning, she was rooting at 2 hours instead of 3 (they wanted us to call them before nursing her--WTF, will never EVER do that again), so they took her early and she vomited. The nurse who brought her back insisted I was "overfeeding her" and "really needed to stick to the 3 hour schedule." Funny, I'd never heard a breastfed baby could be overfed on colostrum, since my milk didn't come in until day 5. Then at the next blood sugar check, after we forced ourselves to wait the 3 hours, they kept her FOR AN HOUR before bringing her back. I was FURIOUS. My labor and delivery were very close to just what I was hoping for, but the bleeping hospital stay afterward is what convinced us that a homebirth is a necessity next time.
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Inlaws on cosleeping: "Once you start him sleeping with you you'll never get him out!"

I'm sure when he's 15 he'll want his own bed...but I guess we'll see
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WOW! I feel right at home! Why do MIl say "MY BABY" Although, maybe when we are grandparents we will understand! Or maybe we will not be hypocrits! I just need to add: I will wean when the baby and I want to! Why is it anyone business? ARE you really being inconvienced? And yes we all sleep together. I "WORE" my baby almost the first year. I had 3 miscarrages.... leave me alone if I want to hold him every second I can. And I understand that in "their day" they did things different but why cant they respect in MY DAY IM DOING IT MY WAY! I am the mom!
My mom has told me: {THIS IS GOOD STUFF....}
~ she is ashamed of the woman that I am
~ LLL is my "CULT"
~ I discust her for nursing in public and for as long as I have! (2y & 9 mo !)
~ I am fat therfore I am depressed and that is why I am fat
~ She is mad becasue I didnt want to go back to work (and teach other peoples kids) and I wanted to be a stay at home mom
~I wasted my education
~ the crib was used as a place to hold my laundry ; I did not know I was going to co-sleep but I wouldnt have done it any other way! WE SLEEP GREAT... as a FAMILY!
Well thats good for now. I reminded how sh*ty she makes me feel !
I know Im a good mom, even if she never tells me so!
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My fave of the day - DD in hip hammock holding on to my shirt someone said "My she sure likes her momma" (in a very snide way). My response "Yes in fact I believe she loves me" WTH???
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Originally Posted by sapphire_chan View Post
For all the government's work in trying to convince people to vax, they certainly do a lousy job of educating people on how vaxes are supposed to work.
It sure did work though, huh? They think it cures everything! And it will get your kid into Harvard, didn't you hear?

That blowing in dd's face (lightly to make her smile) would make her stutter later in life.
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My FIL went on and on one weekend... He kept preaching that my visiting cousin-in-law was "sick" for letting her 7 YO son co-sleep when he was too scared to stay in his guest room (it had a giant taxidermized deer head in it). Then FIL said with absolute authority that my CIL's son would end up with a "Freudian complex." :

This was a man who 4 years before ranted that the little boy (a 3 YO toddler at the time) was a horrible child who was disrespectful of his toys, bc he broke a flimsy dollar-store train my GMIL gave him (the package it came in said "8 years and up"). When I mentioned I thought the child was just being a normal 3 YO, FIL snarled, "Not like any 3 YO *I've* ever seen."

Of course, it seems to be a big hobby of my ILs (FIL, MIL, & GMIL) to rag on DH's cousin's "weird" parenting style (they never say a peep about her dh--even though he is just as involved w/ the kids). Then they get angry that she now doesn't visit very often.

Needless to say, we've agreed to not to visit my ILs as much now that DD has been born.
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We recently visited family in another state and the baby and I stayed with various people while we were there. We had a rough flight and our sinuses were dried out and hurting from the plane, so when we spent a week with my in-laws and SIL's kids who were all very sick with a cold, of course the baby and I got it, too.

Every. Single. Person. in my family that we stayed with after that kept insisting that my baby had something that is vaccinated for because we don't vaccinate.

Mom: I think she has whooping cough because you don't vaccinate.

Me: No, Mom, she doesn't have whooping cough. It's just a cold.

Mom: No, I think it's whooping cough. Are you sure it's not whooping cough?

Me: No, Mom, it's not whooping cough. Her cousins all had it. It's just a mild cold. It's not even bad. She only coughs two or three times a day and they are just tiny coughs. Besides, with Pertussis, the cough doesn't come until the end of when you are sick.

Mom: I'm still worried it's whooping cough. I mean, you don't vaccinate, so she's bound to get something.

Grandma: Is it whooping cough?

Me: No, it's not whooping cough! She just has a cold.

Grandma: Well, you know you don't vaccinate, so she must have gotten something. If it's not whooping cough, then what is it?

Me: It's just a cold!

Grandma: I think it might be diphtheria...

Me: No, Grandma, it's nothing you vaccinate for. It's not the flu or tetanus or pertussis or diphtheria or hepatitis or even freaking HIV, OKAY?!

Grandpa: Is it whooping cough?


I was being driven freaking mental, seriously.
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Ooh, ooh, I just thought of one!

When lovey was 1-2 mos:

GM: It's your own fault she's so clingy.
Me: What do you mean?
GM: Well, you were constantly rubbing your belly when you were pregnant. Now she expects to be touched all the time.

I think I just said something like "time to change her diaper" and left the room because I had no idea how to respond!
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my mil irritated the heck out of me one day when i told her that chances are my lo won't be spending the night at their house for a long time.(keep in mind, baby isn't even due til june 09. honestly with me breastfeeding and not "pumping" how would that work anyway?
point being, i said no, and she says "you're going to have to share that baby sometime you know?"
ummm, wrong. this is dh and my first baby and i'll spend all the time with it i want, and when i'm ready to let you, i will. the end.
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