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I sooo need this.....

I sooo have a head cold.....

I soooo hope L will take a bottle for daddy even though I plan to tank her up and make some mago/avacado for her just in case...

I will be gone 4 hours.......

My best friend's mom had an extra ticket so she told her to call and invite me...she got them thru work so it's FREE......

I sooooooo hope I won't be worrying the entire time about L and her cold, her teeth and no REAL boobie there for her.....

But I SOOOOOO need this........

xo to everyone.......L is crying so I need to pick her up....

Oh, she's discovered that wonderful sound that a top tooth just barely thru and a bottom tooth can make together......SIGH....like nails on chalkboard but she's cute when she does it...
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Have fun, Sunshine! Your DD will be fine I'm sure. If she's anything like mine, she doesn't want to nurse nearly as much when I'm not around. It's like she just knows Daddy doesn't have the boobs!

Katie: Congrats on the successful sale!

Good to hear from ya Forestrymom. Hope your LO continues to nap for you. It really helps with sanity, huh?

Welcome, new mamas!

Georgia has finally figured out how to go forward. It's basically an Army crawl and it's just hilarious. She's getting more and more mobile every day. I'm starting to worry that there won't be any place DS #2 can leave his small toys anymore. How are those of you with other LO's handling that?
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Thanks Betsy.....my main worry is that he will LET HER CRY...which he does when I am upstairs....I mentioned this worry about an hour ago that he will just put her in the jumparoo or swing and let her cry and he said no...to which I replied...." No, you'll just let her cry in it for awhile"

to which he said, "only for about 1o minutes and then I'll get her and let her know it's ok"

me: "really? i don't think so. this is why i am worried about going....you can't let her cry like that....she is used to being loved and carried and played with....you can't let her cry bc you will be busy doing something else...."

him: "it worked for D (dsd)"

me: "yeah, and that worked well....." (i didn't say it as sarcastically as it looks written...dsd has all sorts of attachment issues, emotional issues etc......gee, maybe part of it she was left to cry in her room bc babies need to learn that they aren't the boss????

So, I am giving it a few more hours to decide.....

I don't know if I can go knowing she *may* be crying for 10 minutes with him in the same room ignoring it......she can get pretty worked up in 2......hysterical in 2.....

I wish this wasn't a deciding factor......sigh.
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
Heather, (I think) I just now recognized you from co-ops and such. I have not been buying much lately and it causes me such pain.
Me? Co-ops? :

Umm, yeah, I've been around the co-op block once or twice. It's fun to see lots of familiar faces. It is definitely painful to see such great deals and not be able to participate! There are days I just avoid email and forums altogether.

Oh, the squawking... Sure Judah's not the only one who likes to make LOUD noise, for no obvious reason. Other than to ensure we're all deaf before he's two.

Now getting fussy, so gotta run!
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Woo hoo! $696 richer! It was a lot slower today but I did manage to sell a few big things. All of the clothing and baby items left are going to the thrift store. I'm sooooo tired.

Liam is doing a million different things these last two days. He crawled all the way down the hall from the bathroom to the kitchen, then turned around again and went after the cat when she walked down there. He's pulling up to standing on everything, and he even stood unassisted yesterday because he decided that holding onto his shoe with both hands was more important than holding onto the side of the mattress. He's working on his top teeth as well, I wouldn't be surprised if tooth #4 showed up in the next few days. I just want to say SLOW DOWN, you have to stay my little dependent baby for longer!
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Congrats on a profitable sale Katie.

Liam sounds like he is taking off - bittersweet seems to be a word I use too often lately.
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Hey, I've been thinking about you lately I always think of you guys since both our kids are the same age Yeah, Lilah and Cian are about the same size too, just she's taller....all in the leg. Sitting they look almost the same and weight there's maybe a pound or two difference. They wear the same size diapers which is nice

Originally Posted by forestrymom View Post
Hey Mamas!!! You all have been busy this month. You all post so much we really ought to have a weekly thread . We have been super busy. I am staying with my mom for the month in California, and its been fun but run run run. My mom and stepdad are busy people, and the sunshine has been awesome for all of us. Waylon is finally taking better naps, and I wish I knew why. He has consistenly taken at least one hour long nap a day and sometimes even longer. The rest of the naps are about 45 minutes, which is long for him. I am really hoping that it sticks when we go back to Montana in 10 days.

