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Originally Posted by valeria_vi View Post
my friend is in search of an alternative practitioner fr fertility issues. can you please PM me your recs?
Valeria_vi! This thread fell off my radar and I am so sorry I didn't see your request until now.

You may already have an acupunturist and it appears you are still TTC... To get pregnant in 2005 I went to Mary Helen Lee in Roger's Park: http://healthprofs.com/cam/500678.html

I also recommend Jennifer Paschen mentioned earlier.

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Originally Posted by missymod View Post
Okay, back for an update: I'M PREGNANT! Five weeks! A bit pessimistic, as that is my nature, but blissed out nonetheless.
To those of you that asked about alt fertility methods, I'm sorry I was MIA for so long. But now I can say with certainty that acupuncture proved miraculous for me. I am seeing Jennifer Paschen of The Nest (formerly the Center for Health and Wellbeing). I began to see her in March. I had a couple of verrry looong cycles -- but I ovulated on my own -- and now, fourth cycle, I am pregnant! I ovulated much earlier this cycle (day 18 instead of day 32/34). Just as I was about to start taking drugs, I find myself pregnant.
So in my journey, I finally settled on seeing a specialist at the Midwest Fertility Center. Dr. Pratt was really wonderful. Much more personable and easy than any of the OBGYNs I'd seen for these issues at NWM. I would recommend them to anybody that is at their wit's end. And if this pregnancy doesn't come to term, I will probably go back to see her.

If, however, this pregnancy "sticks," I am now searching for an OB and hospital. I appreciate everybody's advice here and I am going to take a closer look at all of these suggestions. Currently I'm going to Illinois Masonic because I had a run in with a corpus luteum cyst that brought me to their ER. They're only blocks away. I met a Dr. Crotteau today, a family practice doctor with privileges to perform births (one of only five at Illinois Masonic). It would be nice to not have to switch doctors after the birth. Illinois Masonic is rated well, but I haven't found many reviews here.
Congrats on your pregnancy!!! And w/ acupunture too, so welcome to the club!

I have not heard great things about IL Masonic for births... What kind of birth are you looking to have? This will help us give you recs.
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