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Announcing Nola June!

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I was expecting to announce the birth of a boy but we were blessed with another beautiful baby girl, Nola June! We had a fabulous home-birth and we're all settling in and recovering nicely. Nola was born on March 20th at 2:35a.m. @ 7lbs8oz and 21". She's up to 8lbs 4oz as of last Thursday--she's a nursing champ! She's got a ton of dark hair, just like her big sister.

Big sister is doing great too. We had a few loud, tough days but things are settling down. We woke her to witness the birth (at her request, no, insistence) and she did beautifully. She was trying to tell me jokes as I reached transition : but I held it together. She was a little nervous when I was pushing as Nola had a hand wedged behind my pubic bone so things were painful and intense. I kept looking over at my older daughter who was snuggled safely in her aunt's lap to be sure she was o.k. When Nola's head started to emerge, dd1 jumped down and was on the floor watching and saying over and over, "I love this baby! I love you mom, I love you dad, I love our family!" She then went on to tell the midwives how much she loved them too. It was quite special. We didn't know the gender of our babe in utero so it was dd1's job to announce the sex. She was a bit disappointed that it wasn't a boy (because she was so sure it was a brother from day 1) but got over it in about 3 seconds. She's quite in love with her baby sibling and just loves to hold her and share gentle cuddles.

Sorry for the late update--I've been resting and nursing.
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Congratulations! And welcome Nola!
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Oh gosh, what a wonderful story. Welcome Nola June! It sounds like she has a wonderful big sister.

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Congratulations to you all!!! Very sweet story about dd#1's reaction... I'm sure that will be a treasured tale for years to come!
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Congratulations! What a sweet story.
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How sweet of big sis! Congrats!
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Congratulations! That is a great story about your older dd. Ah, sisters!
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Welcome, Nola!!!!

Happy babymoon!
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