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: Wendi! We miss you!


Sounding his battle cry as he destroys the phone book

Standing (!!!)
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MrsB, I'm sorry for your loss.
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He is so darling! OMG! How can you stand that much cuteness everyday?
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Wendi - I tried to look at your pictures but it wouldn't let me He's growing up way too fast for me, I just wish it would all slow down so I could enjoy it more. I look at him and I don't see a baby anymore, I see a little boy :

ETA: Okay it was my fault, had to enable cookies to look at them. They are such sweeties! They look adorable in their pictures together, Eavan is a handsome little man. I love the picture of Dahlia pulling on her foot
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mrsb422~ I'm sorry for your losses, too.

It's always so great seeing the pics! We've got some seriously cute babies here!
Here's Ruby from a few days ago, w/her gravelly voice saying "da da da da". It's another exersaucer pic, sorry... she gets in there & thinks she's on stage and usually has lots to say.

Ruby has a new little point of a tooth poking through, but is still miserably working on popping it all the way through. I've broken into the teething tabs.

I don't ever have time to reply to all of the posts anymore so I rarely post at all... I am still an avid lurker, tho!
Blessings to all!
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Ahh, too busy to reply to everyone, but I am reading

We have out of town company coming tomorrow so I am trying to get everything in order...of course that means neither child is going to take a nap. Cian took one 20 minute nap around 2 and thats it. He's in a fairly good mood, just into everything

Thought I'd share some pics of Cian's first attempt at eating with a spoon

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Sunshine: Thanks It is one of the few things that has comforted me since Jess has passed. Strange that losing someone I love so much would help me feel better about losing someone else I love so much, but it is a comfort in a weird way.

Wendi: You have some super cute kiddos!! I love the one of them hugging with their faces squished together. Sooo sweet! We need a pic of the new hair??? I’m so glad you are in a better place about DD’s pregnancy. That has to be so hard for everyone. I can’t even imagine how she must be feeling. OMG I just know I couldn’t have handled that at that age. It is wonderful to hear from you :

Katie: Oh your little sun kissed man is adorable! Marty would love to tear up the phone book too, but he eats paper so I can’t let him. It is so frustrating! Today he tried to eat half of a price tag on a pair of shorts I bought him in Target and when I fished the piece out of his mouth he started screaming with giant tears shooting out of his eyes. Everyone one in the store stared like I must be doing something horrible to him when in fact I just took away the price tag…oh brother!

Kelly: Ruby is such a cutie!! Thanks for sharing!

Nicole: Lovin’ the hair!! Cian looks like he really enjoyed the hummus!

Well Marty and I played hooky today. It was much needed. He is teething hard core and decided he was not sleeping last night. We were up SO much. I am so tired, but there is so much to do and every time he nods off I have to run around like a lunatic to get stuff done. I think I am going to do this again tomorrow…I just don’t feel like dealing with the world this week.

We went out shopping and that was fun. The barista at Starbucks even put an extra shot in my coffee for free…yeah, THAT is how tired I look We went to Michael’s and bought some sculpey. I’m going to do a handprint/footprint project with DS for mother’s day. Great project that hopefully will turn out well since I bought all sorts of colors for under $15 and had a 50% off coupon for a cross stitch for myself…whenever I’ll get to that!! Yeah right!

DS is trying SO hard to walk. He took 4 unassisted steps yesterday before toppling. I am so proud, but digging my heels in really hard too. How the heck did he grow up so fast?? When we were at Noah’s birthday party, there was a 15 month old little boy that was running around with a big toothy grin. I thought that looked like a fun age, then glanced at my son and realized they were the same size. I feel like I lost the whole “baby” stage…YKWIM? He was never tiny, I swear!

Thankfully the explosive poo seems to have subsided. Today he had a formed movement that was still that funky yellow color and weird smell, but it was formed, so I am nearly throwing a party over it! He is nursing like a feind though and my supply is down. I think it is because I am so hot (it is almost 80 degrees here…WTH???) and need to get to drinkin’ my tea.

