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Actually, and really not wanting to start an argument here, but due to my uterine surgery (incision into the uterine cavity across the fundus) I was curious about classical incisions because they are considered higher risk than transverse, and because it is next to impossible to find information about "real" vs. "theoretical" rupture risks regarding my specific surgery.

This led me on quite the quest for information and the reading of lots of research articles. What I found out was that there is a lot of gray area regarding uterine rupture. Including how they define it in the research. It could be the scar slightly seperating, it could be completely asymptomatic and not found until manual exam after the fact, etc. As a result I encourage all women to gather information from lots of different sources before accepting a doctor's recommendation. You might find that his/her recommendation is the choice that is best for you. Or you might find that you make different choices.

Personally I'm very hesitant these days to take a doctor's word as law without exploring it myself, given my medical adventures over the last year. I've experienced docs that are golden, some that repeat what they've heard which may or may not be accurate, and some that are completely and utterly full of it.

My surgeon unequivocally told me I have to have a cesarean due to rupture risks. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Interesting how the research I turned up showed that ain't necessarily so. Now I am deciding what is MY best choice.

Yes, there are women with classical incisions who go on to have vaginal births without uterine rupture. Yes there are ways to minimize rupture risks. And no a vaginal birth is not the "right" or "best" choice for everyone.

It is my hope and wish that I, and others, make choices about our health and lives based on research, opinions, facts, and ultimately when the gathering is done by going within to our quiet still center and listening to what is our best choice, as individuals.

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No argueing from me either! You sound very sincere and
knowledgeable and I thank you tremendously for your
support here!
I completely agree with everything you said! We each need to
go with what each of us thinks is right! You said it well
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