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Well, I couldn't figure out how to update my post, so I just started a new one.

Our girl is here and oh guys... she makes the cutest little noises! Her head is SOO Soft! As Elleystar said-I didn't screw around... and to be honest, it was a close thing to make it to the hospital. I started making deep growling pushing noises about 20 minutes out of the town where the hospital is. But I really wasn't convinced we were ready-she felt like she was in the same position she'd been in for weeks-high and totally disengaged. I was SO shocked when my midwife checked me and we found her head was only about an inch from crowning. Seriously-I never felt her descend!

Pushing after crowinging took longer than with my first child. Whew. Once her head was out, she didn't just slither out-it was a lot of work to still get her out. I remember telling my midwife just to pull her OUT already! But I guess that's to be expected with a 5'1" person pushes out a 9'13" kid! Woo!

She's a little porker-already has fat wrinkles. She latched on right away and nursed for a good 20 minutes on each side and after a break, was asking for more!

Well, the sad news is that just like our first daughter, she's developed destats and her O2 level has dropped once to about 74-and they like it in the 90's. So, she just earned a trip down to the NICU for observation-though we aren't officially admitting her yet. They're pretty freaked out about GBS, since I was positive and the lab marked the test "MANY colonies." They're running a second set of bloodwork so they can start to establish a pattern, as she is pumping out white blood cells (though they're immature at this point.) That could be due to either stress (duh!) or infection. The second set of labs will help answer the question of whether or not it's stress. If it looks like infection, then we get antibiotics. If so, I'll need your helpful advice how to reestablish all the good gut flora! I'm fairly confident this will turn out just fine-our 1st DD was there for about 6 hours with similar symptoms and just needed a little extra TLC to pink up. But, we could sure use your positive thoughts just the same.

Thanks for all your well wishes! Your time is comin soon ladies! Hang in there!


We just chatted with the neonatologist. Our girl is still having a lot of trouble breathing. Her white blood cell count is still elevating-so we're not out of the woods in terms of possible GBS infection. An ex-ray shows an enlarged heart. It's not humngo- the average for an infant is a chest to heart ratio of .6 and hers is a .67 (an adult is .5) So, we're waiting for results from an ultrasound and pronouncement from a neonatal cardiologist for a determination of a congenital defect or just a heart that had to work harder in the last few weeks due to an old placenta. Essentially, we're playing a waiting game, but we're looking at a minimum stay of at least three days for her, starting today. She's on oxygen, with her head in a bubble, so I can't hold her, and they don't want her eating yet, so I'm just pumping and storing colostrum. I just wanna cuddle my girl! Pleh!

I'll get pictures on my blog ASAP!
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Congrats on the new baby girl and LOTS of good vibes coming your way!!
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congrats on your new little butterball!! thanks so much for the updates.
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Wow! Great News! Congratulations!

Let us know what happens with the tests.

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Huge congratulations to you!!!! I'm sending healing, positive vibes your way I can't believe how FAST your labor was you lucky duck!!!
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Congratulations!! Keep us updated on the testing, we're thinking of you and sending super good thoughts!!
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Congratulations! I hope the extra TLC makes her feel better soon!
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Congratulations! Your little girl sounds like a real champ (20 minutes each side!) so hopefully everything will work out great.
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Congratulations!! I hope she feels better quickly, I am sure she will, with all of that yummy colostrum!
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Congrats, I'm sure she'll be fine! Here's to short labors!!!
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Congratulations on your baby girl!
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Congratulations!! I hope she gets these little kinks worked out quickly.
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congrats! Im sorry these complications have come up...but 9 + pounds?? I have to hand it to ya. I was freaked out with 8 pounds but you say u r 5' 1'.... Im 5' 8' and my dr says it shouldnt be a problem. please keep us updated with your little girl. btw Im also gbs positive so thats been lurking in the back of my mind.... did you do antibiotics or not?
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Thinking of you all, I hope she is able come home soon
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Welcome, little lady, and good vibes : for a healthy heart...
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I hope she is home with you soon
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Congratulations! I hope you get some good news soon and that she gets strong and healthy quickly.
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