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Meredith Ella has arrived! Birth story included :)

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After 1.5 long days of prodromal labour and another day of no progress... Meredith Ella was born this morning at 6:47. She's 21" long and 9lbs even and very chubby! (Annie was the same length but only 7 lbs 13 ozs. VERY different!) She is a total breastmilk piggie and latched easily and fast (we're NAKing now actually

I am SO glad to be on this side of pregnancy and birth!

We had her at home. It was a pretty fast labour and birth in the end. I woke to contractions at 11pm and we got up at midnight and called our friend to come and sleep here with Annie. We called our midwife who came over at 1am and I was just 1 cm dilated (though 100% effaced.) Off they went back home to let me labour a bit more. By4am I was having trouble coping. I had tried out the TENS machine and did well with that then hopped in the pool but I was having major back labour. When the midwives got there at 4:45 I was exhausted and sadly only at 2 and I thought I was never going to make it! I was super hot from the pool so got out and put the TENS machine back on. I would NOT have made it without the TENS machine! I ended up pacing like a mad woman and went from a 2 to a 10 in an hour At some point in that hour Merry flipped from whatever weird position she was in to anterior. I was feeling pushy and thought there was NO WAY I could be ready. But what do you know! I was fully dilated and ready to push. Pushing felt good sorta. At least I could do something other than walk away from the buzzing of my back from the TENS but man that was hard work! My water broke shortly after I started pushing. There was some meconium so they set up the suction thinger. (which wasn't needed in the end )

I didn't want to get back in the pool and after awhile the midwife recommended using the birth stool. I shifted to that and Meredith was born 2 mins later. Her cord was pretty short so they clamped and cut pretty fast. I was bleeding a fair amount so got a shot of oxytocin (wow did THAT ever make me shakey!) And that's pretty much it! Annie is much more excited than she was prior to the baby (decided that her name should be cute baby instead of stupid or dumb as she was planning to earlier.) and we all tucked ourselves in for a well deserved nap!

I'll be watching for all the rest of my 'still pregnant' buddies to join me! I wouldn't have made it through the last week or 2 without you guys to wait with!
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Hooray!!!!! Congrats! Sooo happy for you and your sweet LO. Somehow I knew I would say this, but had a hard time believing it at the end...but it was all worth it, wasn't it?! Every last miserable pregnant day! :-)
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Congrats!! (But I'm oh so very jealous!! I'm running out of March days over here!!)

Your birth story is very interesting. I think I would have freaked out to find I was only 2cm when I was having trouble coping. Thank goodness you went from that to pushing so quickly... although on the other hand, maybe not? I remember going from 5cm to DS being born in only 45 minutes, during my last labor. It was crazy intense and not something I'd want to repeat again. But I didn't catch any of that sort of emotion in your post, so maybe it was better for you!!

Is it the oxytocin that makes you shaky? I've been super shaky after both my labors. I know I had oxytocin for my 1st, but I can't remember if I did for my 2nd. Not the most pleasant of feelings, anyway.

I'm glad everything went great! And that the meconium didn't cause any problems!! I'm loving all the homebirth stories lately, since I'm so anxiously awaiting my own! And I love the name Meredith, too. Congrats again!
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Yay! Congrats Beth, can't wait to see pictures of your cuddly little new one!
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woo hoo! glad you finally get to enjoy your little girl! congratulations and welcome merry! it is good to hear big sis is falling in love too.
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yay! yay! yay! it's soooo worth the wait, isn't it? what a relief, too!

congrats, mama!
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yay!! well done beth! and welcome merry -- i love her name.

i bet annie and jesse are over the moon as well.

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Congratulations! Glad things went quicky in the end. Oh, and I was shaky after Elly was born, and I didn't get any medications whatsoever. I think it's just a normal response, maybe?
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congrats mama! I'm so glad that Annie decided she's cute instead of dumb.
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Congrats and welcome Meredith! Lots of to the healthy family. My EDD is tomorrow, so getting excited/anxious/nervous etc. I know that only 5% come on the EDD, but I like to be in the minority!
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Congrats!! I'm so glad to hear that you had her.
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Congratulations, Beth and Jesse!!!! Welcome, Meredith Ella! Thanks so much for sharing your birth story!!! Can't wait to see photos! Pls include me in any emails of pics you send!
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Congrats Beth & Jesse oh and Annie too! I can't wait to see some adorable squishy baby pics!
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Wow! Cheers to you and Jess, Annie and the newest LO! So happy for you and your family. Happy babymooning, Beth.
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(nak) congratulations :
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Congratulations and welcome to Meredith Ella!

Hope you're getting more naps in and enjoying the time as a foursome!
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Happy babymooning! Congrats!
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Congrats mama! Welcome little Meredith!
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