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Originally Posted by MarchWillow View Post
but I love the idea of taking up my midwives guide to having a girl and trying one last time-with full insurance and bene's from a job!!! wooo that'd be awesome! But, that's way bad "future trippin" for now, I'm going to enjoy my last year as a SAHM With all FOUR of my boys
I swayed my odds for a girl and was successful. Try in-gender.com for all sorts of ways to do it.

Originally Posted by DiannaK View Post
I'll be continuing on, as a part time WOHM. I'm an ER nurse, and work 20 hours/week. I basically work for our insurance, and for FSA, retirement benefits, etc.
DH is a realtor and appraiser, and owns his own business. He works from home, and is able to make his own schedule. He knows that, on days I work, he needs to be finished up around 1 pm, and plan on not really getting much done after that (work wise)
I also have a WONDERFUL best friend who is a part time nanny to us. She takes my DD#2 at least 1 day per week, so that Brett can work, or I can sleep, or both! She'll be helping us out with the twins as well.

DH and I talk about HSing all the time, and I think we are pretty well decided on HSing the little ones.
What a sweet set-up you guys have! I'm jealous!
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DH works FT as a pipe organ tradesman/journeyman (not sure where he is in his apprenticeship), so he's available evenings and weekends.

Which is great, because I'm quitting my PT job (30 hours a week) at the bank on May 2 (), so I'll be home in the mornings with the baby. In the afternoons/evenings/weekends I work at my synagogue PT (30-40 hours a week) as the cantorial soloist, so I'm always teaching, directing, or performing whenever DH is out of work. It works really well. And it's a synagogue, so they're really flexible about letting me bring the baby. I mean, the kid's going to have 300 Jewish mamas looking after him/her, so there are no shortages of people to keep an eye on her.

Right now, I'm just running myself ragged on both jobs and my crazy nesting, and dreaming of May 2. I can't wait to be able to stay at home with my babe in the mornings!

ETA: Oh, and the schooling! Funny, I was talking to a mom of boys I give piano lessons to, and we were bemoaning the city public schools around here. She's resigned to sending her boys to their local public schools because she doesn't want the responsibility of homeschooling. I told her that (depending on the temperament of the kid, of course ) I was planning on homeschooling. She offered to pay tuition for her boys to go to the School of SME.

Honestly, the problem in our area is good elementary schools with good teachers (except for my neighbourhood school of course ), but failing middle schools and the only affordable hs options are a Catholic school (not an option - we're Jewish), a Mennonite school (again, not an option), and the local public school which is ROUGH. But who knows. Everything could change in the district by the time this babe gets old enough to need it.
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I'm a full-time IT professional. I will be staying home for 12 weeks with the baby and then going back full-time. I will be working from home 2 days a week for 3-4 months though. I will find some temporary help until baby is 6-7 months old and then it will be off to daycare, where my DD currently goes.

Our kids will attend Chicago public schools.
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Right now I work from home and am still making the decision on what to do. I would love to be a SAHM but will most likely go back to working at home either full or part time. Luckly I have a flexable type of schedule and should not need to use daycare just an occasional grandpa day. I would love to Homeschool my kids but I will just have to wait and see how financially stable we are when they reach that age. Both of my parents were teachers and I think I would make a natural teacher myself. I have concidered becoming a teacher many times but never got the degree for it. I think teaching my own kid would be great! I'll just have to wait and see.
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I'll have to come back to work (I'm a public school teacher). HOWEVER, I'm a pull-out teacher, and most teachers don't want me pulling students out of their classrooms during the last week anyway, so it's going to be pretty much a cakewalk.

