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I am curious..

i know some places will let you have a "TOL" (and i put that in quotesd because its really to get the mama in there and force a sectio for some places..) or vbac if you have had one previous csection, or one section and a proven scar and uterus since, etc...

do you think/have ou heard of anyone getting saying they have had one csextion when really they had more so that they could get the care that they wanted?
i mean its not like you can lie and say you havent had one at ALL because of the scar..that would be hard to hide, and if transverse very VERY hard to explain away from being a csection (unlike a vertical one which i know would be easier to explain as something else. like my moms UAV of an ob who did her surgery for my little brother, she insisted my mom didnt have one with me, it was a stretch mark, she just didnt remember right : normal people know better though other abdominal surgeries could be a possibility..)

anyway that was my question. do you think it has been done/have you heard of it being done?