Ok, now I’ve written a novel and am hearing the cry of the LO…GTG. BBL
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Sunshine- I am so glad you got to go to the concert...hope you are feeling better soon!!

Katie-Way to go with finding the apartment. I would have been freaking out with such short notice. The new pics of Liam are too cute. I just love his big....big smile. Lucy would love to tear up the phone book. She loves tearing up napkins in resturants.

Jess- Sorry for your loss. I am glad to hear that Marty is feeling better. Happy Anniversary!!

jbirdbrain-:milk vibes to you. I am right there with you mama. Lucky for me Lucy comes to work with me everyday or I would be freaking out. I was never able to pump well, but she seems to get what she needs when nursing. Here's hoping you get your "nursing vacation" this weekend.


Beemama-Ruby is adorable. I love all that hair.

Lucy has been : lately. She will not let me spoon feed anything anymore....but she has become really interested in our forks. I have gotten a little fork and will spear a green bean or carrot for her and she breaks out with the biggest smile and grabs the fork and puts it in her mouth herself.

Any suggestions on sippy cups? Lucy freaks out when we take a drink. I will give her a sip from the cup, but I haven't been able to find a sippy cup she likes or can figure out.
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Originally Posted by SweetTexasgal View Post
Any suggestions on sippy cups? Lucy freaks out when we take a drink. I will give her a sip from the cup, but I haven't been able to find a sippy cup she likes or can figure out.
I have tried a bunch and the only ones that Marty actually successfully used (meaning he got fluid out of them and into his mouth ) were the take n' toss disposable sippy cups. Now, I don't dispose of them, of course - they are even dishwasher safe. At $3 or $4 for 6 of them they are super affordable too. Only downside is that they do leak a little when you flip them upside down or fill them before packing them in a diaper bag. I consider those small prices to pay for the fact that he has been completely bottle free for at least 2 months if not longer. If you want to do some other trial and error though, I have a bunch of Gerber soft spout cups with handle and some Dr. Brown's sippy cups too that we never even used. I washed them, but they were never used. If you want them, PM me and I'll send them to you.
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mrsb422, I am sorry about your loss yet glad that you see positive in it for yourself and Mighty Mama. You hadn't mentioned seeing Gavin much lately. Thanks for the photos of the boys.

Linus is just beginning to try his food w/o acting all insulted about it. We have had about 6 peas in the diaper so far. It is fun to watch him hunt for them on his tray. His oral motor skills are probably not where they could be - he uses no consonants (do h, r, and y count? he might be trying those ) and last week I would have said he still had tongue thrust reflex. He weighed 19lb 12oz at his 6 month check up so he is gaining. I guess I could have just asked my chiro about that and skipped the wbv.

We have had beautiful weather and been using lots of sunscreen. We use the uv naturals but it has macadamia nut oil in it and a good friend of mine is deathly allergic to tree nuts. She came over yesterday, immediately began taking benedryl, I think she even located her her epi pen and we sat outside as my house was all contaminated. She lived but I suppose I should find something different. It is the second time she has been at real risk in my house. It makes me feel awful but my house is not a nut free zone, they are actually a large part of our daily diet. On the positive side, I took some nice photos of little tootsies in the violets and dandelions.

sippy cup - We use Sigg and Kleen Kanteen. KK use the Avent sippy spout and sigg is just a sport top. I choose between ease of drink or less mess. So far with less mess he is unsuccessful by mrsb422's standards. I don't like the KK myself. I think the water tastes funny and I am often allergic to some of the alloys used in stainless (I have a list of metals and minerals from testing a few years ago) so I don't want my water stored in them. Others worry about the liner in the Siggs that Sigg assures us is safe but doesn't share their trade secrets. I figure they are made in Switzerland and the EU has much higher standards than the US, plus they are pretty.
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Sippy - We're using the Born Free with handles. I have the training cup, but I take the valve out of it so he can drink easier. Sometimes he'll actually suck water out, but most of the time he bites it and that works too. I haven't had any leak problems with it like I've heard of others having. I ordered it off of Amazon.
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Hope its not too late

I hope its not to late but I would like to join you ladies. My DD was born Sept 7 07. She is such a sweet baby and I love sharing all that she does and is. I also have 2 other DD, ages 4 and 2. We have lots of fun!

