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Originally Posted by KatieJJ334 View Post
I lost my wedding ring I have no idea how long its been missing. I was filling out a survey on myspace a friend sent me, it asked a question about whether I had ever lost anything down the toilet. When I was younger I lost a ring down the toilet. Well I just happened to glance at my hand at the moment, and sure enough I'm really not sure what to do right now, I can't find the warranty anywhere, its not in our files so I don't know if we lost it in our last move or what. I'm almost tempted to just buy another ring online and hope Andrew doesn't notice. He was planning to buy me a new set later anyway because my rings were too big for my finger now. I don't know what to do
mama...that sucks. Maybe it will turn up though. DH lost his about 1 1/2 years ago, and then when I was in the hospital having Cian. he was out playing with Lilah when all of a sudden she picked something off the driveway and brought it to him....yep, it was his ring Something similar happened to his aunt. She vacuumed hers up and dumped the bag by the river (lives in the country) She searched the area to no avail. YEARS later she decides to walk down that way and finds it.

Well, maybe those stories arent so helpful You probably want yours now. Picture the rings in your head and then picture a silver chord attaching you to them and reel it in....it usually works

Man, this cold sucks. I cant smell or taste anything and I ache everywhere. Its been going up and down for like 2 weeks. Lilah and Cian have been stuffy since right before Easter....well this cold season ever end?

On LWAB, Cian is not really eating solids, probably a couple bites a week but today while we were eating luch he was really trying to get some food. I had some hummus and he LOVED it! Was grabbing the carrot to suck it off himself
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Hi all!

greenmagik: Hope you get to feeling better soon! Mamas don't get any sick days you know:

Mrs.B: Were you asking if it was possible to lose your supply on only one side? If so, difinitely yes. That happened to me with DS#2 and I've heard of it happening to lots of others. He quit the left side at about one year. I continued to nurse him just on the right to 20 mths. So it can be done. I looked a little lopsided at times but oh well. And hugs to you about the daycare. It really must rip your heart out to have to leave him.

Katie: Hope you find your wedding ring soon! And I hope Liam's nose heals quickly. I'm just waiting for Georgia to take a nosedive off of something.

Jeanine: Congrats on your DH's new job.

Leanbh: Hope your DH gets the promotion. It really does suck to live paycheck to paycheck.

Georiga's crying, gotta go!
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Well the ring still hasn't turned up. Its been coming off my finger for a while because my fingers have shrunk, so odds are it either fell off in the tub when I was giving Liam a bath, it fell into a box, or it fell into the garbage. I searched all the boxes I packed last night but it didn't turn up, the last time I remember seeing it on was two days ago. Andrew called me last night (even though he isn't supposed to) and told me to go ahead and get another one. He was glad I told him. I looked for my ring on the website but its discontinued in my size, so I have to get a completely different one. I'm so bummed.

greenmagick - I will use your advice. I'm also going to tell my landlord that if it turns up in the house PLEASE get ahold of me. I hope you're feeling better soon.
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I lost my ring at my parent's house when I was helping them move. baby #4 was turning 1, I was there with all 4 'helping'. The new owners came by and I told them all about it through my tears hoping they would forward it on to me. I had already decided against wearing a ring and just chalking it up to bad luck. I didn't want a new one because it wouldn't be the same. We had matching, custom rings and I was upset. As I was leaving a week later I stripped the bed to wash the sheets and found it. Never was I so surprised. I hope it turns up - before you spend the $$ on another.
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come back, katie's ring (before she buys another)
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what is up with the nursing all. night. long? three nights in a row now. ugh. she's still nursing in the day, too. at night it's more like pacifying. ugh. (and don't tell me it's sleep training. i've been a good mommy, i don't deserve sleep training! http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=881693)

in other news - i took some stuff to the thrift store yesterday, and then found another wool sweater. and since i brought stuff in they let me have it for free! green longies, here i come!!

sunshine, where are you?
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First DS used me as a pacifier and I was determined to use a pacifier with any other children that I had. Little did I know that DD2 would get addicted.

Thanks ladies for the well wishes. Our flu is almost gone, but now I think DD2 has the chicken pox. Boy, when it rains, it really pours
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So I rejoined weight watchers today. I was going to do the mommy & me meeting, but the "me" part of the mommy & me didn't want to wake up to go to the 9:30 meeting....so my mom watched her while I went to a lunch time meeting. I think that I will get more out of it going by myself anyway. It is really the only time I am away from her all week....so I think it will be okay.

