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baby boy, Rachamim Baruch, arrived Thursday!

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Hey people, i gave birth to little Rachamim Baruch (compassion,blessed) on Thursday 27 march 08, at 2h27pm, in the shower! He was 9lbs'4, and i had no tears! I couldnt believe his weight, because he looks tiny to me.

Big brother says,'i love baby' (he's 31m)

I gave birth at home.

Birth story and photos to follow.

A big thanks to my mum, my doula, and midwife (and to the large quantities of rasberry leaf tea i was drinking)... and to all of you on this board.Ive been living on t his board!

He's nursing like a champion, and sleeps well too. What am i, the luckiest person in the world?

So much for being overdue, i wasnt this time.

Homebirth is the best.

Ok, here's the full story....

The contractions started at about 2h40 am Thurs morning. They werent so painful, but definitely worse than period pain. They were coming every 3-7mins. Sometime before dawn, i made myself a pint of rasberry leaf tea. They say if you drink this with the onset of labor, it will make it fast,more efficient,and less painful. I even nursed ds1 through a couple of contractions. Not fun. By dawn, i texted midwife and doula to let them know what as happening. By 8h30, i called my dad to let him know i needed him to take ds1 to preschool ( he goes one day a week-good timing no?) By 10ish, the pain was getting worse, but i figured i was far off as contractions were less than a minute long and only 5 mins apart. I wondered if i would end up having an unassisted birth, but began to feel lonely so called my mother. She came by 11, and we tried to time contractions.

The contractions were more painful than i expected. I expected them to be easier than my first pitocin birth, but they seemed pretty much the same. They came fast and intense. i couldnt find a single position that gave relief except to sit on the bed and raise myself up with finger tips. (never saw that in any books)

The doula came about 12. By then, the contractions were more painful, and her presence was a huge help. She got me to do that low moaning, which seemed to help too. Up until then, i was trying to use the lamaze breathing. She also used her scarf to pull against my abdomen (as in the rebozo technique) which helped immensely. I cried during the labor, not so much in pain, but in amazement, fear,intensity, joy, awe and anticipation

I started to feel pushy. The midwife was on her way. ‘ I wish she’d get here, i wish she’d get here’ i kept saying.
Finally she arrived. After checking for blood pressure etc, she suggested i go in the shower. When i got in, my waters broke. I was at the pushing stage not long after that. I think i was pushing about 20minutes on all fours. (or threes, as there wasnt much room) It was excrutiating! I wanted it to be over! Over! I was not coached,
my body seemed t o push automatically.

Baby came out with the cord wrapped around his body,and his head was bluish. He didnt breathe at first. I tried not to worry as i talked to him, the midwife said this was normal, sometimes they take longer to breathe. In the meantime she was , i think suctioning him, and patting his back (i cant even remember what she did exactly) Soon enough, he let out a little cry. His apgar score at a minute was 8,and at 5 minutes was 9.
We kept the cord in tact and went back to the bedroom where I sat on the bed, all clean, and my baby all clean (birthing in a shower is great for that) He latched on pretty easily. Thats when ds1 came in to see him. He greeted him with a huge smile, and wanted to pat him.

Since then, everything has been smooth sailing.Ds1 is handling it well so far. He doesnt mind sharing his ‘ongi’s’, in fact, seems quite proud to do so. He likes to help by putting on the baby booties and hat, and likes to hold the baby. My parents are taking him to the zoo etc, but i also try to spend plenty of time with him and give him as much attention as i can. (he is watching a few too many videos at the moment though)

Baby Rachamim Baruch is doing great. He’s very healthy, nursing well, sleeping well, lots of diaper changes (im even trying the bowl/ec), and seems pretty content.

Homebirth is awesome! What a world of difference to my first hospital birth where i was a total wreck, had breastfeeding difficulties, and was hardly with my newborn at all for two days. I feel so blessed. i feel so much stronger than the first time around, the baby is happier.

My parents who were at first dubious, are now telling me stories of how their own parents had them at home (as was the custom in the thirties) My paternal grandmother had twins (one is my dad) at home, when she was almost 40. (her 6th and 7th)

Thats it for now...pictures to come!
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Congrats!!! Homebirth is awesome!
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Congratulations! I can't wait for the story and pics.
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congratulations! sounds like you are definitely enjoying your babymoon!
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Congratulations! I have to agree, homebirth rocks!
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yay! congratulations!
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Yeah! Many, many congrats to you and baby Rachamim! Such a beautiful child.
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