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Wow- enjoy the surprise!
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Wow!! Congrats!
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Congrats! Now I know never to try that for an April Fools Day trick! LOL
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That is one April Fool's day trick I want no part of!
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Man that's scary! I'm never going to try that one ....
So glad it's a happy surprise for you. Congrats!
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What a great story! Congrats!
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Wow! Congratulations!
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Thats the greasted story Ive heard in awhile! Congrats for sure!!

My dn was born on april first. When my mom called to say my sis had the baby I said, "yeah right"
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That's too funny!

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Congratulations!! I think that's a great story!!
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So.....did you tell your dh?!?! What was his reaction?!?!
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If this isn't an actual April Fool's day trick on all of us , CONGRATULATIONS that's awesome
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sounds like a full moon conception. Did you DTD sometime around March 28/29?
Congratulations :
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I think this is an excellent time to remind folks that your cervical mucous can keep sperm alive for up to 8 days prior to ovulation. That's, like, it's job.
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What a great story to tell your little one when they arrive, congrats.
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Just checkin' back to make sure it wasn't an April fool's joke. Congrats again!!!!
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