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Dec 08 Mamas Roll Call!! - Page 11

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We like suprises so we will not know the sex until the delivery. Due between Christmas and New Year's
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changes made to here.

hollycat I put you on the 26th but can't find you anywhere else - are you on the list twice?
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I am new here and I am due in the first part of December. We are having a precious little girl!:
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I am new here. Due date December 31, and we are having a little boy.
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Hi Jen

We've recently found out we're having another little boy :

Can you please update me on the list with a blue stork?

Thank you
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Please add me! Expecting a girl - EDD Dec. 17th.
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Please add me to the list, due December 27 (which is also dh's birthday)!
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Due December 31st

Hi there... just joined MDC forums! I am due December 31st. I might be in the wrong month group, though, because I tend to go a week late! I am having a baby boy.
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changes made to here.

I am SO GRATEFUL that I have not had to change anyone's EDD to their actual birth day. In the November DDC, we've already had a birth. (I straddle the two DDC, since I'm technically due Nov 29.) : that stays true!
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holy cow! How many mama's make up our DDC now?
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Add me I am due dec 28th (US date).
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changes made to here.
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We are due Dec 5th with surprise baby#2!
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Could you add me please. I am a new member. We are blessed with our first little boy.. he is due on Dec. 24th:
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Christina, Just joined mothering today. Momma to Owen 2. Due Dec. 8. Baby Girl. Birth Center Water Birth Planned. Artist. Wife to Andre. Happy to Join!
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changes made to here.
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Hi! Please add me. Due Dec. 26, don't know the sex. Is my first. Thanx!
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Hi there ! I'm due around the 20th of Dec, usually go a week early so that might be more accurate, +- whatever
This is our 8th and we have never known the sex of any of our babies before birth and have decided to keep the "suprise" in this pregnancy too!!
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Edd is Dec 21st, here! Add me!
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