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nursing and raw honey

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Can I use raw honey with my tea and nurse a 24 month old and a 7 month old?
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I would think its fine. ds is 7 months, bf, and I'm a raw honey addict. At least 3 cups of tea a day w/raw honey...no problems here.
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I occasionally have raw honey in tea and my DS is still alive. I don't use much, though. Maybe 1tbsp or less.
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I also have raw honey regularly and we do just fine. I haven't noticed any reactions whatsoever to it in him.
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I had asked my dd's pediatrician's office about honey, strawberries and peanuts. They said it is fine but I didn't specify raw honey. Maybe play it safe and use pasteurized honey?
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Yes, it's fine. It's the potential for botulism spores that is the problem, and I think the spores survive the pasteurization process (so I think the standard rec is no honey under a year). But, as an adult, your gut should be able to destroy them just fine, so they won't get into your bloodstream and then into your milk.
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From what I understand, raw honey is only a problem while pregnant.
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