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OMG! That just made me gasp and my stomach turned. How horrible for her. Healing vibes and peace to her.
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i'm a lurker here on the UC forum... but I read this story and can't stop crying about the horror of it all. We will keep her and her family in our prayers.
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Please tell her I am so sorry! This happened to me 6 years ago with the birth of my daughter and is the reason I will always have uc's from here out. I am here is she needs help processing this.
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oh my gosh that made me shocked as i dont know what and sick as well. poor poor mama, SOMETHING has to be done, and now!

when the first posts were up i couldnt figure out why she had surgery if the baby was fine and all..and this was NOT at all what i expected! wow.
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holy crappoli!!! What the @$#$ do they teach the 'professionals' in school??? I am just astounded (but at the same time not surprised) at the stupidity of someone pulling the placenta out by the cord.... jesus. This is why I never blindly trust anyone who has PHD behind their name.

Hope this mama gets the healing she needs and her baby is snuggled up close.
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Horrible, probably the worst thing I could ever imagine being done to a women in labor. She HAS to sue!!!!
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OMGosh! How HORRIBLE! I am sitting here w/ tears streaming down my face for this poor Mama. I'm not a sue kinda person but I think this calls for it! I hope she gets a lawyer and this "Dr" loses her license.

She will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh my goodness, that is horrible! She will be in my prayers, my heart goes out to her. I, too, think that she should sue! That "doctor" should lose her license for the way she treated this mama.
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I will be thinking of her and her family.
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oh no no no!!! Mama you are AMAZING!!! I know it's so easier said than done but believe me you DID NOT fail!!!
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Makes you want to cry and scream at the same time. So sorry this had to happen to this mamma. Sue. That is all I can say to her. Have someone get her records NOW. Then sue. (And I am not one to sue anyone. But this has got to stop.)

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Wow. I don't have time to read all the responses. From the story, I don't know that she was punished for trying to UC so much as she just got an idiot doc who did something stupid...
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O.M.G. I am swaying from shock over what I have just read! WTF was that dr thinking?

You're friend did not fail. She knew exactly what she needed to do to get the baby past her pelvic bone and when someone actually listened to her, the baby went past the pelvic bone! That is amazing and I am in awe of how in tune she was with her body and baby. Wishing her strength and a good lawyer (to protect them from CPS if nothing else)
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Oh my ... That is so horrific; the attitude of that "doctor" and her actions sound awful.

My thoughts are with you friend and her family!
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Please tell her to get a lawyer to get down to the hosp and get her records immediately before someone loses or doctors them to cover what they did. Also try to get names of the nurses present as witnesses to what the doctor did. I will pray for her.
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What a horrible story.... I am thinking of your friend.
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I seriously almost passed out when I read that! I have nothing but hugs, healing energies, and support to offer... I'm so sad and angry on this family's behalf and hope Mama especially, recovers physically and emotionally from this horror!
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What horribly devastating experience. Sending healing vibes your way.
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OMFG, I really don't even know what to write. My stomach dropped when I read what happened and I feel sick now.
Many healing vibes being sent.
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I literally have no words for this. I can't even begin to imagine something so horrid. Your poor friend. I am so sorry.
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