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I just had to say again how much I LOVE Rupert. He is just awesome.
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Probably bc the miserable people make better television.
I do admit I think it is funny when they act dumb, don't get food, act like a jerk, then cry when talking to the camera, it really cracks me up.

Gotta love Sandra though....."SCREW HIM!!!" I don't think she is gonna do any crying...:LOL

I love Rupert too, he is awsome!

Yes, Jon he is ssooo annoying.....He was all saying how funny he is...: anyone else think all the naked drunk teenage girl jokes were amazingly not funny?
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I am quite fickle. Still like Rupert, but he does think quite a lot of himself, which is starting to turn me off. And Sandra... love her in theory but worry she is forgetting that in the final analysis the game is a popularity contest. Burn fewer bridges Sandra!!!!
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I'll bet part of the treasure is all their luggage.
good thinking! I bet you're right!

sorry I am new to the thread! I've been sorta bored with this one so far. Of course I have a new babe & don;t pay the kind of attenetion I used to. The team that hasn;t lost any, I keep seeing people I 've never seen before! like, who the heck is the young guy with dark curly hair (not RUpert)? It's these "under the radar" people who always end up in the final 2.

Hands down for me the "battle of the sexes" last time was the best, it was genuinely interesting to see how they handled it. Loved Rob, so this one doesn;t have me yet. Hoping it gets more interesting. Do you think they'll re-mix the teams before the merge like they have been? What do you think happens to Osten, anything serious? Why does all this stuff keep being blacked out in people's posts?
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Spiralwoman, those are spoiler tags. Used when you are talking about something that you have heard will happen on the show but hasn't yet. That way folks who don't want to know don't accidentally read it. To read it just highlight the text.
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thanks Kama! I see it now in the code box, I thought it was some kind of crazy new copyright protection!
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I think Sandra had all the right to get upset with John. He was accusing her and she had to defend herself. I think she got more upset when he started cussing (what was up with that!)

It is getting a little boring since Morgan are the only ones losing people. Did you noticed that in the "scenes from next episode" Drake members where getting bored and tired of some people (of course they didn't gave us a clue of whom) and I saw Rupert talking to "somebody" and saying something like they should loose the immunity challenge so they can kick somebody out! I hope is John
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I missed it last week! But thanks to you all and cbs.com for filling me in as much as possible.

It seems that in the past, when one tribe is doing really well, they mix it up to see what happens. Perhaps this time they will let them run themselves into the ground, no merge necessary. The longer they keep them apart, the more loyalty there will be with the original tribe, which helps for interesting watching when they have to vote each other off.

I still love Rupert too, although I find that some of the most likeable people on this show can have a hard time making it to the end (a-la-Deena). Here's hoping that he can break that mold.
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adventuregirl... check out www.televisionwithoutpity.com for detailed (and highly opinionated) recaps.
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Ooooo...thanks kama! Great site, I got all the juicy details I was missing!
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Very interesting episode! I wonder what will happen with Rupert in Morgan for the night.

Jon is BUGGIN' me. That talk about ghetto Christmas was just annoying. My favorite part of the whole show was at tribal council when Jeff Probst looked at Jon and said, "Are you LOADED??" (I think I have a little crush on Jeff )
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I call BS on the "we have a rotation" thing. And if they do.. duh! How did Rup and Burt get on the same end of it? So, maybe they threw it.... dumb, dumb, dumb.
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The rotation was definitely bs... either Christa didn't realize or she was lying. I'm glad they threw it - we need to see the other tribe get their morale up a little. Rupert really didn't want to throw it though and they is why they made him/he choose to sit out - because he said he wouldn't participate in purposely losing but he would watch if that is what everyone else wanted to do.

Jon is so annoying - yeah, the ghetto christmas the wet dreams comment made me barf. He so needs to leave.

I hope the night away isn't bad strategically for Rupert in anyway. Since Drake got rid of one strong guy last night (ha, he was totally surprised) I think they'll keep Rupert around for awhile. Of course I would LOVE to see him win, but its true his strength and skills make him a threat so he might not make it.

I can't wait for next week to see the Morgan tribe actually happy. I LOVE that Rupert was catching fish for them. I hated when the guys from his own tribe were teasing him and he was all annoyed it was just like hs - but he's smart and he handles everything with a smile even if the people are assholes.
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On the Next Survivor: Pearl Islands
Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
  • A rising tide threatens to wash away one tribe's shelter.
  • While looting the losing tribe's camp after the Reward Challenge, one castaway bonds with the
    opposing tribe.
  • Though acting out of loyalty to the tribe, one Survivor fears being seen as disloyal.
  • One castaway's failure to follow through with the tribe's Immunity Challenge strategy leads to a very close, tense, gut-wrenching finish.

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A good twist! Finally! This could be both good and bad for good ole Rup. I can never tell if the previews are deceiving or not, Drake should know that they need him.

