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First Timers

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I thought I would start a thread for us first timers. This is my first pregnancy - and, hopefully, will be my first child. I'm still having a lot of trouble registering the fact that this is real but am committing myself to super healthy eating nonetheless. At the same time I am trying not to get too too excited and prepare myself in case things don't go as planned.

I think my biggest stress this week has been exercising. I really want to stick to my morning routine of 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of yoga but I'm very afraid that my baby is just going to fall out unless I lay perfectly still all day long. I know.. not rational.... but still, feels right!!

Anyone else in the same boat?
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Hi, terra! This will be our first baby, too! I'm pretty nervous about it sticking, not that I have any reason to be particularly nervous, but there it is...

I'm thinking I need to INCREASE my exercise. lol.
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I'm new to all of this, too. We'd waited a while to start trying and then took a couple of months to actually get pregnant so I was so looking forward to a positive pregnancy test. Still, when it happened I was so euphoric and then suddenly scared out of my mind

I'm super excited though and no that I just have to do this one day at a time.

I'm a yoga and pilates person, too, and am going to check out some dvds specifically for pregnant women. I found some good reviews on AMAZON about what's best and what did not work for people who are not new to either.
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This is my first pregnancy and I too can relate to wanting a positive pregnancy test and than the second it was positive, focusing on staying pregnant. It's terrifying and exciting at the same time. I'm standing much of the day teaching, but I'm not nervous about this. Today though I'm at my inlawas and had to look lazy because they were moving rocks to fill in holes in their dirt road and I didn't want to chance it. They don't know I'm pregnant, so I'm sure they were pleased.
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I'm a first timer too. And I'm terrified of losing the pregnancy. I have hashimoto's disease which does increase the risk of miscarriage but at the moment, it's pretty under control and my terror isn't really that founded. I'm only just 4 weeks now though so I'm still expecting my period to arrive any minute.

Despite saying that I'd be zen about this whole thing, I'm going to get myself a beta test tomorrow...

Geez I hope the whole 9 months aren't full of this anxiety!
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Originally Posted by MujerMamaMismo View Post
Geez I hope the whole 9 months aren't full of this anxiety!
9 months? I hope the next 20 years aren't full of this anxiety!!!
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