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April Decluttering Challenge!

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Who's down?
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I am!
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me too

this month my focus is going to be on finishing up the decluttering and organizing and finishing of all my little craft projects!
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I just read "Clearing Your Clutter with Feng Shui" and I'm really Feng Motivated now (not sure what Feng Shui is, but her book did inspire me!)...

I'm not an item counter, but I have several "areas" that I want to tackle:

1. Downstairs Closet -- Finished
2. My Closet -- Finished
3. The girls' clothing storage bins -- Finished
3. Picture files on my computer -- Finished
4. The Filing Cabinet -- in progress
5. The Kitchen -- in progress
6. Cull some unloved books
7. The playroom
8. My jewelry box
9. The garage
10. The storage shed

My goal is to sell 20 items this month:

8/20 items listed to sell
4/20 items sold and out of my house
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I'm SO in, I've been doing this for weeks now and have been having a really hard time staying motivated. I finally finished the dining room and kitchen and I also did the girls' room and the upstairs bath. Today I'm working on the computer desk and filing cabinet (which I loathe). I really don't know how to keep my desk area organized, it's just so crazy! I feel like I'm alway cleaning my desk, I just don't want to anymore, I want a clean decluttered permanent space!

My other goals for this month are:
*The laundry/bathroom
*My bedroom and closet
*The bookcases
*Storage room
*Finish living room

I can't count items, but I can count trash bag fulls. I already have 20-30 and I'm going to aim for another 10 LOL. This is mostly stuff to yard sale/give away. I'm not counting trash.

On a personal note: All the stuff I used to love and feel comfortered by now makes me so irritated! I want to throw it away by the truck load!
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ME! I'm going to include everything I did this weekend, because it was the beginning of my spring cleaning/decluttering fest
A friend was able to take a large appliance this weekend that we can't use in our new home, so that was a big space saver =1
Plus a bag full of clothes to the donation box= 30-ish

=31 so far
with 3 things waiting to be picked up from freecycle
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I'm in. I am tackling the attic this month.

I'm scared.
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Count me in! I'm not going to set a target of items, but I will keep coming on here to list......
I realised today that I don't need more storage in my home, I need less things!! So, that's my aim.
I need a dresser to be empty by the end of the month to store my new baby's things.

I also need to list some stuff on ebay and also organise all my unnecessary kids/maternity stuff for a big local sale mid month!

Look forward to keeping each other motivated.
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I'm in

My goals this month are

1) Cupboard under stairs
2) Bathroom shelves and drawers
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I'm in! I'm carrying over things from March and I feel like I wasn't able to complete all my goals. I really, really want to finish my garage!I think I'll make that a priority! I'll come back and post my goals later on today!
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I'm in too, for another 100 items this month. This month I might get to participate in a group rummage sale--I have high hopes for that sale. If I don't get into the sale (slots picked by a lottery) then I will have to start Craigslisting. Either way, I need to declutter in a major way. The biggest obstacle for me: paper! I have years upon years of old utility bills, etc. that I am finally ready to let go of NOW! I have set a goal this month for 500 pieces of paper.

Of course I still have like 30 items to get rid of for March, and lots of paper--I'm planning to do a lot tonight after the boys are in bed.

So for April:


And: 0/1000 papers

ETA: I weeded out 100 papers/brochures/pieces of mail this morning and after seeing what a pitiful little stack it was, and how little time it took me to sort it out, I decided to up my paper goal to 1000.
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I'm in! I need to attack that evil spare closet/room thing some more!
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Count me in. I don't know if it's spring or what, but I'm ready to purge! I want to clean out our carport storage so that I can fit our bikes and bike trailer into it instead of having them be in our cottage. Which leads me to our cottage, it's crazy in here! I also need to clean out the boys closet. It's getting pretty jumbled in there too.

We just got back from a long weekend at the coast and I was amazed at how simple, easy and laid back life is when you don't have all of your stuff around!
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I'm in... I was able to focus on my Daughters rooms and the linen closet, my craft area and the family room this past month (march) (4 trips to goodwill )

My goal for April is to focus on the master bed room, DH and I closets and the laundry rom :
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I'm in! We really need to make some space. Now that we have three kids our house seems to be getting smaller every day.

Going to start with kids rooms
then our room
then the kitchen

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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
I'm in. I am tackling the attic this month.

I'm scared.

sounds like it could be a good movie plot... :
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My goal this month is: my daughter's room. Right now, she is staying with her grandparents to finish out the school year (I spent a year in Korea and they (the Army) would not let me take her with). Right now, it is storage of all the cr@p that we have no place for or have yet to go through...Then buy her a bed.
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Count me in!

I'm starting some of my classes for nursing school in May, and my goal is to have the house decluttered and deep cleaned by then.

That'll give me a good 2.5 years to get things recluttered ;-)

Anyway, here are my goals:

-- Declutter every nook and cranny of the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, DS's room, guest room, 3 bathrooms, and both hallways.
-- Spring cleaning inside of house
-- Spring cleaning outside of house
-- Deep clean basement (it's fairly decluttered, but that is DH's territory)
-- Remove 300 items from house. I've already gotten rid of at least that many in an slow decluttering process I started in January.

The real challenge is I'm also doing the no spend challenge, so no nifty organizing bins or anything. I'll have to try and come up with creative ways of organizing!
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Originally Posted by SonomaMom View Post
I don't know if it's spring or what, but I'm ready to purge!
I feel that, sister!
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meee meee meeeee (imagine singing) I'm in. What will my goals be? .... I'll be back to post them in a day or so....
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