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Hi! I'm mom to a 17 month old ds and married to a wonderful dh. Our life has been crazy for the past couple of years - I'm sure you can all relate So I want to make this extra special.

DH turns 40 in about 8 weeks and I need ideas for celebrating - looking specifically for ways to make it memorable. :headscratch:

I'm planning two surprise parties. The first will be in the city we live in - at a private space at our fave vegan restaurant with about 30 of our closest friends and family members. The second will be in the city we used to live in where many of our friends are - this one will be at a friend's house and will be more casual and then we'll do an overnight there.

So I have that part down, but what can I plan for the parties? Should we do a roast of dh? Or have everyone contribute little anecdotes in advance and I compile them? Or tell stories? Everyone brings a photo?

None of these ideas have me jumping up and down, and I really want it to be special, but not too cheezy...thoughts? ideas?

What should DS give his dad as a gift?