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Oh wow! Way to go Tiger and MMM! That is so, so cool!

Happy, happy spring.
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Sorry to hear the news simplelah. DW and I always think we'll handle it ok...but then when it really sets in that this isn't our month...it does hurt. Lets hope that MMM and Tigermeip have just started things off and we'll see many more BFPs this month.
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Two in one day! That's amazing!!!!!

LET'S ADD SOME MORE BFPs this month!!!!
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Well done, sisters!
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: : Congrats Tiger and MMM! : :

MMM- I actually started crying when I read your news. I feel like we were on this list together for so long. Oh god, I'm getting weepy just thinking about it.

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Oh, MMM that's so awesome!! Big hugs and congrats!!

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MMM and tiger, CONGRATS!!!:::

As for me, can I be moved to waiting to O, please? This being only my first try, I am surprisingly really, really bummed out.
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I took this cycle as a chance to really really really start charting. i posted a link to my tinnnny chart. I really intend to keep up with it this month. Wish me luck?
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Originally Posted by simplelah View Post
I took this cycle as a chance to really really really start charting. i posted a link to my tinnnny chart. I really intend to keep up with it this month. Wish me luck?
Good luck!

One thing that really helped me keep up with it was setting an alarm clock for 6am every morning and taking my temperature right then. If I don't have to get up that early, I just go back to sleep, but I know that I have the exact same time every morning for the temps.
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lah Crystal

AF always sucks, even when it is your first try. I know how disappointed Quasar and I were. We knew all the stats, we knew the chances of first time were low, we were really trying to be realisitic... but it still hurts like heck each and every month it doesn't happen. Even this month when I had NO hope and we both knew it just wasn't happening... the BFN sucked. But I have no doubts we will all be celebrating here one day soon.
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Congrats MMM!!! You posted just after I went offline here last night. How awesome for both you and miep!!!

lah and wannabemoms, I'm sorry this cycle wasn't it for you.

lah, have fun with the charting! :
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CNN.com has been doing a ton of autism coverage this week. Lots of articles on the correlation between autism and possible contributing factors such as vaccines, environmental, genetics, etc. Today there is an interesting story about this incredibly adorable little boy in NY who is the product of AI. Mom used anonymous DS from CCB. Little guy was diagnosed with autism when he was about 2...and since then the mom has found 3 other families on DSR who used the same donor that also have autistic children. Anyway...not wanting to scare anyone...just thought some of you might be interested in checking out some of the articles this week.
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Thank You all so much. Your kind words and excitement mean a lot - especially 'cos I'm not allowed to tell anyone yet! DP is in serious shock and she's freaking out. I know she'll come around in a day or 2 but she's asked me to keep it quiet until then. Considering my period isn't actually due until tomorrow or Sunday, I think keeping quiet for a bit is smart.

All that said, I HAD to tell my baby sister (who's 25!). She was with a group of her girlfriends when she called me and you should have heard the squealing! It was very gratifying.

I'm so freaking overwhelmed. I still don't know what to do with myself.
And it's my birthday today! wow
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SimpleLah & wannabemoms
I'm sorry this month is a bust. I so know how that feels and it truly sucks. Take care of yourselves.
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Hi everyone,
I'm back from my online break and I have a mixed blessing tale to tell.

This past cycle i started bleeding a few days late. I'm notorious for not poas-ing until I'm at least 5 days late. I didn't think much of being late other than the fact that Jake and I started accepting that I might have fertility issues and need intervention. Then my bleeding got very unusual. 8 days into the cycle I took a pregnancy test and it came up positive. I knew the minute I looked at it that this was a m/c, not a period. We followed up with a blood test and had below-viable levels for the time. A confirmed m/c.

However, I am not sad! (A little disappointed but not upset.) On the contrary, I am more hopeful and happy than I was before! After all this time I have proof that I can ovulate, be fertilized and implant! There are so many things that can go wrong in that series of events (as many of you know intimately) and none of those things are happening to me! I was so afraid that something very basic was going wrong that would cost more than we have to fix. If it could be fixed at all.

Now we just need to get to that sticky point! Because my m/c was so early and caught almost by accident I've been cleared to start trying again right away. Since a m/c screws with normal timing we are planning to start early (this Saturday at CD12) and keep going until the temp rises (once we get the KD agreement!)

Good luck to everyone!
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Wow - I've got to keep leaving the thread for a stretches! I keep coming back to great news!

MMM and tigermiep - big WHOOHOOOHOOOO's to you both! Congratulations!!!

and - as always - sending lots of hugs out to those having a hard time/



{{{yona and jake}}}}


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hee hee hee. I'm so nuts. I had to go to the store and get another test -- the digital kind. I wanted to see it spelled out in letters.

yup. it says pregnant.

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Originally Posted by tigermiep View Post
yup. it says pregnant.
I TOLD you so.

Did you buy a 2-pack at least, so I can pee on one too?

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nah. I bought some lindor truffles instead, to steady my nerves.
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: CONGRATS Tiger and MMM, but you are not alone! We got a today also!!! We had a blood test and i poas. WooooHoooo!!!:

:that makes 3 in one day:
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