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I did it!!!

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Today I called and canceled our DirecTV subscription. We haven't used it in months (like, at least 9 mos or so) but we were under contract until now. So excited to have taken this step. And the $$ we'll be saving is a bonus, too.
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We recently cut our cable. It feels great! What a complete waste of money that was! :

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I know we feel really good about not paying for something any longer that we didn't use and don't need.
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Congrats! Even bigger congrats on having it and not using it for 9 months!
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Good for you! Did they hassle you? I remember the cable people trying to talk me into a downgrade at the least!
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Yeah, I didn't have too much trouble when I called, although I was transferred to "Customer Retentions" to finalize the process. They tried offering downgrades, but I when I said that we'd decided to go TV-free I guess they didn't have a stock come-back. However, last night they called back when I wasn't home and spoke with DH. They tried to get him to agree to all kinds of stuff - downgrades, just network channels, etc. He refused but said he had a hard time getting off the phone. I don't think hanging up is very hard, but he's so nice.......
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