AND... my principal has given me permission to bring the baby with me to work for that one week so I don't have to hire a babysitter just for the week. Her only request was that she get first dibs on holding him if I need to do something that can't be done with baby in a sling.
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I wish it were me but it makes more sense for us for dad to stay home so our baby will have a SAHD. I'm going to try to adjust my schedule at work so I can work at home a few days a week. I feel better that DH can be with the baby. It would be much harder on me if we had to take the baby to daycare.
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Originally Posted by ZoeyZoo View Post
I wish it were me but it makes more sense for us for dad to stay home so our baby will have a SAHD. I'm going to try to adjust my schedule at work so I can work at home a few days a week. I feel better that DH can be with the baby. It would be much harder on me if we had to take the baby to daycare.
I think that's great! We originally intended DH to be a SAHD, but then because of our job/financial situation, it ended up being me PT and him FT. I think it's fantastic that ANY of us can afford to SAH, even PT.
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After the birth of our first children my best friend and I wrote a proposal for the two of us to share my full-time position at the University we both worked for (mine was the higher paying/more flexible between the two of us). So we each work in the office two days a week and the one that isn't working watches the little ones. On Fridays we work a half day from home either separately or together at one house or another depending on what our current project needs are (our position is IT). We are now both pregnant again and will each take leave for the first couple of months and then probably work from home til the babes are 6 months-ish. Last time I attended any necessary meetings with my DD in her hotsling.

Our husbands also both work for the University and will most likely (haven't finalized all the details) flex their hours so that they each have one day at home during the week so that each of us mamas only have all *four* little ones one day a week, and even then they will all be 6 months old and up. That one day will be tough, but I think it will work out for us! My mother also comes up one day a week so my friend might not have to have all 4 very often at all.

I realize how lucky we are to have such a flexible situation. I get to get out of the house a little and do a job I enjoy and bring in some income, my children have playmates that go home at the end of the day, they are all being cared for by people that I love and trust and hold similar philosophies.

That turned into a novel, didn't it? Hope it wasn't too boring!

I hope to homeschool my children, I am not sure about my friend's plans. She is most likely much more open to public school than I am. It's really one of those "I would love to, but let's wait and see how things go!"

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Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate View Post
I think that's great! We originally intended DH to be a SAHD, but then because of our job/financial situation, it ended up being me PT and him FT. I think it's fantastic that ANY of us can afford to SAH, even PT.
DH is going to either FT or PT SAHD next year. If we can find reasonably-priced child care (as in... costs less than his salary would bring in ), he'll work mornings here at the school as an aide, supervising the videoconference math classes. If not, he'll be an at-home daddy and maybe take some distance education courses.

Speaking of which, I need to talk to our babysitter of choice. Saw her here at school this morning; I think she's subbing.
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I will be a full time working mama. Depending on the baby's health of course, I will be returning to work full time 6 - 8 weeks after her birth. We have not determined exactly how childcare will be arranged. DH is a full time college student. He hopes to arrange his schedule to allow him to stay home with baby most of the time.
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I am a full-time college student. I crammed most of the last of my 'important' classes into this semester, which ends in a couple of weeks. (Thank goodness!!) I will be doing all online classes this fall and then a couple on-campus classes in the spring to graduate.
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I've been a SAHM since DD was born and plan to keep it that way until my kids are through high school.

I would love to homeschool. I am an introvert and need to get away from things quite a lot, and public school is just so tempting. I plan to suck it up and homeschool though, as it is really appealing to me. We shall see though. I still have 4-5 more years.
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Originally Posted by Tulafina View Post
So after baby is born what is everyone doing in regards to work?
Would love to be able to SAHM again, but we just can't afford it right now... so when babe is around 8 weeks, I'll return to bartending @ night, babe will be w/his dad and luckily I work 4 minutes from home so can nurse whenever i'm needed still! I'm hoping by the time baby is 6 months I'll have finished my doula certification and be able to start attending births so I can be home for the most part
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The server is terrible today...

I've been a SAHM since my first was born, I'd love to be able to be home until this baby gets to Kindergarten but for financial reasons that won't be possible.

I'm planning on going back to school to finish my Medical Transcription certificate next Spring. (I had just started it when I got pg with C and then had to stop going because I was put on bedrest) DS#1 will be in half day Kindergarten and DS#2 will be in Special Ed preschool which is also a half a day. I'm hoping, dreaming actually, that I can take most of my classes in the morning while the boys are at school and my mom can stay with the baby or at night when DH will be home. Either way I don't want to be away for too long because of bf'ing. If Spring doesn't work out I'll push it off until next Fall. My mom has a slight handicap and all 3 kiddos might be a bit much for her at one time!

