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how much are you bleeding?

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hi pp mamas,

i had a uterine infection after the birth of my first 2 and am very paranoid about getting sick after the birth of my 3rd. so, i am keeping a close eye on my bleeding and laying really low. i am 8 days pp and my bleeding is very variable. last night i had almost none but this morning i am bleeding more and it is pretty red. of course, i totally over did it getting the kids ready for school with no help.

just wondering what the status of everyones bleeding is and also afterpains (these are gone for me)


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I'm 6 days pp (3/25 birth).

I had a fair bit of bleeding overnight, but so far today pretty much nothing. It has been fairly variable for me too, some days lighter and some heavier.

The after pains and cramping are gone, thankfully. The first 2 days they were really horrible, especially when I would nurse and if I was sitting in a certain position they'd seem to occur more often. Pain wise I'd rank them as high as contractions, only a bit more localised, as though being attacked with an ice pick in 2 different spots. I remember them being present the first 2 days mostly, not sure if the third day too, but they're definitely gone now.

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I had afterpains for about 3 days, they were BAAADDDD. I'm 12 days pp now, and my bleeding has really slowed down. I've been taking it super easy, though. I do notice that I get little "gushes" a few hours after being active. My bleeding was kind of back and forth between red and brownish until a couple of days ago. Now it's going back and forth between the brown and the yellowish stuff. I think as long as the blood doesn't smell foul, or you pass big clots, or feel tender when you feel your uterus, or get a fever, you are probably just fine. Just try to get as much help as you can, and rest as much as possible. I always over-did it with my other three, and didn't stop bleeding until 5-6 weeks. I'm determined to be done with the yuck sooner this time around...
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5 days post-partum and light bleeding only, afterpains seem gone. My back is sore still though and I'm crampy. Oddly my stitches don't bother me at all.
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my bleeding has been variable too. Even on days when I did practically nothing I could have bright red blood. I'm still bleeding at 15 days pp. Thank goodness for cloth pads. My afterpains were no big deal.
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Originally Posted by mtm View Post
Oddly my stitches don't bother me at all.
I'm almost 3 wks pp.

Mine didn't bother me at all either and they never did. I was really dreading the stitches and was pretty surprised. They did itch a tiny bit when they were coming out though.

The bleeding is almost gone now. It did come and go for a while.

I only had very minor afterpains for a few days.
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I'm 3wks 2 days PP now and my bleeding is still somewhat here, though very light. Sunday I had some red blood though I wasn't doing much. It was weird. I'm wearing one or two "lightdays" a day now. No afterpains here at all. Itchy stichy though! Dang.
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I'm 9 weeks PP and still bleeding like AF. :
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3w pp tomorrow (already?!) and still lightly bleeding red & brown - nothing major but I can't not wear a pad...
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I am 3 weeks and finally done. Still sweating like crazy at night and getting itchy from the stiches
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