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Diaper bag pattern

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I'm looking for a diaper bag pattern. Something with compartments and hopefully not too hard to make. I would love it if it can double up as my purse too so I don't have to carry a purse and a diaper bag (i.e. more compartments??) I like to be fairly organized when I go out and hate pouring everything out just to look for wipes. I'm looking at the Simplicity Diaper bag pattern but can't quite figure out if it has built-in compartments or not. I want a medium-small bag. With dd, I got a landsend diaper bag and its way too bulky to carry it around.
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My friend gone a pattern recently, its one of the $0.99 patterns from Simplicity. It looked like it could make a good diaper bag. I'd go to the sewing store and look through the catalogs. You can also find fun bags on ebay for as little as $10
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I've made this pattern three times now. I use the ones with the pockets at the ends (I think it's a and b, but don't quote me on that). Two of them I traded off and one I use daily as a diaper bag/purse. I don't know what you mean by "compartments" but the bag does have one pocket inside and two on the outside. I keep my cell phone and the sippy in the outside pockets and the inside ones (I added a few extras) are great for snappis, pacis, etc. I also made a wet bag to match by using iron on vinyl to waterproof the inside. I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

bug bag

flower bag
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They are so cute and adorable and awesome and lovely and wonderful and and and and...... What pattern did you use? Where did you get the material? Where did you get the iron on vinyl?

You are amazing!
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charmie981: Your bags are soooo adorable. I'm very impressed and inspired. So you used the simplicity pattern (a/b). Wow! Thats exactly what I'm looking for. How hard is it to add extra pockets inside? And yes, where did you get your material?
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Yes, I used the simplicity pattern. I got the pink flowers at the local fabric store. It's a linen blend. I hope it's holding up well. I swapped it to Rainbow here on MDC in the very first swap. The bugs I bought at a local home decor shop for $10/yard. The inside fabric is $1/yard Wal-Mart quilting calico and I used fusible batting for the padding instead of the felt combined with interfacing that the pattern calls for.

It's not hard at all to add multiple pockets to the inside. Just choose your size, cut a square, and sew it on the lining (this will make more sense looking at the pattern instructions).

The iron on vinyl is available at the fabric stores in the interfacing/heat-n-bond section. It's like $5.99 a yard, and actually you would probably get better results with a layer of PUL inside, but I'm not patient enough to wait for PUL to come in the mail.

The pattern is VERY easy. Suprisingly easy in comparison to the dramatic results it produces. I love it. I wish I had the time and money to make about 50 more of them.

ETA: I think I added the button and elastic loop. I'm not sure if that's in the pattern, but it's a really easy addition.
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Where can you find that Simplicity pattern? I really like it.
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At JoAnn's, Hancocks, or Wal-Mart in the Simplicity Pattern book. Regular price (which is supposedly 50% off of regular price ) is about 7.00, but you can frequently catch them on sale for $1.99 or $.99.
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JoAnn's is having a sale for $1.99 right now (ending today or tomorrow). The patterns are on sale every month or so. I'm picking mine up today!
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