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WHY aren't you vaccinating?

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I've heard a lot of conflicting things about vaccinating, but nothing specific. Could you folks explain to me exactly why you choose not to? Personally if it's anything like flu shots, then I'm also not doing it... Details would be nice, I'm pretty much in the dark about such baby taboos and debates..
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Well, I started off not wanting to give my baby Hep B at birth. Didn't know anything about vaccination, but I knew that a) neither dh nor I was a carrier and b) my baby wasn't going to be sharing needles or having risky sex in the near future. So right there, I needed no research to determine that this vax was just plain unnecessary.

And if this wasn't necessary, maybe I should look into the others, you know? So I started researching.
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Personally I have decided not to vax for 2 big reasons. The first reason being the stories I have read during my recent research that talk about some horrible side effects- like of course autism, but also seizures, brain damage, even death (things you never hear about unless you really look into it). The second reason is because of all the ingredients that are used in these vaccines. In some of the vaccines, they use baby fetal cells from aborted babies. They also use formeldahyde, aluminum, and other cancer-causing chemicals that I simply can't justify injecting into my baby's little body!
But it is definitely a very personal decision, and I will be the first to say that some of the diseases are scary. I would highly suggest you do some research!
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For me it started with the Hep B vax too. I thought if they're making babies get a series of vaxes they don't need just to catch a few that might fall through the cracks, what about the others? And then I took a look at the schedule and was bowled over by the sheer amoutn of vaxes they've added over the years. Then I learned about the lack of safety data on aluminum, and at that point I had to stop saying "What's the big deal?" and really take a look at each vax/disease pair. Now I'm not 100% comfortable with the decision not to vax, and I'm on the fence about selective vs. no-vax at all, but I'm so angry about the lack of solid research and the willful ignorance on the part of pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and the CDC that I can't take what they say at face value. I am angry that I even have to make this decision with what little data there is.
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For me, it started with my son's adverse reaction to a vax. At that point, I started to question how safe they were. From there, it was an easy trip to the no-vaxxing side, with a little education about disease and immunizations.
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My Dd was fully vaxed up until her 1st birthday. Right at that time, she got the 3rd series of the HepB/Hib combo (Comvax) and reacted horribly for 10 days. Total vaccine injury issue. She had rashes 3 times throughout that following year. Came from out of nowhere. We stopped vaxing right after that. It's been 15 months now of no vaxes. We will never vax our Dd and any future children that we have.

My Dd now has Type 1 Diabetes. It is linked with that Comvax vaccine. Totally breastfed, organic food, healthy household, cloth diapered baby and all of a sudden she has this auto-immune disease? It's not in our families either.

My theory now is (just like the mom's in the Autism community) that it's just not the aluminum, mercury, etc... in the vaxes. It's the baker's yeast, the aborted fetal cells, and all the other CRAP and preservatives they put in all the vaccines, that any little tiny kid could be sensitive too and then they are never the same. And this is why I am not vaccinating.
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Wow Kristin, that is crazy about your dd! I have heard of diabetes as being linked to some vax but that still surprises me considering she is bf with all organic food. Ughhh, it makes me so mad sometimes about the things these vax are doing to our babies!!! And I completely agree that it's EVERYTHING in the vaccines, not just one or two of the ingredients.
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DS #1 was vaccinated up to 6 months. I don't even remember what triggered the idea of not vaccinating, but once I started looking and realized how many more shots my baby boy was going to have to get...

The Hep B is my biggest problem. It smacks of MONEY. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to give a healthy new born baby with no risk of Hep B a Hep B vaccine. NONE. But they do it. Why? "They" will say public good, i.e. they couldn't get the drug addicts and prostitutes to get vaccinated so they decided to start at the beginning with those who get vaccinated every day. And, hey - look at the money to be made.

And Chicken Pox. I don't know of anyone who had permanent damage from Chicken Pox (except for those annoying scars - I have one right in the middle of my forehead!). Why would we need a vaccine against a disease that is annoying? "Annoying" isn't life threatening.

And they are adding more everyday. Just this year they added Hep A (2 shots) and Rotavirus as well as a Chicken Pox booster.

I don't want my babies to get sick...but for now, until the CDC reestablishes itself as a organization that actually cares about KIDS not about covering up - we will not VAX.

