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me too! :)

I'm nursing my 26-month-old DD just a tiny bit now, maybe once a day or every other day, usually before an afternoon nap. We just recently (like right before I got pregnant) cut out the bedtime nursing by having DH put DD to bed for 2 weeks to break the habit and to be honest, I'm glad we did.

Originally Posted by phatchristy View Post
It's the "fingernails on the chalkboard" "crawling skin" feeling while nursing that is just awful.
Yes, yes! That is exactly what I am getting right now, and it is ramping up over the past few days, I think. I think I'm going to have to do some of the limitations and all that with DD, even with being down to just once a day or less. I have to say that I am glad we didn't get pregnant until DD was so close to weaning. I bet that with a little encouragement from me DD will mean before I hit the 2nd trimester.
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Well, I'm a whopping 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant and the twiddling is driving me insane. My supply has already crashed.

I don't mind nursing her, at least not right now, but I have GOT to find a way to wean her off that twiddling. I'm amazed at how fine I am while nursing if I can distract her from it. I'm also on a very limited diet thanks to her intolerances, and I know I'll miss dairy, etc, so that might be tough while pregnant.

I was a little queasy last night, however, and her waking up to nurse was a bit miserable when it brought me back to queasy-land. Hopefully she sleeps a little more solidly when the milk is lower in supply.
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Originally Posted by chic2chic View Post
anyone else notice a change in nursing pattern so far?
7 weeks here and no change so far. I've been cutting ds back a little, so he's nursing maybe 4 times a day and 2-3 times during the night. Yesterday it became appearant he was catching on when he asked for "nana" then said with optimism, "all done!" and wen't on his way. I'm sad too, but I have a lot of preterm labor so I'm trying to cut him back now instead of just suddenly limiting him as soon as tri 2 comes along.
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I'm still nursing my 26-month-old girlie several times a day, and I still see white droplets often when she lets go, so I guess she's still getting milk. Sometimes I get latch-on pain, sometimes not. I haven't noticed a change in her boob-requesting pattern yet. I'm also worried about losing milk supply, though. Does anyone know where to find a lactogogue tea that's safe for preggos?

Homeschooling, VBACing mama to T, 5; L, 2; and EDD 12/20/08
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Hmm...don't even know how many weeks I am (maybe I should get a ticker, I'm likely 5 and a bit) but DS I think is naturally cutting down. He's just barely nursing for a half a minute in the morning. Though, he's still likes to touch and see things, he doesn't want to nurse though I offer it to him. He's been slowing down quite a bit over the last several months so I'm expecting he's likely going to wean in the next few months.
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My son (10 months) was sick last week and went from eating a solids a few times a day to not at all and exclusively bf'ing. Oh well I seem to have plenty of milk right now so I'm not worried.!
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I am still nursing my 26+ month old, too. I don't feel any pain or major annoyances - but, I feel mentally nervous that nursing her could in some way be detrimental to this pregnancy. She is a comfort nurser and quite dependent on nursing to sleep. Tonight she fell asleep while I told her a story and rubbed her back which is SO rare.....

I had intended on her weaning at her own pace - but I think a little gentle diversion and such will be okay for us, too.
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I'm 7 weeks now and my supply has crashed. And with it, my baby's happiness. She's 15 months and has always been a big nurser, comfort and food, (she hardly eats a thing). Nighttimes have become terrible as she wakes all night to nurse now and gets very little. She was down to about 2-3 a night - now it's constant. Her behaviour has gone out the window and she's now officially driving me crazy with her whining, screaming, crying and overuse of the word 'no!' HELP!!!

Luckily though, no pain yet. I really hope this resolves itself soon. Its only been a week of hell around here, but my hormonal self can't handle it.
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trying to revive this thread a little

i'll be 10 weeks tomorrow; dd2 is down to about 5 nursings per 24 hours. she turns 3 in exactly one month, so it would be nice to make it to the 3-year mark! after that, i'd be ready for her to wean, i think...

so far, the nursing is not bothering me -- i don't yet have that "creepy feeling" that i got with dd1 (about 6mo into my pregnancy that time)

my only concern is that between the nausea and the breastfeeding, i haven't gained any weight yet. fortunately, my nausea is fading and my appetite is growing, so :

how are all the other nursing mamas holding up?
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I'm also nursing my 3 year old dd. She only nurses once a day now, though, and I'm hoping she weans during pregnancy. No luck with that yet, though...
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Well, it just dawned on me that DS didn't nurse at all yesterday. That is the first time he's ever done that! And he hasn't asked today yet either. So last night instead of asking to nurse, he just said, "I lay mommy's boob." I don't think I've ever heard him use that word! I was hoping he would wean during this pg, but I guess I didn't think it would start this soon. How are the rest of you all doing?
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DD is 20 months. I'm 7 weeks PG and WOH FT and just this week stopped pumping. DD nurses 3-4 times a day, though the past 2 days it has only been twice.

