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Dawson Michael has entered our world!!!

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Our baby Dawson Michael came 3/30/08 7:25am 8 # 12 oz 22.5 inches he is precious!

We are both home and doing great and nursing great!!! We will post more to our birth story soon... since I just got home a little while ago...

Here is our story!

my pressure waves started @ 10pm ( very light every 15 minutes for an hour) when I slept from 11-12:30 when they were a little more intense when I woke up. every 5 minutes for 30 sec for a couple hours.. I baked a cake around 2-3am they started to get closer and longer. I took a bath with lav oil and dead sea salts @4 and called my dd coach to come to the house. At 4:30 dd's coach arrived and dd woke up I got out of tub and waves were approx every 3 min lasting 45 seconds. I called ob @ 5 & he told me to head to triage in the hospital due to birth place being full and we would have to go to Labor and delivery (which made me swear) so I called my dear friend who works at the birth center and she was working and told me she would go to L&D and be my RN She met me off the elevator we got to hospital @ 6 am 8+cm dilated water intact my dd 3.5 and her coach took lots of great pictures during birthing time She was a great little helper. Ob told me I needed to stop saying AHHHHH & Open loudly or I would have no energy left to push but I told him I would and he left the room again. I was leaning over back of bed on my knees I was 10 cm @ 6:45am I kept pushing when i felt I needed to. my water broke @ 7am i kept pushing @ 7:20am I reached down and felt crowning, My RN got OB, RN told me if I wanted to pull baby out and place on my abdomen I would have to flip over I flipped onto a sitting squat so I could put him on my abdomen right away I pushed out his head and shoulders reached down and pulled him out onto my abdomen.DH and DD cut cord after it stopped pulsating and he nursed all day while we waited for a bed to clear out in the Birth Place since OB would not D/C us for 24 hrs ( and I wanted 6 hrs another pissed off moment since he was the OB I didn't like in the practice) =( but it worked out great my dear friend RN came back to work that night and was our night RN also. We got d/c the next morning by 8 am.
>Birth is wonderful escpecially when you are surrounded by friends and family you trust and are close with.. I didn't end up in the birth place (center in hospital) it was full I ended in L&D with a Birth Place RN who is a dear friend and when you have people you love near for the birth nothing can seem to upset the moment!! Our son is growing and nursing every day and he is BEAUTIFUL new addition to our great family! Now I have happy tears again!
>THANKS everyone for your support and thoughts while I was birthing.... .

Dawson Michael

Our new family picture
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yay! congratulations!!!! can't wait to read your birth story!
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Congrats mama!

Glad to hear that you are doing well and everybody is home!
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Congratulations! Welcome Dawson!
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Yay!! Congrats and welcome home!
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Yay Congratulations! Welcome Dawson!
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Congratulations and welcome to Dawson Michael!!!

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Hurray! So exciting!
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Yay! Congratulations!
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YAY!! Congratulations!!! i cant wait to hear about your birth.
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So happy for you and your family
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Hi Melanie,

I saw your post among the "new" ones, and had to congratulate you again! Welcome, Dawson!

Katie and the kids

P.S. We'll bring some goodies by soon-- what are you craving?
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Congratulations! Glad to hear all is well.
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Congrats, can't wait to hear details! Welcome Dawson!
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Congratulations! Enjoy your baby boy!
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Oh yay! Congratulations!!
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