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Originally Posted by not now View Post
* My best friend and I were deciding where to have lunch. I have no cravings and she's on a very particular diet. I told her to choose since I really don't care were we eat as long as I eat. She said "No, you have to eat what you're craving or your baby will be born with an open mouth" Huh?

An open mouth??
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Originally Posted by sapphire_chan View Post

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Originally Posted by shanniesue2 View Post
An open mouth??
Yeah, I have no clue either. She's half crazy. That's why were friends.
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Originally Posted by not now View Post
Someone told The Man that we had to get rid of our cats since they "Steal the baby's air."
Oh! Oh yeah! Someone told dh and me that when I was pregnant!! The kicker? The person who told us that was a chain-smoker!!!!!

Which reminds me of other stupid things people said to me while I was pregnant: "Oh, you HAVE to find out the baby's gender. I would DIE if I didn't know!" Um, no, you wouldn't.
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Originally Posted by KristyDi View Post

3. So many of the previous generations have little or no personal experience with breast feeding that there's some kind of mental block about it. Kinda like how my very intelligent father can't seem to grasp when to double click with the mouse and a computer and when not to. He double clicks everything, every time, no matter how often I explain it.
Man this is making me crack up! My MIL does this and it drives me bonkers! I try to explain but she still does it...laughup
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Originally Posted by Smokering View Post
I know! It really threw me... I mean, what a weird thing to say. Baby kittens and puppies and so on don't drink water, do they? And we don't see them dehydrating all over the place. Plus, little Rowan isn't even back up to her birthweight yet--well, maybe she is, she's being weighed tomorrow--anyway she certainly isn't obese, so why would I want to fill her little tummy up with something which contains no nutrients or calories? Very odd...
I think this also can come from before MD's recommended breastfeeding for 6 months or longer before introducing foods. I was born in 1970, never had BM, in addition to formula I was given cereal at 2 weeks, via spoon. Water was thought to be important then.
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Originally Posted by jessica_lizette View Post
My DS is almost 4 months old, and we found out the other day that he has reflux. We're trying Zantac, and we're still working on how to give him his medicine without spitting it out.

I am also eliminating dairy from my diet for a while to see if that helps with his reflux.

Anyways, my mom was over last night when I was giving him his meds, and I had JUST finished telling her that I was going to try the no dairy thing. She was eating ice cream at the time (caramel and pecan), and saw that I was having a hard time getting DS to swallow his medicine. She offered to GIVE HIM SOME OF HER ICE CREAM to make him want to swallow his medicine! Yeah, lets give my 4 month old dairy AND nuts to make him feel better!

I think I posted a while back too that she wanted to give him some of her Mcdonalds oreo shake.

I just don't get it!
I went through a similar thing with my MIL. We went to her house for dinner and DS hadn't been diagnosed with reflux or colic yet. He was 7 weeks at the time. I was doing an elimination diet and explained to her several times that I was not having any dairy at all.

In the middle of dinner DH and I could see DS working up to a screaming fit (he would always make a little "warning" grunt before crying that DH and I came to recognize). I went over to pick him up and try to calm him before he got upset. DH's grandfather started lecturing me on how DS was spoiled and had me wrapped around his little finger. I was annoyed by this but let it go.

Sure enough, DS launched into a horrible screaming fit. I think it was one of his worst nights to date. I did everything I could to calm him. MIL kept insisting that I hand him over to her and go eat dessert. Previous to this I heard her announce that the dessert she had made contained cream cheese and sour cream. I did not want dessert, nor did I want to hand my child to her so I tried to be polite and decline. She kept insisting over and over again that I eat this dessert and give her my child who was completely out of his mind screaming at this point. Finally, I had to be rude and repeat how I wasn't having dairy and could not eat her dessert because it affected DS and made him scream like he was at that very moment. She got all upset at this and made a big production of hunting through her cabinets for something I could eat. She really didn't understand that dessert wasn't the issue at hand. DH and I left soon after. Arg!

I could go on and on about my MIL. When DS was 2 weeks old she called DH and TOLD him that she was coming to babysit that weekend because we needed a break from the baby. Um, no. We needed to be left alone so that we could bond as a family and rest.

