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Unusual behavior in my dog

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So, my dog has all of a sudden become super cuddly with me. He's not usually... meaning that he will totally snuggle with my husband anywhere- on the couch, the bed, in the car. Not so much with me, he'll lay next to me, but never on me.

Past exceptions have been whenever he hasn't felt well- when we first got him he spent three months puking 2-4 times a day, each time he'd come find me, lean against me and barf on my shoes. Then, in November, when he was diagnosed with pneumonia, he spent the week before glued to me, wasn't even hanging with my husband. When he got better, he went back to ignoring me. This past week, he's practically trying to climb into my skin, he's so clingy. So, I brought him to the vet thinking that maybe he was coming down with phneumonia again- his lungs appear to be clear, and the vet can't find anything else physical that might explain it. He said that Roger might be reacting to the fact that I'm, pregnant and due in less than a month- I could see a behavior change AFTER the baby is born, but would one start BEFORE birth? I'm sure that he know's I'm pregnant, but why a SUDDEN change like this??? Does he maybe think I'm sick or something? (he's occationaly hung out with me when I've had the flu, not snuggled, but at least stayed in the room with me...)

Dunno, any thoughts?

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Is your milk coming in? I bet you smell YURMMY.

If the dog isn't sick, that's the only thing I can come up with--you smell all babyish and milky.
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Not that I've noticed, but this is my first, so unless I was leaking, I wouldn't know....

I imagine something different is happening.

he has been sniffing me a whole lot lately, inhaling me like a vacuum. any part of my body he can get to, and my clothes if I leave them on the floor.
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Probably your hormones shifting. I would not be surprised if you smell WAY different all of a sudden, and he's concerned since he doesn't know why.
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I'd say the pregnancy. When I was pg with dd my stepdad's dog stayed with me a lot and he was a one-person dog. Before, he would let me pet him if dad wasn't home but otherwise I didn't exist.
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