Two days after I stopped pumping, I started spotting. Great. What a way to spend Mother's Day. So I called my midwife's office, but she's not in on Mondays (Should have listened to my gut and just waited until my appt. with her tomorrow) and the nurse says I should come in and see one of the 2 OBs. Right off the bat, he insulted me by calling this PG an "accident" (Uhm, no?), his bedside manner sucked and he just rubbed me the wrong way. Totally emphasized and reinforced to me why I am NOT going with an OB this time around.

Anyway, he says I'm a week behind what the MW said last week, and tells me I'll need to take a progesterone supplement at least until 10 weeks. And then LAUGHED at me when I asked if it was OK to take that while nursing and said "Well, that's why you're spotting. You need to quit that. Now." Quit that, as if I just told him I'm drinking a bottle of wine a day or smoking or something.

Anyways, my question - anyone else spotting? Is it because of the nursing while PG, normal and to be expected?
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DD2 has cut way back -- for her -- but it's all relative: she's "down" to 3 or 4 times per day.

the huge change is that 3 days ago she actually slept through the night without waking to nurse -- while sleeping right next to me!! for the first time in her life!! (and she'll be 3 in a few weeks!!)

she has basically night-weaned, all by herself, with no prompting or encouragement from me.
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Originally Posted by _betsy_ View Post
Anyways, my question - anyone else spotting? Is it because of the nursing while PG, normal and to be expected?
i've never heard of spotting due to nursing. i'm nursing through a second pregnancy and never had any spotting. but plenty of (non-nursing) mamas have some spotting during their otherwise perfectly normal pregnancies.

i'm sorry your OB was so unsupportive. it's worth bearing in mind that doctors in general know next to nothing about extended nursing, and even less about nursing while pregnant. (the kellymom and leche league web sites have some great info about nursing during pregnancy, by the way)
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I'm wondering if it's the stopping pumping that really is the more likely culprit - I WOH FT, nights. I nurse DD in the morning, before nap, and usually at 4 p.m. before I go to work. The 4 is the only one DD has ever skipped. She STTN (which she started doing all on her own with no prompting at 17.5 mo), so I nurse her at 4 in the afternoon and then not again until 8 a.m. I was pumping once at work around 11:30 p.m., but just kind of stopped doing that this past weekend. I'm wondering if that has more to do with it than anything.

And dang it, why do none of my pants fit? I'm only 7 weeks! Last time I went to 19-20 weeks before I needed maternity pants. Blah.
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My supply has gone way down too and the taste, obviously, has changed to because my dd#2 who is 20 months, is now making faces and poking the nipple and ending the nursing session after 2-3 minutes.

I have a feeling that she might be weaning and it is breaking my heart.
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Jumping into the DDC for the first time with this pregnancy, and so glad to see this thread--it's great to know that there are so many other mamas heading down the same road (and having done it before in the past!); I'm glad we have such a wealth of knowledge & support to draw from. I even know one of you guys IRL (hi, Sara! It's Bryn from LLL/API!).

Haven't noticed a supply drop myself yet, but definitely DEFINITELY experiencing the pain. It tends to be worst at latch-on and then often has faded after a couple of minutes of nursing . . . I've also noticed that it gets worse dependent on the length of time since DD nursed last (the longer she goes, the worse it hurts when she tries again). She's still nursing all the time, so I've been working on distracting myself, and sometimes setting limits on how long she can nurse (I was really committed to letting her wean herself at her own pace BEFORE this pregnancy, but I'm taking it one day at a time now). She is 26 months old and has always been a high-needs, high-nursing babe.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone better in the months ahead!
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Originally Posted by Birth Junky View Post
I even know one of you guys IRL (hi, Sara! It's Bryn from LLL/API!).
Hi Bryn!
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I haven't commented in this thread yet, but my daughter is almost 24 months and is still nursing strong

I do think I've had a supply dip, since when I spent a night away for the first time I had no engorgement at all. Still, she doesn't seem to mind!
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I'm nursing my 3 year old and am about 11 weeks pg... she has recently started sleeping through the night with no nursing (and still co-sleeping) so I am THRILLED about that- it really helps with the exhaustion.

I think I really don't have much of a supply left. I don't have much in the way of 'storage capacity', ahem , so I need to nurse frequently to keep up my supply. Right now DD is down to morning and before bed, with an occasional day time nursing. I'm ready for her to be done, but don't want to push too hard. Especially now with a full night's sleep, I feel I can handle a few times a day, although for a while there it was torture.

She never was a twiddler, but she does this thing where she rubs her hand and forearm all over my belly and sometimes that drives me nuts, especially with the nausea.
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