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My BOY is here!

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Hey everyone, my as yet unnamed boy was born yesterday at 11:34 AM in the fishy pool in his sister's room. My 2 year old (well, she'll be 2 tomorrow) witnessed the whole thing and was fabulous. Daddy got to catch and I cut the cord myself after the placenta delivered.

After the marathon of labour that was my daughter's birth 2 years ago, this 7 hours of labour and 41 minutes of pushing was almost a relief (although it still hurt like hell---ooohhh back labour)

Anyways, he weighs 9lbs 11 oz, was 52cm long with a 37.5 cm head!!! I couldn't believe it, because if you recall seeing my pregnancy pictures, I was not that big, only measuring 35cm at the end and having only gained 15lbs.

The same photographer who did our maternity shoot took 1200 pictures of the birth. They are amazing and hopefully when I get more organized I will share a few.
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Welcome baby!
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Lots of big babies in this DDC! Healthy and strong!

Congratulations and welcome baby! :

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Wow! You did have a big baby for measuring small!! Well done!! Welcome baby boy!
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Congrats! :

It's raining babies!
What is that saying? April showers bring May flowers?
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Welcome big boy!! Sounds like a beautiful birth!
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Welcome to your big healthy boy! Congrats mama!
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i'm so glad that you had a shorter labor this time. congrats!!! happy babymoon!
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Congrats on your baby boy!!
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Hey hey! welcome to the world little man! Way to go pushing out that whopper mama!
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His birth sounds wonderful! Congratulations!
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Congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful birth. Can't wait to see photos!!!
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Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world new baby boy!!!
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