My dd has really enjoyed having 2 people doting on her. Waylon is going to catch her in weight really soon--they already wear the same size jammies. He weighs 18.5 pounds, and H weighs 21.5. I can't believe that he might outgrow her in his first year, but it's looking like he might.

I will try to catch up and keep up in May. Lots of hugs to all of you!
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Depo Convo: Thank you to everyone for your input. I really appreciate it from everyone’s perspectives. This is a big decision and I don’t want to make it without doing all forms of research…including talking to my girls! : I have decided not to do it. After some research online and talking to all of you, I just can’t. I thought about trying it, but the thought of having that stuff in my body for 3 months with no way to turn it off or get it out really freaks me out. I suffer from endometriosis and have had other seriously horrible hormone/injection treatments for that, so I know what it is like to be a raving lunatic and wanting to escape your own skin. I have no desire to go back there. I also had to take progesterone when I was TTC in order to get my period to come back because of all of my endo treatments and IF we ever TTC again, I don’t want to have to do that either. Thank you all for your suggestions. I am going to have a serious chat with DH about it and talk to him about the polyurethane condoms I think. Right now I’ve been better about my mini pill, but he never wants to DTD when we’re in the right “timeframe” for the pill and we end up P&P anyway…ugh. I don’t need this aggravation!! Anyway, I wanted to say thank you a million times to all of you wonderful women for sharing your wisdom and opinions with me!! :

Sunshine: I hope you feel better soon. Our whole household was all mucus all week…it was gross and uncomfortable. The teething train still has not left the building, but the mucus is gone…hopefully yours will be soon too : HAVE FUN TONIGHT!!! If your baby is anything like mine, she won’t cry as much with DP when you’re not there. I’ve surprised called DH just to make sure. It is a “mommy” thing I think sometimes. I hope you get to go. Like you said, you need it (and you deserve it BTW!)…I hope you go and that you have a great time. I love his song “Lullaby”…I sing it to DS sometimes

mommajb: on the coffee “challenged” story. My DH often wonders how I ever learned to make coffee after having coffee at my mom’s house!

Katie: Congrats on all the $$...that is awesome!!

Jeanine: Sorry about the computer training. Does DH know how you feel about working? Owning your own business is a whole family undertaking sometimes. I hope it works out

Heidi: Welcome! Abigail is such a beautiful name! I’m so sorry about your arm though, that has GOT to be a challenge. DS was a spitter too…big time, for a long time. The ped diagnosed it as reflux, but the meds and all the ideas he suggested never worked. He just seemed to have to grow out of it, and he eventually did. We started “real” solids around 6 months and have just kept adding since. That said, anytime DS has a tummy problem, either puking or diarrhea, we back down to EBM and crackers, then go up to the BRAT diet, and finally back on solids. That said, we’re on an EBM day…ugh. I think with introducing solids, you just have to follow your babe’s cues and your body’s too. It is different for everyone.

Forestry: We miss you mama!! Glad the kiddos are doing well and enjoying your travels.

Well it has been a busy weekend so I apologize for not writing in sooner. I left a bomb of a question on the board apparently and then disappeared…sorry ‘bout that!

Yesterday we went to Mighty-Mama’s DS1’s 3rd birthday party. Noah seemed to be having a really good time and, as always, I can’t believe how big both boys are getting. Poor Gavin is fighting a nasty head cold combined with teething…his whole upper lip was bright read and chapped. I suggested a fragrance-free wipe to clean up his runny nose because tissues and napkins just seemed so rough, but he was positively miserable. Of course, all I could think was, “That boy needs his mama.” I miss her so much. His uncle got him some Tylenol and about 30 minutes later he was his old self…oh that and we stripped him down. Jack had him bundled up like a snowman in the 80 degree heat! Here are some pictures of my LO and Gavin…Gavin is the one in the diaper. I tried to get some of Noah, but he was everywhere at once…it was his party after all…and he refused to sit still.
Gavin & Marty
Gavin & Marty…chubby legs abound!
DH and I came home and weeded our front garden…raked, bagged, pulled, shoveled…I am SORE!!! Today was laundry, laundry, and more laundry…I swear it never ends.

