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Skinny Ryan got voted off.
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I had a feeling of anguish during the challenges. Morgan is not doing good. I am all for Drake but can stop feeling sorry for Morgan. And then here comes Sandra and takes the tarp!

I am thinking that there's is going to be a new arrengement of people in the tribes. That will be horrible! because Drake is such a good team (until now, did you see the scenes from next week)

Whinni Osten made me mad too. What's up with that guy?
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I thought it was pretty cool that Rupert found his fishing spear thingy again. What were the chances that he could actually recover it from their huge lagoon?

I think it's pretty interesting that the tribe that seems to be communicating the best is the tribe that's winning the challenges. Morgan tribe has been totally scattered since the beginning. No plan, no cohesion. And it's totally dragging them down. They all seem to have it in for each other already, i dont think they really understand the concept of team and how important ~team~ is before the merge.
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Morgan stinks. Mr Attorney is a crap leader. He has issues with Ryans athleticism so he puts him firts in physically demanding task. Is he dumb or mean? Why do they always act as though the men MUST be strong and that even the weakest man is probably stronger than any of the women? Several of them struggled with that task... many of them left it to the next swimmer to put their item in the trunk, including burly lawyer (who also was the one who couldn't open the clue in the immunity challenge, right? Threw away their huge lead.) I would have gotten rid of Osten in a heartbeat and I think the tribe members who voted for him have every right to be mad as hornets that their teammates chose to keep the whiner around.

The pirating is going to make for some interesting situations. There must be some rules to prevent them from hiding stuff... or I would have buried all the valuables before the "pirate" arrived. I also think Morgan made a dumb call forcing Sandra to get the tarp down herself. They could have done it without taking their whole shelter down but there was really no way she could. They were being petty, right across the board and it came right back on them.
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'nother junkie here...

I am lovin' this season...but of course, I've loved them all!

Somebody please tell me why Osten is wearing boxers that are like, six sizes too big for him??? And why Mr. Lawyer, who could have traded that freakin' Armani suit jacket for all KINDS of useful stuff in the village, elected to keep the thing just so he could look like a power attorney (in HIS mind, anyway) at Tribal Council???

No wonder their team is losing :
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What I'm worried about is that they're editing Drake soooo positively and Morgan soooo negatively. I think they do that so they can have an "incredible turnaround" or a "shocking twist" or whatever they want to hype in their promos to suck people in. I believe Morgan's got some huge problems with communication and egos and whiny-ness and stupidity, but are they really that bad? I'm afraid we might see someone from that tribe in the final few. It just better not be Osten or Andrew.
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It is hard to say since we are not there but they screwed up majorily when buying stuff and Drake has so much more than Morgan. Sandra even commented on how little they had. I do feel a little bad for them but not much. Most of it is due to their lack of planning and good judgement.

I would have buried my stuff too, that would go along with the pirate theme...:LOL
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poor wittle Osten he wanna go home

What a little baby! I thought Tijuana was going to laugh at him! Big tough looking dude is the biggest puss out of them all! They should have gotten rid of him, if he can't handle it, he is going to drag them down.

But why, oh why didn't he vote for himself if he really wanted to go???? Hmmmmmm.....

ITA, they need to be burying all the good stuff for the looting.

I just love how Jeff Probst told lawyer guy (in so many words) that he was a crap leader!
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But why, oh why didn't he vote for himself if he really wanted to go???? Hmmmmmm.....
They aren't allowed to vote for themselves.
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That's right! I forgot they can't vote for themselves.
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MaggiesMom, thanks for posting that. I had no idea why he didn't vote for himself, I thought he was being crafty.

I can't wait for tonights's show! I haven't seen any promos for it, anything interesting?
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There are a few tidbits here

Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!

Two Survivors decide not to join their tribe on a search for buried treasure, raising suspicions about what they are doing with their alone time.
Trying to make a decision for the tribe, Jon insults Sandra, and a screaming match erupts.
One Survivor loses an item that is crucial to the tribe's survival, inciting the tribe's fury.
A painfully physical Immunity Challenge leaves the fate of two Survivors in the hands (literally) of their fellow tribe members.

Any guesses on who's going home next?
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I was sad to see Lillian go. I was really hoping that Dara would get voted off. Yeah, it really took a lot of strength to hang there during the challenge. :

Morgan is really self-destructing. I wonder if there's going to be another "twist" where they shake up the tribes in order to make things more interesting.

They didn't show us Drake trying to figure out the next part of their treasure map. I'll bet part of the treasure is all their luggage.
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I think they were really hurting while they were hanging there. I think the harnesses were cutting off their circulation.

I dunno..I liked Lil but it is hard to say really..they haven't shown a whole lot of Dara.

Is annoying blonde guy annoying anyone else? Ugh! Sandra has really done a lot for their tribe it is so annoying of him to dismiss her so rudely.
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Lil was robbed. Morgan sucks.

Anyone else notice that so far Drake has only sent women to do the pirate bit? Do they think that will be less threatening, soften the blow? Or are the smart folks sending other people so when the merge comes the other tribe will hate someone else more than them.

Abi... I assume you mean the blond boy, Jon? Yeah, he bugs. I bet he's the one they are plotting against next week.
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I was impressed that Rupert and Christa were concerned that taking the pot might mean taking the other team's only way to get fresh water.

I can't believe the Morgan people were dissing Christa for not answering their prying questions. Like she was gonna spill her guts? Right. I woulda smiled and said, "I wouldn't be a very good player if I told you everything you want to know."

Has anybody else notice that Trish and Michelle don't get much camera time? Are they editing it that way, or are these two are flying under the radar? Makes me wonder if the producers are hiding something from us.

Yes, Jon bugs. Big time.
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On the Next
Survivor: Pearl Islands
Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!

# Andrew and Ryan go in search of a good fishing spot, but instead they find themselves in a dangerous situation: lost in the jungle without water.
# One tribe recovers a buried treasure. But will it have been worth the search?
# The Immunity Challenge shocks the tribes with an unexpected reward.
# Lubricated by whiskey, one Survivor creates a spectacle at a Tribal Council that is not to be missed.

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'nother Survivor junkie here! I am amazed at how bad the Morgan tribe is. They really have no idea about how to be a team and strategize. SoHappy - I also noticed Michelle and Trish get little airtime, but honestly the Drake team seems to get so much less airtime in general. Probably bc the miserable people make better television.
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Well, i think after the merge that the remaining morgan tribe members are just going to be voted off one by one.

This season's not going to be very interesting until the rest of morgan's gone. It's going to be pretty predictable.

Anyone want to make a really early guess on who the final four might be? I was going to have a go at it, but they really havent been showing much of the drake tribe...i'm not even sure who some of them are.
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Have I mentioned that I hate Andrew? Cuz I do. Also Osten. He's useless and a whiny baby and I don't like him at all. They are keeping hi around because of this legendary "strength" issue and he can't deliver. Boot him!
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