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For me, it was everything mentioned here plus: the companies that make the money off the vaccines are the people who pay for the safety & efficiacy trials. That sounds like a conflict of interest to me. Add to that these companies can't be sued for a "bad" vaccine. The US govt pays out, not the company that made the vaccine.

No reliable safety and efficacy trials, no corporate responsibility whatsoever. Not a system I trust my child's safety to.
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Originally Posted by zinemama View Post
Well, I started off not wanting to give my baby Hep B at birth. Didn't know anything about vaccination, but I knew that a) neither dh nor I was a carrier and b) my baby wasn't going to be sharing needles or having risky sex in the near future. So right there, I needed no research to determine that this vax was just plain unnecessary.

And if this wasn't necessary, maybe I should look into the others, you know? So I started researching.
this is exactly my story as well.

i thought, sheesh, if they recommend (or really, try to mandate) my newborn to get a vaccine for something i don't have that she could otherwise only realistically contract from IV drug use and unprotected sex...something seems very, very awry with this system.
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There are so many reasons:

why are we so careful about when we should introduce solids to a baby's diet when their digestive system is not developed, and yet think it's ok to inject multiple diseases into a completely underdeveloped immune system?

why does humankind continually try to improve on nature, only to discover all our "inventions" have drastic side effects in the long run and are seriously damaging to our health and the planet's health -and the nature's intended way was always the safest and best route, e.g chemical fertilisers, leaded petrol, toxic waste from plastics, and problem of disposing of plastics, etc.

why in certain countries, diseases are considered perfectly acceptable (I live in Ireland - where all children contract chicken pox normally - no vaccinating against it here) and yet in other countries people are pressured to vaccinate.

why in different countries, the acceptable age for different vaccinations varies so greatly.

I have a strong belief that most childhood diseases kickstart various systems in the body. Being sick is a natural part of life. I remember the right of passage of getting chicken pox, mumps, measles and rubella. i remember feeling hard done by, when there was a scarlet fever outbreak in my school, and I didn't get it! And you knew by the age of 8 or 9, you'd pretty much gotten everything you were going to get.

I think that sick kids need their mums at home with them. And while it is very, very rare that normal childhood diseases are life threatening - your child will still need to take maybe 2 weeks off for each disease - i.e. mum out of the work force each time for 2 weeks or more. I think this is one reason the "state" doesn't want sick kids.

I also think it's insane to vaccinate children against diseases which are perfectly inoccuous when contracted as a child, e.g. mumps or rubella. but can cause problems when contracted as an adult. I remeber reading that when there was no rubella vaccine, over 85% of adults were life-long immune. Now there is a generation of young women of childbearing age who have not got immunity. How ridiculous is that!

I could go on and on and on.... but i'll sign off for now.

Love this forum though - it's great to know you are not alone.......

xx the mammy
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Well, when ds1 was born, i told my mom I wasn't circing. She responded "At least vax." I thought if she is way off on circ, maybe she is on vax too. So, ds2 is unvaxed. DS1, different story.
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Originally Posted by cjuniverse View Post
I don't vaccinate because I believe the entire 'scientific' premise behind the reasoning for developing vaccines is flawed, flat-out incorrect.

The human immune system in it's natural state is a far superior disease-fighting mechanism than anything humankind has come up with, or will come up with as far as I'm concerned. Nature had it right the first time, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Plus, you couldn't pay me enough to inject a random assortment of poisons and primate dna and whatnot into my child. No freakin' way. We'll take our chances with the horrible scourges of chicken pox and mumps over that nonsense any day.
This. My children are third generation non-vaxers.
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I no longer vax because I always had a deep fear each time my dd was vaxed that she would die (I didnt know back then it was a choice to vax) She had several reactions that the ped said were "normal" and she now has eczema and asthma that I think are strongly linked to the vaxes she received at 2-4 months. It always felt wrong to me.

I dont think vax really work I think that maybe for a short time a few will have immunity to some things but it wears off.