Oh and on LWAB…this is a fun one, it involves poop, so how could it NOT be fun?! So a week ago I was getting ready to give DS some yogurt. He had been eating soy yogurt for about a week after the ped said it was ok. I figured it couldn’t hurt since it was soy. Well my mom said some sort of nonsense about regular yogurt and nagged to the point that I tried giving him the baby yogurt made with milk. I was sick to my stomach as he drank it and yep…about 30 min later he got diarrhea sooooo badly. My poor baby. So I vowed no more diary!! Fastforward to yesterday…DH is eating string cheese and guess who is begging for a bite…you guessed it!! DS ate one small piece, then two, then four. I just bit my lip. The poor baby got diarrhea again before he went to bed. Then when he woke up this morning he was COVERED in it – the sheets, the blankets, his PJ’s, his hair…it was EVERYWHERE!!!!! Holy :…fill in the blank on that one . I have spent the whole day nursing him back to normal…literally. That’s it…I’m SO done listening to people!! I’m sticking my fingers in my ears and never taking them out!!

On a happier note…this is what I caught DH and DS doing this morning when I came down from my shower…just further proves the notion that we should not spend money on toys!

to you all tonight…thanks for listening to my rant. : sweet dreams mamas!
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mrsb- i LOVE the picture of marty in the box. omg so cute!!!

welcome newbies!

happy monday all! ( ok, so i'm being just slightly sarcastic when i say that )
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Bad News - The place we were supposed to be staying at in Arizona totally overlooked the fact that they're overbooked all through until July when they gave us our reservation. So we don't have a place to live.

Good News - We can live in an ACTUAL apartment, I just have to find one and get a lease signed within 7 days. AND they'll pay all of our rent with some left over on top of BAH (allowance for housing).

I'm glad Andrew called to check on this today otherwise we would have shown up and not had a place to live. Gotta love how the Army does things. Liam is not letting me get anything done today, just being his normal ornery self. He'll playing with the digital camera right now and I'm just glad he's not screaming, I even let him rip up the phone book to try and entertain him for a minute.
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Happy Monday Mamas!!!

I there really a happy Monday. Lucy loves Mondays because she gets to go back to the office with me....she seems to "enjoy" her schedule at the office more than the weekend "schedule".

Sunshine-Sorry to hear about Lilah's sunburn, but thanks for the heads up....sunscreen is now in my diaperbag. Hope you are feeling better and that DH takes good care of your LO so you feel comfortable going to the concert. If you go...have a wonderful time!!

MrsB-Glad you decided against the Depo...it is some nasty stuff. I loved the pic of "Marty-in-the-box".

Welcome Jadielynn

Katie-I am glad your sale went so well. I can't believe we all have babes that are getting so mobile.

Welcome Heidi and Abigail Mae

Lucy has been quite the little lately. She had taken to growling...she is so frustrated that she is not more mobile. She has just learned how to roll and roll and roll and has started rocking on her knees, but I am convinced she is ready just to take off. I am so not ready for that.
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Billy Joel was fantastic! He's so funny and still a fab entertainer at 57...He didn't play Uptown Girl though. I was gone 4 hours.

Have big plans tomorrow bc my "baby" will be FOUR...I have no idea how that happened.....or when it happened. She wants a dinosaur cake.....gee Wilton, thanks for retiring that pan....So, I need to figure out how to do it. If I make one and it turns out well, I will post a pic of it.

We are going to lunch with a good friend of mine bc our girls were born hours apart (i was 2wk late, she was 2wk early) and this is the first time we can get them together on their birthday. We are taking them to Olive Garden in the tutu's I made em with their crowns they picked out and I made 2 small doll cakes for them. It should be fun. Afterwards dd1 and I are going to the zoo bc it's going to be nice. Fun day planned. Pray for no rain!!!

LWAB note...

4 TEETH POPPED THROUGH LAST NIGHT. ALL AT ONCE....no pomp and circumstance. She was crying and I peeked in her mouth and VOILA...4 top teeth....poor babe.

Her new fave thing to do is pull at the tear in one of the sofas. The cover needs washed and we have to take it to a coin-op place bc it's so big and heavy (denim) and she has discovered she can get her chubber fingers in the tear and pull out stuffing...I'd care if we were keeping the sofas but a college kid is gonna buy it for his frat house when we move next month so.....$50 and it's outta here. Yay Craigslist.