The fact that we never let DS cry if it can be avoided really upsets her. One day she came over and was holding him. He was clearly hungry and desperately rooting. DH and I repeatedly said "he's hungry and looking for food". She ignored us as he tried latching onto her arm she laughed and said "there's no food in my sweater, silly". She WOULD NOT give him back.
DS got more and more upset and eventually started to cry. Once he really got going she looked at him and said "oh, so you really CAN cry" and then she handed him back to me so that I could feed him.
That evil woman ignored every indication that her grandchild was hungry JUST so that she could prove to herself that he could cry. He's a baby, duh. He knows how to cry.

Her current upset in life is that DS won't take a bottle which means that we can't leave him with her and go away for the weekend. He's 4 months old. We wouldn't leave him with her even if he did take a bottle.

Don't get me started on my FIL who bought our then 10 week old DS a bottle of honey for valentines day so that we can dip his pacifier in it as a treat. Where do I even BEGIN with that??
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sorry double post
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Originally Posted by CanidFL View Post
I thought I would chime in since we are talking about babies not looking like the parents. DS does have traits from both of us but I am white and DH is black so he is tan with the best features from both of us. We were at the park one day and a random mom started talking to me and saying how cute DS was. I said thanks and continued to play with him. This is the conversation:

Her – Is he Spanish?
Me – no. I am white and My DH is black
Her – but his father is Spanish?
Me – no. My DH is black.
Her – Your DH must be mad he’s not the father. That baby is Spanish.
Me – He is the father. I’m married and DH is the father and he is black.
Her – oh so you got married first then had a baby with your husband. That isn’t normal.
Me – hmmmm (totally speechless)

I am still in awe at this conversation. It was about 3 weeks ago and I can’t stop laughing about it.
That's crazy! I don't know what I would do.

I don't have anything that I can think of that is really outrageous. My dad's girlfriend was incredulous that I was still pumping at 10 months. She didn't think my body could make milk that long.

We have heard some silly things about bilingual babies. My partner is from Italy and so he only speaks in Italian to ds and I only in English. People (often medical people) say she will be confused and only teach her one at a time.
So many people will ask me if she understands both. I answer yes we speak to her in both. Oh so she will learn both languages? Yes it would probably be nice if she could communicate with both sides of the family don't you think?

DP mom always asks if dd eats and if she likes the babysitter. They call twice a freaking week! SHe has been going the the babysitter for almost a year and probably like sher more than she likes me some days. I really have to hold back syaing some smart answer back to that one.Yes we feed her.

For awhile when dd was 10 months or so, she would always ask if she ate meat. She doesn't like it and its really not important since she gets protein and iron from other things.

Every time she calls she asks if we took dd to the doctor. DP is like NO we don't take her to the doctor just for sake of going. She is not ill and we haven't gone! DD has been walking for 2 months and literally every phone call she asks if dd is walking. It is all I can do not to answer, no she was for a while but we told her to stop.
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I got a doozy today, from dh of all people. Earlier today, dd choked on a piece of mango. She was fine, and I had her out of her high chair and upside down on my lap and she threw it up before I even registered what I was doing. It was just an automatic instinct driven response. Earlier tonight, dh was playing with her and said she needed her nose wiped, and since I was in the kitchen right next to the tissues, I was about to bring him one for her. But first, I was getting her a little bit of vitamin c to help fight off her cold. So I give her that, then go back to get the tissue. Then he complains that I "don't have the same sense of urgency" to hurry and wipe her nose than I do to stop her choking. Yes, really. He had trouble understanding why I immediately jumped to rescue dd from a *life threatening emergency* but might dawdle an extra 30 seconds to wipe her nose. (Its not like it was dripping into her mouth or anything)
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I was in the grocery store one day and DD who was 6 m/o at the time was sucking her thumb. A woman who I had never met before witnessed her sucking her thumb and started telling me to put quinine on it (bitter) to make her stop sucking her thumb because it would ruin her pallatte. I told the woman that she has never sucked her thumb consistently enough to ruin her pallatte and if she can sooth herself by doing that then I wasn't going to stop her. I then turned around and walked away.
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Ravishing, I don't think I'd EVER leave my child with those ILs if they were mine!!! YIKES is all I can say.

