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W.T.F is all I can say. I hope that "doctor" gets what she deserves. Many to your friend.
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OMG That poor mama! She did NOT fail, the "doctor" failed her. I cannot believe she pulled out her uterus! That is just so completely wrong. I agree with the others who say get her records ASAP and sue. It is the only way they will listen. Money talks. :
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I am just in utter shock after reading. That her uterus was ripped from her was the last thing I expected to see. I cannot express how much I feel for your friend. She & her family are in my thoughts & prayers. I do hope she finds the strength to file suit and take that monster to court so no other woman has to endure what your brave, UNFAILING friend had to
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What an incredible, strong Mama!! I can't imagine.... OMG, she did not fail. She knew what needed to be done to get her baby out and did what she could to do it. The UAV's at the hospital were beyond incompetent....criminal does sound like the right word.
Healing vibes to this incredible woman!

Sue the UAV!
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my thoughts and prayers are with her.

i think that this line struck me most "i don't know how to get over my failed UC."

the first step of this, in my mind, is that this is not a "failed UC." this is a UC with hospital transfer. That label may help--at least, proper labels help me. SO, i hope it helps her.

beyond this, it is really important for her to both acknowledge the trauma of her experience while also honoring how great she did. She didn't give in to everything. She was strong and in control, and ultimately, she birthed her child safely. In those circumstances, that is a lot to be proud of.

this may be only a small beginning, but she can take some fo the pressure off of herself. she was brutally and wrongfully treated--a lawyer will be able to help with this--but overall, she did a great job of birthing her child safely and doing her best to take care of herself.

and again, in those circumstances, that's a lot to be proud of!
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When a doctor touches you against your will (like when you are saying, "STOP" over and over again, such as in this case), it is assault and battery. That is a criminal offense and she should not get away with it, ESPECIALLY since this mama is lucky she didn't die!

My prayers are with that family. I hope that they can find peace and comfort, despite this horrible situation. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG and you did NOT fail! Best wishes to you and your new, precious, strong little one.
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I am so sorry! I feel sick at what was done to you.
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I have removed a large number of posts which contained namecalling. The User Agreement requires that we:

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No matter how upset/angry/frustrated we might feel, it's still against the guidelines to call anyone names. I will be contacting those whose posts were removed and requesting edits. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Please contact me via PM w/any questions. Thanks
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That is so awful. I will keep her in my thoughts.
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Many prayers for your friend. How terrifying.
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If this poor brave mama can sue this 'doctor' then that is a clear message that women DO matter and this behaviour will not be tolerated or at least challenged. I am not a sue-happy person at times believe it totally necessary, but as Fyrestorm says mama should try get someone to go get her files asap cos they will try and cover up. I agree with the pp who says this IS a CRIMINAL offence, just cos it was done to a woman in labour should not make it any less serious, but of course it does, cos women don't matter. Imo, because women are invisible to a lot of people in everyday life, they talk over us, at us, especially women who buck the system, because we are treated like 2nd class citizens this sort of treatment just continues unabated. At our most vulnerable( but also strongest), giving birth, it's a perfect opportunity for certain people to try and assert total control over us, this often escalates to physical violence in the birth room, often. I also believe many humans are just disgusted and fearful of the the birth process in general. I've experienced this first-hand, it is punishment. What woman would pull her own placenta out and with such force as to rip out her uterus, the spirit of a womans body imo, that incredible part of us that grows and nourishes babies? I feel there is often a malicious intent behind a lot of actions like that, people just think I'm paranoid, anything but admit what really goes down, head in the sand,this doctor must have known that there was a good chance of this occurring and yet didn't stop, even after being told to repeatedly,she continued with such force as to seriously damage this mama, that's intent and they can easily hide behind the doc is god thing every.last.time until someone sues them for good reason. I read tons of comments from people who 'think' moms should 'shut up and put up', they've got a healthy baby, they should be grateful, more silencing of women, more abuse ignored, it's collabaration. The utter violence of the action is enough to know that is not a good idea, I s'pose tho if you have absolutely no respect for women's bodies and feel like you need to make a statement about women taking back the power of their own bodies or even just think you have a god-given right to do what you want cos you are a doctor in a medical setting there is plenty unsavoury actions being carried out daily by these persons. I don't for one minute believe she could have thought she was doing the right thing, this doc was unhinged and gripped by pure misogyny imo. And that is the punishment, to make women suffer. I've experienced the wrath of the medics before my UC's. Not pleasant people a lot of them, so vindictive and sly and not at all enlightened (not all I'm sure but there is always one and that's all it takes) plus any who are reasonable are bound to the law that says women are not to be trusted especially with their own bodies and minds. Ignorance is no excuse, this is an 'educated' person who did this, I fear for this world, I fear for my dd's. Hoping very hard this mama can heal from this assault and as the pp's say this mama in no way failed, she totally was in tune with her body and really knew her stuff. I don't think I'd have been that together. Hope mama and babe are getting back together, wishing healing their way.
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i tried to post earlier, but i do not see it. so, i'll assume it got eaten.

