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Ren is 5 weeks old today. She can hold her head up really well and she has the most beautiful smile! She hates to be alone at all, so I hold her or keep her in the sling almost all the time. She'd nurse 24/7 if I let her! She's almost 10 lbs. now, and she's already grown out of some of her newborn clothes; we'll get an accurate weight on Saturday when we have our final post-partum visit with our midwife
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My little Alex is just under 2 weeks now. I've had a restful postpartum period, with MIL arriving in town the day after birth, and quickly getting to work at taking care of everything. DH is taking this coming week off of work as well, so I'm still letting myself be spoiled.

I was dealing with some pretty bad hemorrhoids, but I'm feeling much better now, so I've gone out with the family a couple times. It's been lovely to get some fresh air and sunshine!

Alex had an appointment with our new family doctor 3 days after his birth - he was already 10lbs 11oz, 1 ounce over his birth weight! And going to a family doctor was so much fun - it seemed like every staff member in the office was coming over to us to fawn over the cute baby! You certainly don't get that reaction at a pediatrician's office! I was very happy with the general attitude of our new doctor, too (totally didn't bug us when we told her we'd be refusing vaccines). We did our PKU test, and unfortunately they didn't end up filling up each circle completely, so we had to repeat it a few days later. Poor little Alex. But at least the second time, he barely cried - practically slept through it!

We've been frustrated by Alex getting seemingly very uncomfortable and cranky between about 11pm and 1am. But besides that, he's a fairly easy baby. He's even had a few nights of going about 5 hours between nursing. Last night, I'm fairly sure he didn't wake me up to nurse until 7am, after he had fallen asleep at 1am. That's a looong time for a newborn!!! He's continuing his sleep marathon today (in my arms as I type! ), he's hardly been awake for more than a few minutes all day, and it's 5:30pm already. Our doctor reminded us to expect a growth spurt around 3 and 6 weeks.... maybe Alex is already in his 3 week growth spurt, since he was just about a week overdue (and is about 2 weeks now)? He's definitely not looking sick. Just amazingly sleepy and peaceful.

It's also just amazing to see the age differences between my little guy and some of the earlier born March babies! At this early stage, those few weeks sure make a big difference!

On a side note - my kids won't stop calling Alex "your baby", as in "Mommy, what's wrong with your baby?" "Mommy, where's your baby?" etc. It's slightly annoying me, I wish they would just call him by his name, or at least "the baby" instead. I don't know why it grates on my nerves so much, though. It's odd.
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Haven't posted my birth story or anything but I had a little (or should I say a big GIRL on April 3rd....13 days past EDD) weighing in at 9 lbs. 5 oz. We were pretty shocked as my midwife was guessing she'd be around 6-7 lbs.

I had a bleed that knocked the wind out of me pretty bad but I'm starting to feel better everyday. My mom and DH have been here to help and they have been total lifesavers (DH goes back to work tomorrow and my mom is gone the next day...I'm so nervous) My little lady is cute as a button. She sleeps pretty much all day and then is awake between 11 and 1am (kind of a tough time as my DH has to be in bed so I'm on my own) She and I co-sleep in a separate bedroom as well because she's pretty fussy at night so it's rough on the relationship but hopefully it will get sorted out soon enough and all 3 of us can sleep in the same room together again.
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Ruthie is approaching the 5 week mark. and ~~it just goes by so quickly~~Before I know it, she'll be running around here with the other 3.

We ended up seeing a Ped that I this past week. She only accepts newborns right now, so I thought it was important to establish her as a patient in case we ever need her. Ruthie is 8 1/2 pounds already--just shy of a 2 pound gain!! That momma milk is some pretty amazing stuff.

She's looking around, smiling, holding her head up, and grunting. We even got a little coo this week as well as a giggle in her sleep. Pure bliss.

It's great to hear about all of her baby buddies. Keep the updates coming!
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How the time flies!

Lydia turned 2 months old last Friday! She is 10 lb. 7 oz. (up from 7 lb. 13 oz. at birth.) She's smiling and beginning to coo. She is awake and alert for much more of the day than she had been, but she sleeps fairly well at night.

I'm not one of those mommys who just loves the newborn stage. It is wonderful and exciting and precious, but I remember with my other children feeling like they really started getting fun around 3 months. So, as wonderful as this time has been, I'm looking forward to it getting better and better as Lydia becomes more interactive.

Her siblings love her, snuggle her, ask to hold her. I can't wait to see them interact when L gets old enough to actually "play" with them - hold toys, giggle at their funny faces and noises, imitate, sit up and move around.
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All the other babies seem soooo much older! Teddy just turned 2 weeks this weekend. He seems to be gaining pretty steadily - I'm guessing he's over 10 pounds already, which is funny for me, since most of my kids weren't anywhere near this big at this age. He likes to snuggle and be warm, so I'm glad I have a sling, and lucky there are lots of big sisters here who want to hold him. He spends more and more time in the "quiet alert" stage every day, which is super-cute.
His bellybutton is being all gross again. The stump fell off a week ago, but his bellybutton is still red and crusty. Anyone else having this problem?
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Zak is doing well! Nurses all the time and is smiling now. I weighed him at 11 lbs exactly the other day. He's 6 weeks now and we're in love.
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Calvin is doing great! He is absolutely huge--12lbs at 4.5 weeks (his birth weight was 8.5lbs, so almost one pound a week!!). He is just beginning to smile at us, and is a pretty mellow guy unless he's working on a gas bubble. He is sleeping like a newborn and we are pretty tired. He is a great second child. He is easy to take places, loves the sling, loves being held by others, doesn't mind to be set down for short periods. I am so blessed to be the mama of two wonderful boys! This is really cool.
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Oh, this is fun! I'm finally at the computer again for a few moments and love hearing about all of the new babies.

