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Best double stroller for newborn twins?

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Ok, so, last week we found out we're having twins. I started looking at different strollers and I was wondering if people prefer the side by side or the kind where one is in front of another. I asked about it on another board I'm on and someone suggested the one in front of another because of being able to put the carseats in it.
I wasn't planning on using the bucket seats. We had already bought a Britax Marathon while ttc and we were planning on getting a second. Now I'm wondering if it is easier with the infant seats with a stroller.
I don't plan on going out by myself often but it will have to happen and I'll not only have infant twins but I'll have an almost 4 year old.
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I have 2 older children (they were 4 and 2 when my twins were born in June). I had a double snap and go (the kind the infant buckets snap into). Its tandem style. For us, this worked well. My two older children were used to being out and about. Preschool a few mornings, art classes, playdates etc. The snap and go saved me b/c I didn't have to transfer the babies from car seat to stroller and back (the straps etc...). It saved me a lot too, b/c the babies frequently fell asleep in their infant seats and I didn't have to wake them on arrival.
I liked the tandem style b/c it fit nicely in and out of preschool doors/hallways and there was lots of space for the older two to hold on to the stroller while we were in parking lots or streets.
Our twins are 9 months now and we are done with the infant seats. They are both in Marathons now and we got another tandem stroller.

I wasn't a regular stroller user with my first two children, but I am out alone with all 4 on a daily basis and I feel I need the stroller to make it work.

Anyway, just my experience. Congrats and good luck.
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We have the tandem (one in front of the other) Graco Duoglider. It has made shopping MUCH easier. Since it is longer rather then wider, you can fit up and down the aisles much better then a side by side. Now that they are older, we dont use the dual stroller that much, we use single strollers if we use any at all (mostly for long, walking trips) The only downfall that I can see to the Graco is the backseat (when they are out of car seats) doesnt sit straight up so it looks uncomfortable for the baby in back. It just kinda slouches a little bit. Other then that, I love the stroller!

I'm getting a side by side in a few weeks, I can tell you how well I like it then!
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I think the answer to this question varies depending on how you will be using the stroller.

I found a double snap n go to be absolutely vital for running errands with a car. For me it was hard to get the babies in and out of their car seats when they were very young. Well not *hard* exactly but a chore that I preferred not to have to repeat more than was necessary. They were so floppy and oftentimes had fallen asleep in the car so if I had to take them out of the car seat when we got to the store I would have had to wake them up. With a double snap n go all I had to do was take out the car seat and set it in the stroller. No waking babies up and no buckling/unbuckling and taking in/out of car seats. This way I didn't mind making several stops -- hitting Target *and* the grocery store, for example. Without the double SNG I probably would never have gotten out of the house.

If you don't plan on driving much but will be taking walks out (to bring your older child to school or to the park for example) then I think it would be nice to have something with a bassinet feature, like this:

Obviously that is only for when they are young. Maybe not worth the expense unless you can find one used.

For the longer term/when they are older I find the side by side models easier to push (vs a tandem), but it's true that it's harder to fit through narrow shopping aisles with them. You will fit through most doorways because they are pretty much all designed to fit through a standard handicap accessible doorway. With a tandem the one in the back often kicks the one in the front, with a side by side they squabble and grab each other's hair and steal toys instead.

By far my favorite solution (though not always practical) is to have one in an ergo or similar carrier on my back, and the other in a shopping cart or a single stroller.

Bottom line my best advice is to buy the double snap n go (used if possible -- should be ~$50 if used, ~$100 if new), then WAIT on any further purchases until they are older and you see how you will be using your stroller.
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I'm a double Snap n' Go fan! Once the twins outgrew their baby buckets we used a Peg Perego Aria Twin, which I DO NOT recommend.

I just bought a BOB Revolution Duallie and I love it but it probably isn't practical unless you walk most places. It is heavy and takes up quite a bit of room in the car.
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I would've been even more ridiculously exhausted and gone out even less with my twinfants without the double snap'n'go. I know MDCers often frown upon babies in bucket seats, but most of them only have one infant at a time to mess with.

Mine didn't outgrow the buckets for a long time, but we had borrowed one from a friend and had to give it back (for her new baby) at 10 months. We switched then to Marathons and the Aria Twin, which is what I still use today. I love my Aria. I use it mostly for shopping, which is about the only time they are in a stroller anymore anyway. If you take long walks on the street, it might not be your favorite, but if you are in and out of the car and mostly wheeling indoors, it's freaking awesome - light, easy to set up/break down, seems comfy for the girls, and I like that it has the bar across the top rather than individual pushing handles (like the Maclaran doubles) because if I am drinking coffee while I walk (and, um, I have twins who don't sleep through the night - I am always drinking coffee!) I can push one-handed without the stroller going in circles.

If you are looking for a double s'n'g, try Craigslist and your local MOTC - people are almost always selling them used for less than half-price.
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I used a single stroller that reclined almost flat and put them in side by side until they couldn't squeeze in together. By then they were ready for a regular double. We have a side by side that we use most of the time.
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Another vote here for regular infant carseats (I guess y'all call them "buckets" here...lol) and the double snap n'go. My girls are still in their "buckets" and will be for awhile yet (their boulevards still sit unopened on the porch since they are still so small), but I no longer remove them from the car much, and they have outgrown the snap n'go...but it was sooo valuable for the first about 7mos even tho I wasn't thrilled w/how the Peg seats fit into it. We now have the most awesome tandem stroller...I absolutely love it b/c it's so tiny...it's by Safety 1st. I will probably get a side by side for a jogging or all terrain stroller this summer b/c we walk to the store a lot and I need a bigger basket underneath.
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On the safety front- Britax convertibles don't fit most newborns properly. With twins generally being a touch smaller, I would not expect them to fit safely.

