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oversupply and food sensitivities

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Went to see a lactation consultant last week because I am still dealing with oversupply issues...poor latch...why should she bother...the milk just sprays out. Cabbage leaves don't even make a dent in my supply.
Anyway, the LC says she sees a high correlation between moms with oversupply (had some form or another with all three children) and food sensitivities.
So, I am just wondering...how many on this list with babes with food sensitivities also have an abundance of milk?

Just wonderin'....
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Found this old thread, but I just wanted to raise my hand and say "me!"
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I'm one of those, but I don't know how much oversupply directly affects it. My two older kids have no allergies and dealt with the same crazy milk flow. My two youngers have allergy issues, BUT, I think it has more to do with what's been going on with my body since then (antibiotics for labor, my gut is increasingly damaged from years of abx and the depletion caused by pregnancy and bfing for years, etc.).

I do believe that excess lactose from oversupply is harsh on a baby's gut, so, in that sense I can see it being one more thing to tip the baby toward food sensitivities (but most definitely not the only thing). Dr. Jack Newman has even documented blood in the stool of babies due to OALD (kellymom.com has a link).
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Major oversupply here and a severely food allergic babe. I do think that the correlation lies with the leaky gut issue (not the abundance of milk itself) if that makes sense.
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oversupply here. no allergies, it seems we have intolerances and possibly celiac's. The oversupply makes it so hard as it is easy to attribute the problems to it.
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Originally Posted by Chinese Pistache View Post
Dr. Jack Newman has even documented blood in the stool of babies due to OALD (kellymom.com has a link).
wow, that is interesting. Both babies had blood in the stool at some point.
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Oversupply for many months....food intollerances, no serious allergies.
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OALD and oversupply until my thyroid tanked at around 3 or 4 months with my 15mo. DS1 was only bottle fed breastmilk to 3 months, so I'm not sure how that plays in.
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Oversupply, OALD and intolerances here.
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Major oversupply here too.

Ds2 doesn't have any issues that I am aware of , Ds1 ( cannot tolerate gluten, egg, dairy or soy.

Have you tried sage for your oversupply? I ate sage leaves for months with ds1 without much help but with ds2 I finally got smart and found some sage tea and another tea over at earthmamaangelbaby.com that really helped alot. It's called No More Milk tea, so don't drink to much, just enough to relieve the pressure a little.
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I guess it depends what you mean by oversupply. Would I leak? Yes, but not a ton. Would it squirt in my kids' faces? Yup. But I had the same milk supply with all 3 and only the second 2 have food intolerances and #3 is worse than #2 (#1 is fine). So I think it's a response to my worsening gut and/or the fact that I had intolerances that I didn't know about. Now that I went off gluten/dairy with the kids, my mysterious chronic horrendous back pain that baffled the doctors for 7 years has disappeared. So, no, I don't think my kids reacted to oversupply by getting food intolerances.
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The bfing clinic I go to here for the food allergy meetings has seen the same correlation. The theory is that the high lactose content in the foremilk they get can irritate the lining of the stomach and cause problems. Just a theory, who knows. I happen to have the opposite problem and so far we're 3 for 3 w/ having food intolerances.
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I had oversupply...ended up with DS exhibiting intollerences and IgE allergies to wheat, dairy, egg, and peanut at 4-7 mos. Gave up dairy at about 6 weeks.

I had no drugs/antibiotics whatsoever with pregnancy and delivery and ate a relatively TF/Brewer diet during pregnancy ...I have been trying to figure out why we were cursed with these food problems. I'm SO interested to read this thread.

I did pump for my oversupply, starting at 1 week, at the advice of an LC. She had me pump off about 5 oz before each feeding, so that DS got a better balance of fore- and hind- milk at each feeding. I froze the pumped milk and DS got it starting at about 4 mos., when I went back to work FT and DH stayed home with DS. hmmm.
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