Katie-hope you find your ring before you buy another.....

more later....
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Where is everyone???
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I'm here, just been busy doing laundry all day. Still haven't found my ring, I ended up ordering a different one. If I was going to be here longer I would have waited, but I can't bet on finding it in the next 10 days. The one I ordered is different from my old ring since mine is no longer available, but I like it.

Its beautiful here today, around 71. I'm glad its nice here so I can get out with Liam.
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It's probably nice out where everyone is and they decided to get out. The only reason I'm home is that I don't feel 100% better. My aunts taking my 3 yr old DD out, so I'll be here with Muhammed. Who is by the way the most CLINGY baby I've ever had. He's not even satisfied if I sit him on the bed next to me, he must be in my arms.

BTW, no chicken pox. Must have been one angry mosquito.
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I'm here...barely...

The AHHHHHHHHHhh from a few days ago was just frustration with moving on Dp's timeline that he really hasn't shared with me. He wants to be out of this place 14 days BEFORE our lease is up!! And really is only packing his things and his first daughters (dsd) which is irkin me so we are not getting along right now....I felt pretty lonely the other night after we fought......pretty empty and lonely...

Lilah is getting ALL top 4 teeth at once.......and has also gone from a pretty good natured go with the flow baby to VERY high needs and has really bad separation anxiety..the minute I am out of eyesight she freaks out......so I'm a bit touched out...

DD1 has gone back to being pretty HN too and I'm just wanting to run away from home right now......

I am VERY overwhelmed and don't have much help at the moment.

So, that's where I am.....just generally not happy right now......

We did spend the day at a friends farm and had a really nice time. DD1 was such an angel and so well behaved, listened, helped etc.......now that we are home though it's 180 degrees different......It's beautiful out 77 degrees.

Lilah is screaming so I need to jet....I'll bbl though...I miss checkin in here...keeps me sane at the moment..

Katie: I am sure your ring will turn up when you least expect it....that kind of stuff happens to me all the time.....*hugs*
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AWWWW, Sunshine I'm so sorry to hear that your going through all of this and trying to move too.

Poor Lilah, I can't imagine what she must be going through, but I definitely know what you are. Hopefully things will be back to normal really soon. I hopw you settle into your new place easily.
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it's beautiful here, so we went outside on a walk/hike/explore. it tired me out, not the kids. there's a 30% chance of snow for the weekend, though

jamison has separation anxiety too. makes everything that much harder. dh has been gone a lot lately. he's here enough to make a mess but not enough to help clean. oy.

i think jamison finally realized that she could be mobile. before she was perfectly content to sit. if she was on her belly, she never pushed up on her hands. now she pushes up on her hands. she's learned that she can roll to get places. she was scooting on her butt today, but i don't know if she realized it. and she just generally acts like she wants to *go*. it's like she finally got motivated. i was starting to think she might go straight to walking, but now i think she might actually crawl.

katie - are you moving in ten days?!?!

jannah - i hope you were able to get some rest while your aunt had your dd.

sunshine -
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Jeanine - Well, 11 days, sorry. April 29th to be exact. It snuck up on me. Andrew gets home on the 26th. We will have been seperated exactly 50 days, doesn't seem like its been that long.
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I'm sorry sunshine, big hugs to you mama.
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the promotion is a no-go.
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leanbh - What happened, if you don't mind telling us?
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i'm sorry lindsay
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essentially, there's his boss and his boss's boss.

his boss took him aside yesterday and offered him this great new job (that had been vacant for 2 months) that with a little bit of training would be great for him, the company, and our family (home at 4pm everyday with no overtime along with a splendid raise). she offered this up to him saying that a "nice" raise would accompany it. so, he did what any good husband would do, "i'll talk to my wife."

well, we decided that instead of waiting to see what his current clients would provide raise-wise in august, he would go for this new position that was a sure-thing and offering a raise now.

yesterday, he said to his boss, yes, i'll take it, let's talk details. so she went to her boss, and they had a meeting today.

so at the end of his work day, on his way out, jacket in hand, his boss approaches him and states the amount that her boss is willing to offer for the position..... which is the same as he is making now. a 'lateral' move is what she considers it.

so, basically, they're low-balling this job (on salary searches is averaging about 3 dollars per hour above what dh is making now for our area), particularly to him, because she doesn't want to lose him in the department he's in now. because he's awesome at his job, and he works harder than anyone there.

all of this, AFTER his boss has offered him the job with a raise and all these empty promises.

needless to say, we are now unhappy and watching our dreams of owning a house next year float away. not to mention, dh feels majorly deceived and under-appreciated.
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