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Another Graco snap'n'go fan here. Mine are still in the car seats and only in the past months or so have I been able to put them straight into the stroller. I love it. Didn't have to wake the kids up, they moved in and out of the car easily and it is a pleasure to push because it is so light. I am going out more now beacuse of it.
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I think it depends so much on your needs and your budget. If you just want one stroller for the entire stroller time, and/or don't want to spend a lot, I highly recommend the Graco DuoGlider. It will accept two snug rides and is a front to back stroller. The plus on this is being able to fit in doorways and other tight places easily. The con being it will be harder to steer than a side by side. Also, it has a cup holder and snack tray for each child, plus a cupholder and a storage compartment for the adult. The storage basket is huge which is always a plus. Seriously, you could store luggage down there, lol. Since the front seat doesn't recline all the way, you'll need at least one snugride, but with newborns i'd get a bucket anywa

If you have more money to spend and want or need a better quality stroller, I'd go with a double snap n go until they can sit up, and then a Phil and Ted's Double Sport buggy. It's an inline with the best of both worlds - easy to steer yet not too wide to fit anywhere.
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double snap n go for SURE. A great infant seat is the chicco keyfit. i mean AMAZING. Easy to install, easy to use, and SAFE. and comes with a infant insert that is invaluable imo. after market ones aren't safe.

Then we moved on to convertibles and a regular side by side. baby jogger city mini double. LOVE IT.

i love britaxes, but no way would my little twins have been safe in them right away. and they were 6 pounds + at birth!
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Then we moved on to convertibles and a regular side by side. baby jogger city mini double. LOVE IT.

Not to hijack but you really like the BJ mini? Is that your only other stroller, post snap-n-go. I was thinking/hoping to get away with a snap-n-go and that BJ mini, rather than buying a big jogger and a smaller, errand type stroller. Is the BJ mini good for neighborhood walks? Easy to get in the car?
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For newborn stage, definitely the double snap n go. My babies discharged at 5 lbs 1 oz and 5 lbs 12 ozs BARELY fit in their snug rides. Never would have worked for them in a Britax.

Hated the bucket seat with my first DD, but mourned the loss of using them with the twins. Getting out just seemed so much easier in the bucket seat days.

I have a Valco Double with the toddler seat attachment. Love it. Heavy though, not for frequent in and outs of the car. We walk almost every day and use it for longer trips to the zoo, etc.

I will be purchasing (hopefully used at local twin sale) a lighter weight twin side by side for the car and quick trips in and out. The Valco is too much for me to handle on a daily basis (like picking DD up from preschool).

Other than the snap n go, I dislike tandem strollers.
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I got two Graco Snugrides so I registered for a Graco double last night (not the duo-the other/smaller one). Once they are older, I'll sell it and buy a single and go the Ergo/Stroller route posted earlier.
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ohh Lindsey if you lived closer id give you my Double Snap n Go! I tell ya, that thing saved my life when my twins were itsy bitsy. I could not have done the "take out of carseat, move to stroller, buckle in, make sure baby is happy/content/comfortable, repeat" thing. Moving the carseats from base to stroller was much easier because it didnt disturb sleeping babies, and when you are out with twins, ESPCIALLY by yourself, if you have sleeping infant twins ya wanna keep em that way LOL

My twins stayed in their infant seats and this stroller till almost 13 months old. So we got alot of sue out of the stroller!
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We went to babies r us last night and checked out the duoglider. Even with the carseats in, it wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be. It was pretty easy to steer around and I was suprised how light the seats are.
There is someone on craigslist selling one, that she bought in 2006, for $175 and while it's a great deal, I think we're going to buy a new one. Or, should I say, family will buy a new one. It's really the only "big" thing we need so family will have no problem chipping in. I'm just not comfortable buying used carseats from someone I don't know. She said they weren't in accidents, but I don't trust strangers enough.
Thanks for the advice. We almost bought a second marathon so I'm glad I thought of asking first!
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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
On the safety front- Britax convertibles don't fit most newborns properly. With twins generally being a touch smaller, I would not expect them to fit safely.

Mine were born at 35 weeks and would not have been able to leave the hospital with a marathon. I had considered going right to convertable and skipping the buckets but in the end I didn't and it's a good thing! Baby B is under 5 pounds and Baby A is right above 5 pounds and they are way too tiny for a Marathon. They even look silly in their buckets!

We managed to snag a used twin snap n go for $10 and it's been very useful.

For walks around the neighborhood and to the grocery store (around the corner) I managed to snag a used Inglesina twin domino. (SOOOOOO expensive but so nice) I will eventually get a side by side I am sure but not sure what kind.

$175 for a used duoglider is not a good price at all - you can get a new one for less! Check out www.albeebaby.com for good prices. That said, though, I really didn't care for the DG - I wanted both seats to recline so it could be used without the buckets plus I found the sun shade over the front seat maddeningly hard to deal with. If you have to buy new and want a reasonable price the Kolcraft Options is really cool - the only drawback to it are the seats are kind of small.

whoops - just realized the $175 is stroller + car seats - I wouldn't go for a used car seat, either. We got ours from the albeebaby site - the snugride in lotus - $120 on their site and soooooo nice.
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I used the double snap-n-go all the time! What a life saver!!! Now I have a double jogging stroller and the Peg Perego Duette, and tend to use the Duette all the time. The seats can face each other and my girls love it! I've been using it for about a year now and they are almost 22 months now.
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we had a duette briefly. found one used for 150 - seems the going rate. i sold it when i found the inglesina. the duette is great except the basket is small/hard to access. but if you can find one - might be worth it. an old one, though - the new ones have steering wheels and i am wary of their durability. not to mention price! 700 bucks...
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