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Spring Equinox baby!

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Beautiful and angelic Ruby Jo was born on the Spring Equinox (3/20/08) at 2:26 pm via scheduled C-section due to footling breech presentation and low amniotic fluid. She was 7 pd. 2 oz., 19 inches, and absolutely perfect! The staff involved were all wonderful and granted all my wishes on my birth plan...hands free, music, aromatherapy, no ointment, hep-B shot, or vit. K. I love babywearing and enjoy the closeness/bonding it creates with my baby! Sorry my post is so overdue....it's been an exciting and busy last couple of weeks!
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congrats mama! I'm so glad you got as natural of a birth as you could!
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Congratulations! What a nice day for a birth. And how wonderful that your wishes were honored so nicely!
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congratulations and welcome ruby jo!
love that cute name
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Ah, welcome little breech babe!

Congratulations on your successful birth. My niece was breech 12 years ago, and still loves to hear her birth story about how stubborn and comfortable she was! Enjoy!
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Congrats! I'm glad you two are doing well.
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Love the name! Congrats! Welcome Ruby!
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