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River Hope is Born!

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Hi! I finally gave birth on 3/28 at 1102pm after 19 hours of labor!!!! Her name is River Hope and she was 9lbs 6oz and 21 inches long...big baby! Labor was hard for me. My contractions started out at 5 minutes apart and quickly progressed to 2 minutes apart which means I never got a break between contractions to rest so by the end, I was so exhausted and delerious. I was yelling at everyone to stop touching me and to "get it out of me" and "make it stop" LOL I wanted them to just knock me out and cut the baby out of me. It was horrible...I really never want to do that again! In the end, I felt the head come out, and they told me to rest stop and the push the rest out but I said screw that, I can't go through another contraction and shot the baby out in one big long agonizing push. Lots of tearing of course so I'm all stitched up but in a lot of pain. She if beautiful and perfectly healthy though which is all I really care about !

You can see some photos at:

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Congratulations! What a big girl! Sorry it was a rough labor - was this your first? I had the same non-stop contraction thing with my first baby (fortunately not for too long) and it was rough; I was scared I'd experience the same thing in my second labor but the cx never got closer than about 4 minutes. Much easier the second time around!

Congrats again, and she is absolutely beautiful!
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Congratulations! I definitely had the I AM NEVER EVER HAVING ANOTHER BABY EVER feeling during and right after delivery. It's been over 2 weeks now though and I don't feel like that anymore
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Oh Pixie, she is beautiful. Sorry you had such a rough go of it. I've got second degree tearing and its taken me a full week to start feeling better. My doc okayed 2 tylenol with an ibuprofren as needed for pain.
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What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations on her birth.

I'm sorry your labor was rough - get lots of rest and heal quickly!
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congrats on your beautiful big baby girl!
i pushed my 9-2 ds out really quick like that and had lots of tearing. i know how you feel. ouch. the sitz baths were what really helped me. and sitting on a donut cushion hope you heal quickly.
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I'm sorry to hear that your labor was so rough. Your little one is beautiful!
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Congratulations! My youngest (a boy called River) gave me a couple of hours of continuous contractions too. I was lucky though, and got away without tearing.
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Congrats! She's beautiful!
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