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Popping in to report another run. I'm glad I'm getting more consistent again. The spring weather (finally) helps.

I'm off to get Geneva now, but Towson, avoid any kind of slow stretching before you run. That tells your brain (then your muscles) to go into "relax" mode and it will hinder your pep & performance. You can look up "dynamic stretches" though, which are good to prime the pump. Or just do that light jog and call it good. Stretch afterward.

Kerc... I'm sorry If the signs all add up, maybe change is the right thing??

Plady -- it makes me so happy to think of you so happy! And so close!

Eks -- I hope the nursing thing is resolved soon!
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eks~ lots and lots of and : your way!
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Eks - for you and : for your DH!
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DrJen, today I ran 2.5 and did 40 min of weights. I have a schedule to do this week although I 'm not doing it. Eh, I'm just taking it easy and trying to heal the blood blister by Saturday. Do you feel that your new TM helped you prepare better for the half (not that you've ever been unprepared)?

Poppy, glad to hear you are on the mend. I'm amazed by you ladies that run with this stuff going on, torsed ovary, appendicitis, wowzers!!

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Oh Eks! sending vibes your way, please keep us updated on DH and let him know we are thinking of him. I just posted (a post that I started this morning) about your apendicitis run and then I click send and read about Dh and DS. !!
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Eks - mama, I hope everything is okay with your dh. Anything like that in the first week is straight off the bat too much for a brand new mama to have to endure what with all those hormones freaking out. And the cord thing is just another thing you don't need to have to deal with! With dd1 I used calendula tincture with some goldenseal powder mixed in and it cleared up a gunky bit on her cord fast. Sending : to all of you!
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Katherine, I'm thinking of you and your family.
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RM - I did feel like having the new treadmill meant I ran more and trained harder, so that's got to be good, but since the winter has been so long and the weather so uninviting, I'm now thinking I let myself treadmill it a little too much. My last couple outdoor runs have just been yucky, and now I'm fretting that I should have trained more outside and that my legs won't be used to the outside running. I do run a little faster on the treadmill and at a 1% grade to try to make up for being indoors, so hopefully that's enough. I just really, really wanted to PR this time out. My goals are A. To finish, B. To run under 2:18:59 (previous best) and C. to run 10 minute miles (about 2:11:00) We'll see what I can do, I guess. I have to admit, I wish I was doing Indy again instead. I'm fretting about not having enough going on to keep me motivated and entertained. The course is out and back, and doesn't look real conducive to cheering squads. The website and registration info says nothing about headphones, so I think I'm going to load my mp3. I always only run with 1 ear bud on the rare occasions I use it, so it doesn't complete distract me and I think since I have no one to run with and am not sure how much to look at, I might need the extra boost. Ugh, sometimes I think training more means I'm stressing too much about the outcome!
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Good grief dingoes...knock it off...you must all be well and healthy!

Eks how is your dh?
Kerc - I'm sorry...perhaps change is good in this instance?

Thanks for all the hugs and sympathy - I'm doing better. I'm just tired of having so many divorce cases where parents want me to testify which is the better parent...which I CAN'T. Grrr.
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drjen - totally! I am way more stressed this time, but I trained so much more seriously. I think you will do awesome. What if you planned someone to think about for each mile and maybe put them on your bib, or write their names on your hand? I've been contemplating that. At the same time there is always so many entertaining people to watch!

Oooo look at my icon...I think that's in place of Pink Princess
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eks - been thinking about you and am sorry to hear about your dh health issues. sending you lots of good healing and nursing vibes

kerc - i'm sorry, that sucks

bbm - that does sound like a tough situation for you
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Originally Posted by poppywise View Post
actually bec, i think i did receive your check/order. i think i confused you with balancin1. i need to check the mail again but i can't make it downstairs right now to do it! don't worry, though because i am fairly certain it arrived and is in my dingo order stack!
Ok. Phew! Thanks!

Kerc - : I'm sorry. Even if it is a sign to move on, it still sucks!

Eks - I hope your DH is feeling better really soon! And, I hope Griffin gets his act together with the nursing! Can you describe what he's doing?

Lorijds - I totally got (and get) tons of inspiration from the Dingos!
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Hi, all. Newbie here, with a question for you! I am trying to figure out exactly what this thread is about. Are you all training for something, or is it just a general fitness (jogging/running/biking?) thread? There way too many pages for me to go through them all right now! But I'm curious. I've been becoming a LOT more active lately, and while I'm not terribly in-shape (okay, not much at all), I'm working really hard to get there. Mostly through jogging and biking. I've just been craving it so much, lately, and generally spending at least 2 hours a day doing ... something. Generally out on the trails, although I am still walking (fast!) more than I jog. But I'm getting there. I'm so happy that I am getting so into this!
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Welcome bjorker! The dingos are mostly runners, but our common goal is forward motion. We're training for everything from sanity to ultramarathons. Mostly it's a really cool group of women!

Back off of poppy, eksdad, ERC, Po7's DD, Chelsea's mom.

Just back off.

No more illnesses. No more getting turned down for jobs. No more getting bit by stray animals. No more divorce drama. No more snow. No more Waiting for Enell. Just STOP. We need a break and we need a run.
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Cooking for uber nerds!

I'm actually tempted.
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