I need to go back and read. I'm still all head sick.....I feel like my head is stuffed full of cotton. I broke down last night and took a 1/2 dose of Benadryl at 930 after nursing Lilah and was out like a light until 9am this morning and I'm still heavy lidded.....like I celebrated 4/20.... Lilah seems unaffected by it and she nursed all night....

BBS with more....
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My poor teething baby! She is so miserable and therefore fussy & clingy. Our 4.6 yo has been a real mess, too... we were 1 1/2 days into our "tv free week" before I caved and let her watch a video.

Poor Ru, tho... her head is sweaty & she just wants to nurse & be walked around. I've been giving her frozen washcloths & she will chew for a little while.
She nursed to nap on me so I'm thankful for that... I want to get up so bad because I'm very uncomfortable but I do NOT want to wake her!
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Aw Kelly,
I was JUST there...knum legs and all from sitting in the same position so as not to wake.....I stand up when I finally can and I hobble. My 4yo thinks it's HI-LAIR-E-OUS (how she says it when she's uber excited).....How close are they to poppin through? L's finally did last night (we have 6 teeth now) and she's all sweet and cuddly....still a tad clingy but the clingy you savor!! s to Ru and mama (try a net feeder w semi frozen pear or peeled apple.....worked well for us!)

Marty in a box is the best!!!! Gavin is the roly poly baby in my dreams. Can't believe she got him w/ our "twin" pregnancies (we used to joke about it near the end bc we were dilating and such about the same time)......

Coffee chalenged....apparently I'm spelling challenged......I'm coffee chalenged (ok, how many ways can I spell that today.....nak, 1 hand type) so I am gonna quit while I'm ahead.......

SCORE on the yard sale (can u shoot me a pm on how u priced things???) and an actual apt!!!!! Yay "free" rent!!!

My brain stopped w what I had for you but it had something to do w work computers and a big ol UGH and for you!!!

Ok...brain is tired.....L is done nursing and dinner is ready......

my baby girl will be 4 tomorrow HOW and WHEN did that happen???? She PROMISED when she was 2 she would STAY LITTLE MOMMY....sigh
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Hi Mommas!

beemama- sorry to hear about the teething stuff hopefully she will feel better soon...

sunshine- so glad Billy Joel was fun!!!

I'm a little down today...my milk supply is a little low and its stressing me out! I'm pretty sure its due to Otto really starting to take off on solids and me being so sick the past couple of weeks. It sucks but I'm just not pumping as much as work and that makes me worried that Otto won't have enough at daycare. And of course, the stress of worrying isn't good for my supply either!

I've been soaking up info over at kellymom and am going to try adding a pumping session at home after he goes to bed (there goes my free time!! ), eating oatmeal, and mothers milk tea. So we'll see how it goes. I wish I could just take a 'nursing vacation' and stay home for a couple days and nurse nurse nurse! Oh well, maybe this weekend.
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Hmm, not getting alerts today for new messages.

Sunshine - Woah! 6 teeth?! She's a wild woman, I think Liam would have burned the house down if that happened.

beemama - I hope Ruby gets her new teeth soon.

jbirdbrain - Sending you lots of milk vibes!

Between Liam's sunburn and teething, he is absolutely miserable. I can't figure out which tooth he's going to get next, both top teeth have descended but aren't through the gum yet so we'll see. Trying to pack with a newly crawling baby (who can now go from crawling to sitting to crawling with ease) is a nightmare. He's into everything and making a mess in the process. I did end up finding an apartment, though I had to do a lot of searching. Its a two bed/two bath and includes everything plus washer/dryer/dish washer. They're letting us pay the first month's rent over a two week period since we won't have money right away, all we have to pay to move in is $175 so that is a big relief.

4 days until Andrew is home and 6 days until the move!
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jbirdbrain: Thank you! : I came downstairs and found DH pulling DS around the living room floor in that box. He was cracking up so hard which then put us both in stitches. As far as the supply issues go…you need to relax, but you know that already. It’ll come back. Letting Otto nurse really frequently will help and so will the tea. If you’re having trouble letting down, drinking warm liquids helps. I know with pumping daily (I do the same thing) sometimes it makes letdown take longer and the longer it takes, the more anxious you feel. I totally understand…

Katie: OMG about your housing situation. That is really a good thing that Andrew called to check.

Michelle: Watch out…the knee rocking is the precursor to crawling. She’ll be on the move in no time!!

