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Originally Posted by Patrick's mummy View Post
So, two big bags of clothes have left the building! Woo hoo!

It's my aim tomorrow to get rid of the baby bottles I was given plus the big bag of stuffed toys.

I also need to declutter the car so that I can fit the double stroller in once baby arrives.
Well, I tried to get rid of the toys and bottles at goodwill but they weren't taking any donations today...... typical! So am back at the will of freecyclers
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Well, here I am again.

We have decided to NOT go on our usual (medieval re-enactment camping) vacation this year, in favor of spending the time/money prepping our house to sell. This is relevant, I promise. If we are NOT going on this particular vacation, I can put ALL the tubs of fabric, costumes, paraphernalia, and probably even the sewing supplies into storage. The camping supplies are already in storage, but I can now freely make them even less accessible if that makes our garage less cluttery. It is likely we will skip this vacation one or even two years, so I can put all that stuff out of the way and get it out of my living space and not think about it again for at least a year, maybe two.

So now I need to move it all into the shed.

My Craigslist attempts have been moderately successful. Someone is supposedly coming today to buy three four-drawer filing cabinets from us. Yes, they would be useful SOMEDAY, but they are just taking up space right now. Yesterday I tidied up the garage so we can get the cabinets out today. When the filing cabinets are gone, the garage will be much easier to declutter the rest of the way, because the filing cabinets block the light to the most cluttered part right now. So that is a project for "soon."

Now that DH has committed to spending his vacation time on the house, I am more motivated to get the house ready for fixing and selling. New decluttering energy - I love it! Our target for putting the house on the market is Spring 2009, so we have time, but there is also a LOT to do, and I'm still working incrementally at getting rid of more and more and more and more stuff. We plan to live VERY minimally after we move, at least for a few years, and though I've been preparing for that slowly, there is a long way to go.
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Feeling great today.

On Thursday I got rid of the massive bag of stuffed toys to a lady who was pleased to have them. Result!

Today I have freecycled the fender and bucket from our fireplace that I never had the inclination to clean so it looked awful, plus a blind and matching cushions that were taking up space in my cupboard and best of all, a sofa that was taking up the whole dining room.

DH wants to replace it with an armchair for reading etc but I'm enjoying the sense of space.

I just need to find a recipient for the baby stuff now plus a bag of paperbacks and a few ornaments etc that we could gladly lose......
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