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Congratulations, travelgrlz! :

I wanna BFP too, please! :

I think I might be approaching being out this cycle. I am spotting and I had a temperature dip this morning.
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Originally Posted by travelgirlz View Post
: CONGRATS Tiger and MMM, but you are not alone! We got a today also!!! We had a blood test and i poas. WooooHoooo!!!:

:that makes 3 in one day:
: WOW - we're gonna stack the December DDC!!!

Quasar: It'll happen. The waiting sucks but it will happen.
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Holy cow! Three in a row!

Congrats! :

I'd like one too please, if it's not too much trouble.
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Congratulations, Travelgirlz!!

for quasar and Kate
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holy smokes! Congrats Travelgirlz!!!!! What an amazing run of BFPs!!! Let's keep 'em coming!

Quasar - my fingers are crossed for you.

As for me - I don't know what the heck is going on with my cycle. Oliver weaned from BF'ing while we were away (apparently he was ready to wean before ME!), but he was only having one short feed at night, so I can't see it influencing my cycle too much. I normally O on CD 20-21. Ovusoft is telling me that I've now had 3 temps above the coverline today on CD17 - I haven't even started POASing yet! I wonder if I missed my O?!? Oye.

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I forgot to add - crossing my fingers for all our other 2WW'ers too!

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Oh my!!! Travelgirlz...congratulations!!!! I'm blown away by all these BFP's already...it's only the 4th of the month!! Maybe I should be threadkeeper more often.
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My bleeding started as brown/pink spotting and then just a few streaks of red. It has since slowed down to an almost stop!

I thought it was my period but now I'm not so sure!
Does that sound like implantation bleeding to you ladies?
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Congrats, Travelgirlz. The Dec DDC is going to be RAN by queer mamas! I bet we can thank S&D for all that magical baby dust!

We tested this morning at 12DPIUI and it was a BFN. We'll be taking a break this next cycle and trying at home without drugs the cycle after that. I'll wait until I start bleeding to ask to be moved. AF should come tomorrow. I'm so bummed right now and bitter and angry, jealous, and frustrated. There are SOOO many people around me right now annoucing their pregnant and although I'm happy for them it stings a little each time.
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BurtsGirl So sorry It never gets any easier. I guess all we can do is support each other and keep plugging away. I hope your in person support group will help. If you get any good tips from the group about how to deal with this, please let me know. All I know to do now is keep watching "The Secret" and try to think my baby into existence. I'll try anything at this point.

TravlGrlz Way to keep the streak going!! Congrats!! ::
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Congrats travelgirlz!

You guys are going to rock that December DDC! Way to go everyone! December babies are cool (I have one, and am one myself.)
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Simplelah - that sounds really positive!!! Hope it stops altogether and you get the 4th BFP!

Burtsgirl - big hugs to you. BFN's are so so devastating. Vent as much as you need, and take good care of yourself....

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Originally Posted by BurtsGirl View Post
Congrats, Travelgirlz. The Dec DDC is going to be RAN by queer mamas! I bet we can thank S&D for all that magical baby dust!

Could be my magical prowess (and the fabulous fairygodmother outfit) ... but I think it's this little wonder ... http://flickr.com/photos/22089658@N04/2378241807/
... who I delivered on the 31st. I'm telling you ... he is an indigo baby if I've ever met one. And he's the lucky seventh child of his mama and papa. And the birth was smooth and lovely!

To top it all off, I had recently gotten a new tattoo that says "blessed" ... along my left forearm. I caught him with that hand, and the moment I did, he opened his eyes and stared right up at me. And then he cried and we put him to mama's boob and he latched on right away and was happy as could be.

I think he's given my baby dusting powers a big, hearty boost!
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Happy dance ...

Congrats to all you faboo BFPs!
Pass the fertility goodness around, women!
I hope it's catching!
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How long after "implantation" can I test??
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My (tranny) partner and I are just starting this whole ttc process-- our first IUI was 3/25. I'm going a little (!) crazy waiting for the two weeks to pass and found this group. Forgive me if I'm new to the lingo and dancing icons, but I'd love some community during the process.

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Originally Posted by pigirl View Post

I'd love some community during the process.

Consider yourself fully communified!
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Hey PiGirl...welcome!!

I'll add you to the list as "Waiting to Know". If you look at the first post in this thread you'll find a list of a lot of the ladies that participate in this thread...and where they stand in this whole crazy process. There are quite a few of us in the TWW just like you...so we can all obsess together. Keep us posted on how things are going for you. And...again...welcome!!
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Hey, thanks.

Okay, so any advice for someone just starting out? How to get through the waiting? (I've poas 6 times since 3/25, all negative; I've sworn off doing any more until the two-week mark.) General words of wisdom?
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Well...you're talking to the biggest group of enablers here!! I mean...the general consensus around here is...if you have a stick...pee on it!

Seriously though, it's tough. And sorry to say...it doesn't really get any easier. But...the good thing is...this is a place where you can come to vent, whine, cry, joke...anything you want. And for me...that kind of passes the time. I try to keep myself as busy as possible during my TWW. I plan get-to-gethers, trips for DW and I, projects around the house, anything I can think of to keep my mind occupied. The good news is...you'll get through it.
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