Sunshine’s Mama: Ah, celebrating 4/20 My DH got asked yesterday by a coworker if he celebrated and DH didn’t know what he meant. That made me laugh because I knew what they meant and I never celebrated if YKWIM?! Holy cow on the 4 teeth at once…that is incredible. What a productive LO you have!! I hope you feel better soon : Sorry that your other LO is growing up…unfortunately it happens. As I am nearing the 1 yo birthday I realize it more and more every day. It is so sad.

Kelly: I hope the teeth come quickly…I feel your pain big time. I hope it is quick for you. I don’t know why they are so slow!!!

Good evening mamas. I hope you all had good days. I had to work and it was a poopy day…both literally and figuratively. Marty has had the worst diarrhea since Sunday and I am starting to freak out a little. This morning he woke up, I changed his diaper and sat down to nurse him. Mid-way through he pooped all over both of us. So I cleaned him up, dressed him, threw my bathrobe in the wash, got me dressed, and left for work. We got to daycare and when I went to pick him up out of his car seat, I noticed a wet spot on his pants and the overwhelming odor of baby poop. OMG!!! : It was EVERYWHERE!!! I had to take off his windbreaker, turn it inside out and wrap it around his waist just so I could get him out of the car and into the building. His teacher stripped him down and put him in his backup clothes which were the ONLY pair he had…ugh. Needless to say I worried all day long, got nothing done at work, and rushed to get him a little over an hour early. Thankfully there has been no more poop today and I am just hoping and praying that it is a virus that has left our home!!

It has just been a bad day all around, unfortunately. My co-worker announced this morning that her husband (29) committed suicide over the weekend – they’ve been separated about a year. I can’t believe it. And then the day ended when I got the call from my step mom that my grandma passed away suddenly. She went into the hospital about a week ago because she fell and broke her knee, needed emergency surgery, and ended up having a massive heart attack.

So, tonight I light a on my 2nd year wedding anniversary…in celebration of another year of a blessed union and in honor of my grandmother’s amazing life. The day after Jessica’s passing 4 months ago, I feel like my grandma is sitting by her side in Heaven, laughing and joking. Suddenly I feel reassured that she will be ok because now she has my grandma to take care of her.

Ok, now that I’ve depressed everyone I’m off to check the co-ops. Retail therapy, right??

: Peace mamas!
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Happy Anniversary and to you......now you just have 2 wise women watching down over you and feeling oh so proud of the mom you've become.......
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I cheated and jumped in around page 11 but I am caught up!

Jessica I am so very sorry to hear about your grandmother. It is a lovely image to think of her sitting up there with Jess. Happy Anniversary! 2 years is great, keep up the good work.

Sorry to hear about lost rings, sunburns, so much poop, screwed up living situations, crazy in laws, etc etc etc.

I love all the pictures. Here are some of my two littles.

Dahlia has two little teeth on the bottom and is still teething like crazy so I know more are coming. She is not crawling but she does swim to anything she wants by reaching really far from side to side and rolling. She can pretty much sit on her own but topples after a while. She is still really mellow and likes to just lie on the floor and watch people talk. She smiles and laughs a lot. I have given her some bites of food, some pureed and some chunks. I just don't worry about it too much. I buy a few jars, give her some of what we are eating and will mash up whatever is around. (same with all my kids) She still isn't really ready and only eats about 4-5 bites for novelty and experience. This has happened about 4 times now.

I know I have more to update but am drawing a blank right now.

Oh yeah we hired a midwife for my dd and I am relieved. I am glad to have someone else to take on responsibility. We are also getting her set up with an organization called doulas supporting teens. She will be assigned a doula and can take free childbirth classes. I am handling it all much better now and don't feel so panicked about it all. She is already almost done with her first trimester. ACK!

Eavan loves school and went for a full day today and it was great. He had the best day at school yet and it was so nice to have such a long break. I never thought this would be my life but it is working perfectly for all of us. He is going to go tues and thurs long days and the rest short, off for the summer and then 5 long days a week in Sept. Whoa!!!

I chopped off all my hair really short. My power point class is going great. I did a treasure map and it turned out really nice. I feel more hopeful than I have for a long time. I am going to try to stay caught up now. I just had a hard time juggling my time with co-ops and college and kids, oh my!!
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