Okay, not as good as some of these, but last week at the botanical gardens I was helping DD walk around (she's 11mo and can walk with just a light touch on my finger), and another mom or nanny (ya never know around here) was asking about her, and said that it was "time to get some hard bottomed shoes so she can get a balance." Hmmm. I just smiled and said "huh." We'll be doing Robeez and the like for a long while yet, thank you! I don't know if she was just totally out of the current info on this, or if she was really a nanny (or even grandma?) and therefore wasn't reading up on it, but soft soles are really common around here.
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Originally Posted by MySweetSunlight View Post
A nurse at the neurologist's looking at Sunshine in my lap and her sister running around on the floor-
"So sad, you can see the child your daughter would've been."
WTF!!! I am so angry at that woman for you.
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8 pages already! I didn't even know until today that the old one had been locked. lol

Just posting to sub. Thankfully, I don't have anything to contribute right now.
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its nto completely dumb but jsut lack of understanding

m y mum cam up 2 saturdays ago to drop of my sister and pick up my great aunt to take her for a visit to mums place.
we went out for a meal on the sunday. i took my Ergo, DD HATES the car seat but tolerated it for the trip. i KNEW she was tired btu when we got out the car it was raining and i forgot her coat (didnt put it on its a puffy/bit to big coat and i remembered summat i read here about not putting on a puffy/to big coat on in a car seat,) so i bundled baby in her blanky and made a dash for the reasturant.
got there and had to wait a bit and DD was getting drowsy so i asked my mum for the car keys to get the Ergo
convo went a bit like this
Me:" can i have the car keys, Evies getting tired and i want to get the carrier"
Mum" you cant wear that and eat"
Me: " Yes, I can"
Mum "well bring in her car seat"
Me: "she hates it and wont sleep in it"
Mum "you cant sit to eat with her in that thing"
Me "yes, i can"
so she gave me keys, i got Ergo, in went DD, DD went to sleep,
some dinners came out, my 20 yr old brother was eating his and asked me
"are you going to take her out while you eat"
Me: "err no, wherer would put her shes asleep"
yeas i managed to eat with her in and only took her out to put her back in car seat.
when mum came back a week later to get my sister my DD was having (and still is) a clingy i only want mummy stage, well these people are strangers to her. so i poped her in the Ergo adn was doing oK but mum was like "alaan giver her a hand shes gonna drop the baby" i was FINE.
my mum doesnt understand Co-Sleeping, and babywearing past 3 months, she wore my brother as a tiny baby but not as an older baby and didnt BF past 3 month.
tahts jsut my mum, i lvoe ehr but i will no longer have discussions about my parenting
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I was wearing my 8mo on my back in the ergo at a grocery store, I had tojog across the store to get my husbands wallet to pay my dd was laughing at the jiggling she was getting, some lady started yelling at me to "stop running, your baby is going to fall out" this is my 3rd child to ride on my back in an ergo I havent lost one yet. is that why people carry their babies in their car seats into stores , safety?

next day I was at a birthday party and I had a mom tell me that their are scientific studies that say sugar doesnt have an affect on kids!!!! what , huh what about type 2 DIABETIES? what about obesiety? not to mention the emotional soaring leading to the crash landing of a sugared up 3yo.

last one I swear , while planning a water birth with my 2nd my grandfather was truly concerned the baby would drown at birth if born into the water.
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Was talking to my mom on Yahoo the other day. I'll actually cut and paste the convo so I don't mis-quote her....

Allyson: i'm also delaying solids and doing baby-led self-feeding & baby-led weening
Mom: be interesting to see how that goes
Allyson: i figure when we have dinner, we sit him in the highchair with some soft carrots, potatoes and other mushy stuff that he can mash in his hair
ajoseph_21: eventually he'll find his mouth
Mom: yep
Allyson: just think that's better then forcing a spoon in his mouth
Mom: i think eventually you will have to
Mom: he isn't going to suddenly be able to handle a spoon himself!

Convo ended pretty much right after that. I was sitting here saying to myself "WHAT!?" My mom is usually very "go at the baby's pace...he'll do it when he's ready" type of mom so this kinda struck me stupid.
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Oh and so I say something on topic: My GMIL swears her milk turned to water when her daughter was 5 months old and I need to keep an eye out in case it happens to me. She truly believes her breasts stopped producing milk and started producing water.
I am dying laughing!! :
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Pregnancy related: My DH and I vacationed in the Dominican Republic last week. I was informed by a couple we were chatting with that I could endanger my baby by swimming in the ocean. I explained that I had been swimming in the ocean all week, to which the lady-half of the couple replied, "Now you should go swim in the pool so the chlorine can kill the germs you picked up in the ocean."

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