After that I hope (again dream) to work out of the house as a transcriptionist but we'll see. I may have to start out in an office in the beginning. That's awhile away yet since I still have about a year's left of courses to take full time and I'll be doing it part time.

Obviously our kids will be in public school, we're in a very good district and I'm happy with our base school. I'm also happy with the Special Needs program DS#2 will be in. He needs speech therapy and occupational therapy and as much as I hate to say this, we just can't afford it privately. He has 2 hours of speech a week and one hour of OT. It runs about $150 up to $185 an hour. If we don't send him to public school, we pay ourselves. If we weren't happy with the program we'd find a way to make it work, but so far it's good. We'll see what kind of IEP we get later this summer.

mommy2naomi - I'm in a 'burb of Chicago!

Why do I always write a novel...
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Im a WOHM and a 3/4 time grad student. I teach special education middle school and am completing my masters degree in learning disabilities. I will return to school in June and return to work in August.

I imagine I will have training over the summer and will sling the baby if she is nursing. (low supply mamma who EP last time)

We have a great caregiver/nanny who as long as we continue to be blessed we will continue with her.

As a teacher, my kids will attend the district I teach in. This itself is a little interesting because it is not a school of choice - only residents may attend or if a parent works in the district. I will monitor them closely. Financially -private school isn't in the works for us nor is homeschooling.
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I've been basically a SAHM for almost the last 2 years. When we moved, I had surgery the day before and was out of comission for 2 months from that. By the time I recovered, I was pretty much too pregnant to get another job and we planned for me to be a SAHM regardless.

But then when DS was 6 months old I started driving a school bus because he can come with me! It actually works out very well and I believe DS is so sociable because of going on the bus every day.

I booked my maternity leave to start May 24 and I said I'd be off for at least 6 months. I'm entitled to a year of paid leave and even after that, I know they'd hire me back anytime. So we'll see how it goes with two kids, I may or may not return.

As for schooling, we've decided sending them to the local country public school (that I drive into) is a waste of time. I know the other schools around here aren't any better.
I thought I had found a wonderful private school not too far away, they're few and far between in this rural area! But turns out we don't quite agree with the religious aspects. Soooo at this rate it's looking like hs'ing or bust.
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I will be a SAHM. I recently received my teaching certification… then found out pregnancy. My DH and I disputed me getting a new job but I am scared. There will be a few Art Teacher openings this fall, but frankly, I think starting a new career with a new baby will be so difficult. My DD is starting kindergarten in fall. I will be breastfeeding and using cloth diapers. I just think it is too much to handle.

Therefore, we agreed I will stay home and my “job” will be to go to the gym and get back in shape. I lost it 4 years ago with my first. Hahaha
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We'll keep our current situation work-wise once the babe comes. Both me and DH SAH part-time, so one of us is always home with the kiddo, (soon to be kiddoS!)

We both also go to school full time, (he's in grad school, I continue on my slow jog toward a BA in Psych) but we can flip flop our classes the same way we do our work schedule as we did this semester.

As for the kiddo's schoolin'. DS1 attends our local Waldorf school and we plan to keep both the kids in the Waldorf system as long as finances/ location permit. (we'll be moving for DH's Phd) We may end up homeschooling them for a year or two to save money.
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I'm a full time art student, finishing up the semester a little early than staying home till Fall starts when I'll do a few online classes but I still need to be in the studio a lot, and that's where baby's grandma comes in.
I'd love to hs or eventually enroll in this awsome charter school that is all about experiential learning centered around nature -- but that's if I stay in NJ.
I must say though, the timing couldn't have been more perfect, I'm due right after my semester's over, and I can sahm until I go back to school in late august!
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I'll be working again, although it's likely that I'll be changing jobs. I also did good, though , with the timing, as I'm a university prof., and don't have to do much besides write a few papers over the summer. What we'll do when the fall semester starts really depends on where we are, we may end up arranging schedules, and I may bring the new LO to my office (ds went to work with me until he was 15 months old).
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