Besides, I don't know a SINGLE ADULT who would allow themselves to get SIX SHOTS on the same day - yet we do it to our babies and wonder why they scream and scream and scream....
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I did a ton of research before he was born, learned about the link between vaxes and auto-immune diseases and neurological disorders. My nephew is autistic and we have speculated that it could be vaccine related. I wasn't willing to expose my son to the junk in vaccines, I feel like the reasoning behind vaccinations are extremely fear based rather than fact-based and I'm not willing to sacrifice my son so big pharma's pockets can get bigger when they clearly don't have anyone's best interests in mind but their own.
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There's a multitude of reasons. It started with thinking about why on earth a 2 month old baby needed a tetanus vax when it was -25C outside, the ground is frozen, and she can't even walk yet. Weird.

Since then, 3 + years later, I've not found any convincing reasons to vaccinate. It's not only the chemicals and crap in the vaxes, it's the way vaxes circumvent the body's natural immune processes, the dismal safety record and questionable clinical trials, their dubious efficacy (hurray, a lifetime of boosters anyone?), the contaminants in the animal matter (gross and disturbing), pharma's drive for more profit and toady peds (hmm...why should we have all these vaxes on the schedule--oh because we can!), and the way common childhood dieases are marketed to be plague-like (wow, how did I ever survive mumps, chicken pox, and whooping cough?)...

Plus, I've thought about the thousands of kids who have suffered vaccine reactions. I don't care if the CDC, medical establishment etc. says that vaccine reactions are "rare" and 1 in a million or whatever riduculously low number they quote. The fact that injecting these substances into healthy kids is enough to kill and maim some of them is enough to make me say no thanks. It really can be like Russian roulette. I choose not to bother playing at all.
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The ingredients, the low incidence of VPDs, the rise of auto-immune diseases in our children, the lack of proven efficacy, the risk of reaction. No one's going to convince me to give my perfectly healthy child something that may harm them for life, because it *might* do them some good.
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I've never been comfortable with the statement that some of these ingredients are poisonous if eaten, but totally safe if injected.

We researched the heck out of vaccines and just knew that it was not something we would ever do.
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because I dont want my baby to cry. (LOL-JK)

I belive the immune system is perfect without injecting diseases, heavy metals, neurotoxins, monkey viruses and aborted fetal tissue into the blood.

especially of a tiny baby.
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Because my mom said so.

Okay, that's not the real reason, but it is the truth. I was not vaccinated nor were any of my 4 siblings. But, I did my own research and found out what al of the PPs have said to be true.
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Every state except West Virginia and Mississippi have both medical and religious (WV/MS-medical only)...while many have medical/religious/philosophical exemptions.

Requirements for these exemptions vary by state...but it's what we've used since I stopped vaxxing DS#1.
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There are millions of kids in the US who are not being vaccinated for some reason. They manage to get into schools just fine. Each state has some sort of exemption and most are very easy to fill out. Some are as simple as turning the vaccine questionnaire over and making and X in the spot that says you refuse vaccines on religious grounds.

Religious grounds for most states means a personal religious belief. Nothing more.

We have a religious exemption and my grandson goes to public school. No one knows but the school nurse and the principal. His mom is a teacher in the same school district. No problems ever.

I have two more grandchildren in another state and they are completely vaccine free and will most likely attend a Montessori School soon. We don't foresee any problems since dd has friends whose kids are also vax free and go to that school.
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I researched each vaccine, planning to choose some to give on a delayed schedule.

What I found that was for us, in our situation, there were no vaccines worth the risk.

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I don't vaccinate because I believe the entire 'scientific' premise behind the reasoning for developing vaccines is flawed, flat-out incorrect.

The human immune system in it's natural state is a far superior disease-fighting mechanism than anything humankind has come up with, or will come up with as far as I'm concerned. Nature had it right the first time, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Plus, you couldn't pay me enough to inject a random assortment of poisons and primate dna and whatnot into my child. No freakin' way. We'll take our chances with the horrible scourges of chicken pox and mumps over that nonsense any day.
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There's many reasons why we don't, and it's a long boring story. Suffice to say that after going to mayoclinic.com and reading Aviva Jill Romm's book, I feel I can safely treat any of the illnesses, should they happen. I started out wanting to be selective and delay.....but honestly I cannot justify any of them. The diseases can usually be treated (preventing complications, which is where the majority of deaths come from usually). Basic stuff like good clean food and sanitation and clean water do A LOT to ensure diseases aren't spread, though of course it does take more then that...trying to eliminate as many environmental toxins as much as possible for instance.
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Simply...the risks outweigh any benefit for my kids. I researched and sat on the fence for a while. We vaxed until DD was 1yo. We were coming up on the 18 mo big batch of shots and I had a terrible gut feeling. I KNEW it would be bad. I still have no idea why I felt that way (I'd rather not find out.) But Im glad I didn't and now dd has the benefit of never being vaxed.
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