Nola is such a sweetie--I can't believe how much I love her. I felt that way with big sis Ada too, though. It's just amazing how your heart grows and grows. Nola will be 4 weeks on the 20th-wow! She's a champ at nursing and is gaining weight quickly. She started out at 7lbs8oz and was above her birth weight at 4 days, now she's over 10 lbs! She's a strong little babe with amazing head control. She lifts her little head up off our shoulders and looks all around--she's done it almost from the beginning. I love her little serious face and all of her beautiful dark hair. Her eyes are navy blue with some brownish specks--we can't wait to see if we have another blue-eyed girl or if this one will have brown eyes like her momma and her excited great-grandma (Nola's middle name is great-grandma's first name). This little gal knows what she wants and when she wants it. She had the sweetest little kitty cry in the beginning, later she sounded more like a lamb and now she just exercises her lungs to their full capacity (especially in the car). She's so kind to us and lets us sleep in 2-4 hour chunks at night--we wake feeling rested and praying that it lasts. We've all been suffering from a nasty cold--baby included--so the past week has been rough. Everyone is on the mend except me, my throat is still killing me.

Ada is so sweet to her little sister and very patient. She loves to look at her and tell her stories and she LOVES to hold and snuggle her. We've had a few rough moments during this transition but I think we've all adapted well. I feel like Nola's been here forever--she just fits our family and our hearts so perfectly.
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Rowan was four weeks yesterday. So much for all the angst about choosing her name--she is known variously as The Snortlepig, Short Stuff or Little Dude. Actually it's rather confusing--DH and I call each other cutesy, babyish nicknames all the time, so it can be hard to know who he's talking to! "Hey Tiny One... and Tinier One'... Very odd.

I have decided that the snortlepig is most impressive. She is gaining like, well, a snortlepig, tipping the midwife's scale at 9 pounds naked and screaming yesterday. She doesn't behave like my idea of a newborn at all--very alert and expressive, with a good strong neck and back and legs. She loves standing, holding up her head to look around and 'crawling' (pushing off with her legs against my hands). She's a 'good AP baby'--loves to be held, likes to sleep with one hand on the milks in case she needs them, and pretends to be starving hungry only to become mysteriously happy when she sees Mummy coming. Sometimes before she feeds, especially if I'm lying down to nurse, she'll just stare at the milks with her eyes and mouth wide open and waggle in delight, as if to say 'I'm not even gonna drink these right away, I just want to bask in the fact that they're here!' It's adorable--after a painful start, breastfeeding is really becoming rewarding.

I must show you pics, of course! http://www.flickr.com/photos/elisabe...ll/tags/rowan/ Isn't she nice?
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Yes Rowan is such a cute chubby little girl! My guy is gaining like mad too...

What fun catching up on all his DDC buddies!

1 month yesterday! How did that happen?! I am both nostalgic and excited to find out who this guy is! He is nursing really well and also has begun playing with the boob after nursing - SO cute! He is looking at everyone really well in the eyes and we've had tons of fleeting smiles! He's going bald from the front on back so I am cherishing his oh-so-soft newborn hair while it lasts He makes a lot of noise grunting when he wakes up in the night which is adorable but poorly timed as we'd like to sleep from 2-4 am even if he doesn't and wish he'd entertain himself more quietly ! Only complaint is he is very fussy every evening He's holding his head up well and is very toned (and has a very loud voice)! I absolutely snuggling with him all night long he is such snugglebug and during the day I don't mind his being an in-the-arms boy as long as he doesn't mind the sling which he doesn't!

Keep the updates coming!
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Cale is 5 weeks today..Nursing like a champ..and HATES to lay down by himself. He thinks that his beds need a boob or a heartbeat. I LOVE him so much. The house can wait till he is bigger to get completly clean. Dh and him have such a great bond its crazy...never thought DH would be good with a newborn (cale is the 5th child) since he hasn't been before. I started back to work with the dept of health as a LC which is fun. CAle goes with me and so far its not a lot (not actually on the schedule yet). Cale is over 10lbs and such a little pig. NOISY like crazy.
http://jonesfamily96@blogspot.com for pics look there
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Rowan is adorable and looks exactly like her mommy! So cute!

Ani, just a thought....Teddy wakes up all grunty, too. Usually it's because he has a giant booger stuffing up his nose. He gets furious when we suction his nose out, but then he stops being all grunty and snorty, and can nurse much easier.

Robin...couldn't see your pictures.
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Annabel will be 2 weeks tomorrow! She's such a mellow, easy baby and I just adore her. She's almost gained a pound which is a huge accomplishment for a bfar baby! (with no formula!) The weather is nice right now so we're spending lots of time outdoors.
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Noah is 5 weeks old today. I can't believe it! He is darling (imho) and doing well in all areas. He loves to be held or in the sling and nursing is going fine. He is really gassy, despite me being off of dairy and a bunch of other things, but he seems to be more comfortable recently than he was a couple weeks ago. His nighttime sleep is long enough stretches to keep me sane. I'm back to work on a very part-time basis next week -- sad about that but I know I'll be OK once I'm back in the groove and Noah and dh will have some great time together.

He's got a big round head so we've christened him "punkin head" and now "punkin pie" to go with his big bro's primary nickname of "sugar pie."
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