first, legal councel will help this mother figure out the right process to hold everyone responsible for their actions.

but second, and more important than that, i would let to tell this momma that she did not fail at all. this is not a failed UC. it is a UC with a transfer. language helps!

with this, she should be *extremely* proud that she safely birthed her baby in spite of the mania.

she should also be extremely proud that she worked so hard to defend herself (she did a good job of vocalizing against the doctor, etc).

she was horribly treated by a doctor--none of this was her active doing. she did great; the doctor did not.

also pass along my congratulations to her for an amazing (albeit trying and crazy in many ways) and safe birth for her daughter, her amazing strength, and of course, for the new addition to her family that all will enjoy for many years to come, long after this situation has been resolved (internally and externally).
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O. M. G. I am so sorry mama!
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I just...can only barely scrape the surface of imagining what this mama is going through. I too am not normally a sueing person, but something like this....you better belive it. I pray she will recover and find peace as she does.

And I agree with Zoebird.....she fought and fought and had the presence of mind to do what she could. She is NOT and never was a failure...she is a beautiful strong mama who was very much a victim of the establishment.

To the OP, if she's ever feeling up to it at some point, maybe print out the love and support she's recieved here...maybe it might help in some small tiny way to see that she is NOT a failure!
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Oh my gosh. How horrible! Many prayers for your friend.
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Originally Posted by forthebest View Post
Imo, because women are invisible to a lot of people in everyday life, they talk over us, at us, especially women who buck the system, because we are treated like 2nd class citizens this sort of treatment just continues unabated. At our most vulnerable( but also strongest), giving birth, it's a perfect opportunity for certain people to try and assert total control over us,
I think it has less to do with women being "second-class" and more to do with the current climate of "fetus rights." Doctors and lawmakers have begun to slowly chip away at pregnant women's rights in the name of the rights of the fetus. And it's clearly to the point now that they can do nearly anything to a pg woman "to save the fetus."

In this case, the baby was already out, so she can't claim to have done it as a life-saving measure. We've already contacted some lawyers on her behalf to test the strength of the case. Part of the problem is that mom and baby both survived, and since having lived is the golden standard at the hospital, they will be hard-pressed to push emotional and long-term effects. But she has witnesses, and the gruesome nature of this situation may just be enough to impress any layperson.

I have also encouraged her to contact the media. I think the media is our best ally right now, since the system is locked up tight in favor of the medicos.

She does appreciate all the thoughts and prayers on her behalf. She seems to have a clear head about all this despite what she's gone through. We have all taken great pains to reassure her she did NOTHING wrong. And I think she is realizing this, but she may still suffer the "what-ifs" for a long long time. In fact, she will just plain suffer for a long long time.

Keep those encouraging words coming ladies.

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Much healing and love to this mama; may her babymoon be a salve to her assault.
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Omigosh, I didn't even know such an awful thing was possible. Ugh, I feel just terribly for your friend. I do hope she gets some kind of compensation, though nothing will make up for what was taken from her. Ugh, I just don't have any words... :cry
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