I definitely think they threw the challenge, did you see how little some of them tried? Rupert was pissed and I don't really blame him. I'm pretty sure Christa lied or is just clueless. Yes, drunk Jon is highly annoying, I can't believe there was no talk of voting him off, he was my first choice.

Can I complain about wussy Osten again? Why the hell did they send him to swim for the puzzle piece when he is a crap swimmer? They had to freakin rescue him!!!!! They *might* have had a chance if they just had him dig and sent others to swim.
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Why the hell did they send him to swim for the puzzle piece when he is a crap swimmer?
I was thinking the same thing. Darrah actually kicked butt in the swim part of that challenge. Yet if the Moron (oops, I mean Morgan) Tribe would've lost immunity they probably would've voted her out saying she hasn't contributed at all and is the weakest player.

Poor Rupert who's practically won challenges for the Drake tribe now has to stay in Morgan's cr@ppy shelter that's being taken over by the tides with no comforts and no stuff whatsoever. BTW, why oh why don't they just move the shelter? If they'd have gone ahead and done it in the first place instead of working on that stupid wall, they'd have expended a lot less energy!
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And not just Osten but Tijuana, in a stunning display of the total lack of teamwork that plagues this team RUNS into the water (despite being a poor swimmer) while a teammate who IS a strong swimmer is strapping on the mask. So now she's a poor swimmer who can't see very well. I loved that in the early rounds, while organization still existed Drake was trading off one water clue/ one shore clue so the mask exchange didn't lose them any time. Gosh... you'd think a tribe with a fancy shmancy LEADER might have come up with a plan like that!

And yes, the belief that they can hold back the tide... very funny. It's great to watch the "adults" of Morgan struggle with a concept most 9 year old have mastered. Gee, maybe they should have just built their whole shelter out of sand!

It will be interesting to see how Rupert acts. What a spot! I doesn't HAVE to do a damn thing for them... but some of them will survive the merge so it wouldn't help to make friends IF he can do it without alienating the Drakes. I am just glad that it didn't cost him a key member of his alliance in the vote. THAT could become a real strategic point if they keep this up. The next person who gets 'Tribe-napped' might be taken to remove their vote from the mix at a crucial time or to guarantee them immunity at acrucial time.

Vveeeeery Interesting!
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Another episode brought more love for Rupert and more digust with Jon. Ugh! Why didn't they vote him off??? Michelle did screw up, but she is valuable. Jon deserved it more than her, soley based on his annoyingness. At least the previews looked like he is headed down that road, who knows.

Rupe is playing extremely well, not only making friends, but impressing the other tribe as well as skipping the reward, very smart. They all know they need him now and he's made friends with enough people so he will have strong alliances. I can see him having individual immunity to the end. But if he doesn't, they will all fear him once its every pirate for themselves, he is so liked it will be hard to beat him.

I'm really glad that this group doesn't have a bimbette factor like last year. None of these girls are playing up being sexy or alienating others beacuse they aren't cute. Or at least they aren't showing us that at this point...

I must also say again that Jeff Probst is so funny, he has the best comments. I can't remember my favorite one from last night, but he had me rolling.
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Confessions of a Survivor Addict

T So, I ALWAYS< ALWAYS< ALWAYS change Maggie as soon as we get out of bed in the morning. Since we are big Yankees fans, we didn't see Survivor last night. I got up this morning, watched the WHOLE THING, then realized I had forgotten to change my poor little bijzie!

I am worried about Rupert because it is not too long before individual immunity becomes the word of the day. I like that he went right back to his tribe.

Anyway, I sure didn't see Drake losing that IC. I just wish Michelle had played up the yuck factor more. I wondered what the heck she was doing. If Sandra had just eaten the sardine first, she may have done better. Oh, well.

I can't wait for Jon to go. I can't even look at him. Ugh. I love the way he just ignored everyone when they even tried to mention his "steering." BTW, did anyone see Osten standing up in the boat again? Is he TRYING to get himself killed? Why did he sign up for Survivor?
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Interesting episode. I dunno, I keep thinking that as much as I like Rupert if I were a tribe mate of his I would already be thinking I needed to vote him off. Also interesting that teh new 'twist' in the immunity challenge only happened that one time, eh? I think there is a lot more reporting back by the camera crews in the camps in the last couple years than at first... or at least they are incorporating it into the game more quickly and blatently. Seems like the Rupert snatch was punishment for throwing the challenge last week.

Man, Jeff really loathes Jon, doesn't he? :LOL

Osten... continues to be useless. Would rather wait til their shelter ACTUALLY floods to think about using it rather than... duh! taking advantage of the borrowed muscle (which we know is stronger than YOURS Osten... nanner nanner!) to get it done now. What a whiner! Good things he's so indispensible in challenges. Oh...nevermind!
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