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Too late to join you?

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I know I'm awfully late jumping in here, but I'd love to join in with you.

I have a sweet baby girl who was born on 2/10. Like her older brother (who is 3.5) she was a home waterbirth. Things have been great with her- she's a mellow baby who hasn't had any trouble BFing at all. She rarely cries for anything and is just a content, happy little person. Our 3 yr. old has also taken to her surprisingly well- I was prepared for all of the typical acting out and jealousy issues, but so far we haven't seen any at all. He just loves her to pieces and is already fiercely protective of "his baby."

Anyhow, I look forward to getting to know some of you!
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we wont be here long, but welcome
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Originally Posted by birthmommom View Post
we wont be here long, but welcome

Will this group probably move to Life with a Babe? I know that's what we did when my first ds was a baby (I'm not as new around here as my post count would imply.
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i think we are still in the process of deciding welcome!
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Well, I'm glad SOMEBODY was born on 2/10!

That has been my due date twice exactly 20 years apart. Phoenix was actually born on 1/27/88 and Terran, my newbie, on 1/18/08.

Terran is another very mellow babe who seems almost too good to be true. aI went back to work (part time) with him in the sling two weeks after giving birth. Our sibling issues are quite farcical because my second-youngest child is 16.

Anyway, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl and your birth. I'd hoped for a waterbirth with Terran, but it just didn't happen or feel like the right thing for this particular babe. Our thread is here
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