I strongly believe that the human body is capable of dealing with the disease should they happen. I do NOT think that injecting up to 5 different diseases into the body at once is even remotly a good idea. The body was not ment to deal with that much that fast at such a young age.
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Originally Posted by akilamonique View Post
WTF????!!! We are in the military, and I was afraid that we could be stationed anywhere, so I'd rather he be protected, but WTF? fetal cells of aborted babies, #@$%^&* formaldehyde??? They don't even put that in hair dye anymore! On top of that your doctor will tell you not to dye your hair while pregnant for that very reason, so why the He-double hockey sticks is it in the something we are INJECTING into our babies!!!????
I recommend the vaccine book by dr. sears. Some people dislike it because after summing up each vaccine and disease, he basically says it is important, but personally, I just skipped over his personal opinions and looked at the facts. He tells you how each vaccine is manufactured, ingredients, what the disease is, likelyhood of it, how to treat it, fatality rate, etc.

It is a very simple, organized read. I think it's a perfect book for anyone just starting to research vaccines, because it is so simply written. It does not have "scientific study" written all over... which really appeals to a new mom between wet bras, crying newborn and lack of food!
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For MANY of the reasons the previous posters have stated.

Nutshell....I believe my DC are well-equiped with an awesome immune system...and vaxes would wreck that-as it did one of my DC. I stupidly listened to a ped, many years ago,that vaxing was the right thing to do. Scare tactics. Yeah,I'm scared. Only now? more so of the medical,pharma,and media.Scared of the crap(can I say that here?)that comprise the long list of vax ingredients.

Not gonna make that horrible mistake-again,that I made many years ago.

Lesson learned.
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For the same reasons and i have an auto immune disorder and bad allergies. I was vax'd with half the amount they have now. I dont want my dd to suffer as I have.
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I'm kinda excited to be moving onto this board. I thought I was a
selective vax' mum (had planned to do polio and tetanus, but never really thought about when).

Anyway, I was not vaxed and had all the 'childhood diseases' as they were known. And I knew that I would make the same choice for my family.

My 'reasons' I gave to highly paranoid medical IL's - DTP became DTaP.
This does not make me calm - it worries me that this or any other vax could be under further development for improved safety/efficacy/etc. No one said, hang on, DTaP is almost ready don't do the DTP....
Same for OPV and IPV

But that was when I was very 'innocent' and knew almost nothing other than 'it's not a good idea'

On a gut level it does not make sense. It's messing with phenomena that I think modern science/medicine has little clue about.... I am convinced in 100+ years we will look back and shake our head thinking what a poor misguided society we were and how arrogant to think we knew it all!

I do not take well to being manipulated. Everyone who wanted me to vax was trying to instil fear into me and make me rush out and protect my child from certain death. This just seemed absurd and unlikely. (there are also plenty of reasons to be scared into not vaxing - it goes both ways)

I trust myself to take responsibility for my families health. I do not trust the medical establishment to take responsibility for the health/illness of my child.... too many policies and protocols and misinformed people.

It just seems weird that there is a one size fits all schedule.

The blindness of the medical establishment. Vax seems to be their sacred holy project. When assumptions are made about vax and any questioning of those assumptions is flat out denied, I see a problem that is much bigger than which vax my DS does or does not get. I see a system out of control. Information is no longer required - only blind belief.

So, it all started with me thinking DS would one day get tetanus and polio vax. Now I am pretty sure he will never get a vax. The more I read, the more I think that there is no need, and in the case of MMR, CP, WC - DS might even be better off having the illness than avoiding the disease.
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Our personal reasons for not vaccinating are because vaccines are not adequately tested. Also there have been cases of children dying or getting bad diseases and other problems because of vaccines. The VARS system is not accurate and there are a lot more children out there that have been effected by vaccines than that shows. Also they don't know the long term effects of the vaccines and they can't guarantee the vaccine is going to definitely protect a child against getting the disease. These are just some of the reasons I don't vaccinate.

One reason that is unrelated to the others is I believe God is sovereign and that whatever happens is what He wanted to happen. Although I do take measures to keep my child safe, I know it is ultimately His choice on how things end up.
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