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I'm 17 weeks on Saturday and not really enjoying pregnancy right now. DD has been crying all day long and I can only nurse her for so long before I just want to hurl her across the room. It's cold outside and I need to mulch my garden so my seeds don't die since we have a warning of SNOW this weekend. It doesn't snow in April here. We're lucky if it snows in January. The weather is so bizarre, especially since we had 75 degree weather last weekend. It's awful because DD does so much better when she can just run around outside poking the dirt with sticks. I don't want to go outside when it's cold like this.

I managed to do dishes and please DD by carrying her on my back while I did them, but now I'm exhausted and I still need to clean the bathroom and put away a ton of clothes. All in good time. Right now I'm just putting my feet up and being on MDC. I'm not going to be able to carry DD much longer with her growth spurts and my growing belly. Poor girlie.

Every once in a while I think I feel a little kick but then I try to feel another one by putting my hand on my belly and waiting, but nada. I'm sure it won't be long til baby is kicking like big sis did in utero! Which was constantly from about 20 weeks until the end.

Congratulations everyone who has a new little baby to cuddle this month!
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huminbird, I had my mom at my first birth and I kind of wish I hadn't. Her nervous energy hindered my focus and progress and even when she was trying to help me relax her hands were all cold and knobby and not helpful! She wasn't even opposed to a home birth but kind of took it all personally because her first birth was an attempted homebirth but she hadn't educated herself and went to the hospital with a shoulder dyscocia problem. When she had me she just went to the hospital rather than try it at home again. She regretted giving up so easily... and then seeing me, who doesn't give up easily (I was howling for hours) have a successful home birth... well I guess it was bittersweet for her. I think it's hard for moms to separate themselves from their daughter's birth experience and it's a rare and wonderful gift to have a mother who can be all supportive. If you have any doubts about having her there, definitely reconsider, it can mean a total mood change for your birthing experience. I've heard from many many women that having their mom there, however much they love her, was not a good idea in retrospect. I don't know how I'll feel about this when I'm going to be a grandma but it's something to ponder.

FWIW, my mother and I do not have a traditional mother/daughter relationship. I grew up with my Dad having full custody and saw her rarely. Part of my desire to have her there was I think a desperate attempt to have her be the mother figure I always wanted. Kind of like when I ran away to live with her just in time to get my first period... and then moved back home shortly afterwards. So this may or may not apply.
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yeah, site problems are normal sometimes. this is a big site.

i also got the mega nesting urge. i absolutely have to clean my house now! LOL!

every day, i have to fight the desire to purge without my husband present, because invariably i purge something "terribly important" to him that just looks like a random piece of paper with a grocery list on it! so, this weekend we're going to do some good purgin' and i'm SO psyched.

i was able to purge the bathroom because he doesn't keep much in there. i scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed, and then i cleaned out under the cabinets and also reorganized my jewlery box (which i keep in the bathroom under the sink).

tomorrow, i hope to tackle the kitchen (which will include scrubbing the fridge and freezer, purging and washing all of the cabinets, scrubbing the floors on hands and knees (my favorite), and just getting everything as clean as humanly possible.

together this weekend, we're going to purge our living room/dining room (which right now is playing "piles of work on every surface!" because we use the dining space like an office mostly). i'm very excited about this. i hate piles but my husband LOVES them. it's the way he was raised. his mother loves piles also. she insists that she "didn't raise him this way" (as a piling pack rat), but she totally did.

on friday, i'm going to the organic mattress store to pick out our mattress. we're moving from a 20-odd year old full sized "normal-yuck" mattress to a king size (eastern king rather than CA king) organic mattress for our family bed!

it's the 'recon' mission so that i can narrow it down (my husband does best with choosing between two or three, rather than 20) to a couple of mattresses.

then, next weekend (not this one), we'll purge our bedroom (which means the bedroom closet which is our main 'storage area' and also the bedroom itself and ALL of our clothing), and THEN we'll go and he'll feel the mattresses that i like and THEN we'll order that mattress.

i'm so psyched to do that. i'm SO looking forward to a new mattress. i'm SO looking forward to my zen-designed bedroom. right now, it's 'zen inspired' with a normal bed, furniture, etc.

but our plan for our room is to get rid of the furniture so that there's just the bed on some hemp/cotton covered 2 x 4s on the floor, put the dressers in the closet (once it's cleaned out! woohoo!), and then take the pictures and such from the wall so that it's a very clean and simple look. oh, and we're going to get a different alarm clock--one with a chime instead of the mess that we've had to wake up to for so long!

once May comes, we'll finish the other two rooms (the yoga room is basically done--there's nothing in there, but we do use the closet for storage and need to purge that), and the third room (currently an unused "office") will be made into a guest room. that closet is also used for storage, so we'll have to purge it and set it up for guests, and find homes for the stuff in that room (purge through books, rehome them in the LR/DR shelves, donate computer to charity after cleaning it out, and donate furniture to charity as well). we will likely use our bedroom furniture in that room.

it may be that a friend of ours will move in with us in October, and so this will be her room. if she doesn't move in with us, then it will be a guest room. i can't afford two organic mattresses now, but i also don't want to put a poor guest on that bed that i have now. i'll have to think about what i want to do about that. LOL!

but, we hope to have everything organized and purged by mid-June. since baby comes in late august, that gives us time to just have a great summer and prep for the baby.
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Originally Posted by huminbird View Post
Four?!? I am scared of having to take care of just one.

I guess the older ones can help out.
You will do great! Just do your best and love the babe lots!

I would LOVE for the older ones to help, and the 7 year old does help a lot. Although, I am due a week before my second child turns 3 and then I have a 13 month old. Yes, that will be 3 in diapers!

Zoebird, good job with all the purging and cleaning! I love making my rooms "new"!
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Originally Posted by Kidzaplenty View Post
One day at a time. One moment at a time. That is my life motto. Today is not over yet. (Or today is almost over, depending on how your day is going!)

That is all you can do with a house full of children.

Though having four was a big step up from three, it was wonderful.

But it is really an interesting job. Always fun, always a challange, never boring!
I love my crazy kids! We have the loudest most active house on the block! I don't think that going from 3 to 4 is going to be that big for us, it is just the ages that is going to kill me! I would like a good 2 year break after this one. But you just wait, 6 months pp, I will be pg again.

Here's to houses that are never boring! (Apple cider)
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