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What do you use for everyday eating dishes?

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What do you eat off of everyday, not just the kids?
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I have the same old corelle dishes that my grandmother had I've added to them occasionally as things break. I love them because they are lightweight and stack together into such a small space (I have a teeny galley style kitchen).
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We have Fiesta Ware. They're made in the US by unionized workers and are pretty. They were wedding gifts. I also like them because you can replace pieces if they break without having to chuck the set.
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simple life stoneware in midnight black. made in the USA and it holds up well even to my kids and my tempermental dishwasher. I love it.
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Thrift store eclectic china.

and Thystle
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I have some stuff that I'm sure was made in China, got it from Bed Bath and Beyond for our wedding. I'm thinking of replacing it slowly with Fiesta Ware or something similar because I noticed small cracks all over the surface, and who knows if there is lead in there or not. I have not heard of Simple Life Stoneware before, I'll check them out too.

eta: Kaitnbugsmom, I'm not finding that when searching the net...do you have a link to their site maybe? Or where do you find their products?
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Longaberger pottery that my MIL gave us. She used to be a consultant. I emailed them, and they said it was all lead-free, fwiw.
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Some nice heavy scraffitio-ed pottery. Half the set came from World Market and was $$, the other half came from Target and was cheap. They're the same design in two matching colors, so it works pretty well.
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My grandma's corelle.
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Fiestaware. Love it!
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I have a several sets of olive green (several sizes) plates and bowls and a few sets of off-white plates I brought from Sur la Table and Williams-Sonoma several years back. They were made in Italy so I assume they are safe. :They are beautiful and hold up really well.

We also have some Japanese style bowls and Sushi sets that were made in....Japan. I need to do more research on their safety.
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I have a whole set of cobalt blue glass dishes (no paint) my MIL bought them for me (at my request) several years ago out of a catalog, they are made in France and are a smaller size than standard plates & bowls (great for portion control!). We did add a set of 4 glass regular size bowls. If I can find these again I will order a backup set I love them so much, and they were only $40 for a service for 8. They have held up beautifully, I have yet to break a dish and they have been through our house fire (the cleaning company washed & cleaned them after the fire & gave them back) my dishwasher countless times and my 2 year old DD who loves to help unload the dishwasher, sharp knives & big plates first of course! Plus I'm clumsy!
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Every Day Ware from Williams-Sonoma...it tested 0 for lead as opposed the what we were using before that which tested in the red! :
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I use Apilco porcelain dishes. I've not thought of whether they might contain lead! Off to do research . . .
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we use fiestaware in our house.....us & the kids. we LOVE it!
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We use some stuff from WalMart.

I'm really concerned about lead contamination now, though. Especially since we're going to TTC in a few months. Also, it seems so wasteful to just throw them out, right? I thought about getting a test kit but they seem to be so unreliable as to be worthless.

I really don't know why lead contamination didn't occur to me when I requested some functional dinnerware from WalMart for Christmas this year. But then, according to what I've read, the lead contamination is just as likely in more pricey brands. :
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corelle here too. we have some we got when Dh's great aunt went to an assisted living facility, and some my mom bought for us. it's just plain white.

we also have some ancient federalist iron stone, from sears and roebuck no idea if it's lead free, but it really isn't sold anywhere anymore.
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I have a massive amount of Fiestaware. Every color imaginable. I love it, and it's made about an hour and a half from where I live! I can't imagine ever using anything else.
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You guys that have Fiestaware...do you just mix and match the colors of plates and things? I love different colored things of the same nature, DH not so much...all of our plates are brown right now.

Just wondering if you have a rainbow of plate colors...sounds pretty to me!
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