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For moms with colicky babies...try this!

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OK, my poor DS (who is now 2) had TERRIBLE colic...worst thing I have ever been through in my life. So I just wanted you all to know that I truly know what you are going through and my heart is with you.

Well, I did TONS of research once it was all over to figure out what we could do for this little DD if she ended up having colic as well.

I read the article on probiotics that I have also seen referenced in our DDC recently, and knew that I would remember it if she had trouble.

Anyway, I started taking a daily probiotic during the pregnancy to help with my GBS status, and just stayed on it after she was born, thinking it couldn't hurt anything, and...surprise, surprise, she has not been colicky at all!!!

Then, 5 days ago, I ran out of it, and didn't think anything of it because everything was going well for us. Well...for the past 3 days, she has been just as colicky as DS was...a terrible 3 days.

I only just thought about the probiotic yesterday afternoon, so I took some yesterday and today...and, guess what...she is happy as can be tonight!! Not a bit of fussing!!!

So, this is at least something to try...if you can't find an infant supplement, take the probiotic yourself (this only works if you are nursing, of course, though) and see if that helps!

Hang in there, mamas.

P.S. It was a couple of trips to the chiro that helped DS, so you might try that, too!
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great info emily!
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Emily, do you mean as a probiotic drink? Or how do you take it? I have been drinking one little probiotoc drink a day and Ashlee has no more screamathons.
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what kind of probiotic?
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the best ones are in a refridgerated case at the health food store. i take them to keep thrush/yeast at bad and i can tell when i slack on them, they really work!

jezzy, i'm sure the probiotic drink would work well. i take capsules because they last a long time and are so concentrated. i don't know much about probiotic drinks to be honest

i do have a very good natured little guy, i'm not sure if it's related or not though.
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Thanks for posting. I've been giving my son a baby spoonful of plain premium quality yogurt with probiotics and live and active cultures before every day time feeding for a week now and he is so much happier. I was wondering if the same effect could be attained from me taking probiotics. I dislike yogurt though and wasn't sure what other forms I could consume probiotics in so this was an informational thread for me.
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so does acidiopholis count as a probiotic? I bought some capsules when I thought we had thrush...would that maybe help?

also...if i opened the bottle and did not refrigerate it for a while after opening it does that mean the live cultures have died?
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a GREAT study on probiotics:

a quick summary: 95% of the infants that took probiotics (L. Reuteri) had 100 minutes less crying per day after only 5 days of treatment!
the group that took simethicone ony had 7% of infants reduced crying by 30 minutes.
Both groups had dairy free diets (to ensure that wasn't the cause - very interesting aspect to the study!)

For anybody who doesn't like taking supplements (like me - I always think WHY should we take them?) people ate probiotics in natural form regularly 'back in the day' and now we barely eat them.
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Ii have been drinking 1-2 probiotic drinks a day and my baby doesn't have any problems anymore. No more pain! She use to scream for hours on end in the evening before I started drinking the probiotic drinks!
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