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Charlie is here!!!!

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Charles James was born March 27th at 6:17am. He was born at home in the birth pool. Everything went great. I was expecting a big baby but I was quite shocked when the midwife weighed him in at 10lb 10oz! He did take longer to push out than it did with my first born but all went well and I only have one tear that did not need stitches. I really appreciated being in the water and at home this time. Nursing is going well so far too .
Congrats to everyone who has had their babies so far and I am looking forward to hearing all of the upcoming birth anouncements!
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Congratulations and welcome to Charlie!
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I'm so glad everything went well, welcome Charlie!!
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Whee! Biggest baby yet for this DDC!
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DANG! thank goodness for water births! Good job sista! Welcome to the world Charlie!
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Congrats!!! I am so proud of you!!! He is just beautiful! I will send you the pictures we took.
Your big sis!!
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Congratulations! Welcome, Charlie! Enjoy your little (er, big) baby
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Congratulations! That is so exiting. Enjoy that big baby mamma. You did great. What was you EDD?
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Congrats and welcome Charlie!!
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I'm up doing a feeding, saw the post and just thought I would pop in to say,

and practice my one-handed typing skills.
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Congrats!!! Welcome Charlie!
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: Welcome Charlie and well done mama! wowzers!
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Congratulations Momma!!!!
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