Hope to post more soon!!

Here she is!!
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Sara - Your DD was born on my due date, but I got a 9/8/07 baby instead She's a cutie!
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Hi everyone! Super busy here. Managing to keep up with y'all, but very little time to post. Such cute kiddos we have!
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SweetTexasgal - The story behind the phone book is that I was trying to pack and he was getting into everything. I couldn't keep him entertained and pack boxes at the same time so I handed him the phone book and let him go to town.
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I was gonna come on and post some pics but I'm so tired after birthday festivities (can't believe she's 4) and such that I am surprised I'm still awake. REALLY....

I'm thinking that maybe I haven't been sick at all though.....

I had HORRIBLE allergies/hay fever my whole life until I had dd1. POOF...GONE.....byebye itchy eyes, watery eyes, sneezes (seriously, ppl would ask what i was allergic to and I would say anything the FROST doesn't touch....mainly spring and summer....).....

I think having dd2 has reversed it......itchy eyes, watery eyes, stuffy nose......HOPE I'M WRONG....


pics tomorrow......

hugs to all tonight!!!!!!
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Welcome, Sara!!

mommajb~ that must've been so scary! Holy crow.

mrsb422~ yay for extra shots of espresso & trips to Michael's, I love coffee & crafts! I've always had big babies so I know what you mean about missing the baby stage.

greenmagick~ awwwww, he's so cute!!
I've tried to post on your blog a couple of times, but can't figure it out for some reason... I love all of the stuff you guys are doing! We're doing a sunflower fort for our 4 yo, too. And I have chick envy!

Okay, here's my little monkey, right after some sweet potatoes. She does not like pureed foods at all... sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, cooked carrots... all the perfect consistency.

Off to look for a Klean Kanteen!
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hello all! I wish I could go back and catch up with the last 21 pages, but I can't so...

we ar still in Italy. It is nice. We will stay until the end of June and then we will move to the UK.

Yann has 2 teeth. We tried solids but it didn't go too well, then Yann got sick so still holding off.

he is fussy and I am at an internet cafe so I guess that is all for now.

I miss you all.
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mommajb: I haven’t seen Gavin or Noah much lately and it just breaks my heart. Though we do live in the same state and grew up in the same neighborhood, Jack and I live about an hour apart now and between his shift schedules, my working, daycare, family obligations, sickness, teething and all other sorts of things, it seems life gets in the way. I miss the boys terribly. I also don’t mention them so frequently anymore because I don’t want everyone to think I’m obsessed or something weiI swear I think of them as often as I think of my own DS. I didn’t realize UV Naturals used nut oils…hmm…is it safe then for children under 5?? I’m in that co-op but don’t want to spend the money if it isn’t safe (it isn’t cheap, that’s for sure!)

Sara: Never too late! Welcome!

Kelly: OMG Ru is too precious! What a face!!

Plaid: Ciao! We miss you!! :

So, so tired…DS is SO clingy…DH is in Texas until late tonight…soooo beyond exhausted. I’ll write more later.
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Andrew graduated from BOLC2 today : He was also rated one of the top three in his squad which is excellent and I'm super proud of him for.

I got more packing done today. We're having money issues again and had to ask my IL's for more money. I really hate doing that. We just need to make sure we have enough for gas and travel stuff, and all the other moving expenses coming up. We also ended up having to pay for the first two days of rent at our new apartment in AZ and I didn't budget for that. Just makes me :

Liam is abusing the cat right now and she loves every minute of it. I'm glad I have such friendly, attention-loving cats.

beemama - What a little cutie, it looks like she's waving hello!

Plaid - Thank you for checking in with us, good luck with your move to the UK! I bet Italy is great!
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