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Isobel Rain Arrived on Friday!

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So it turns out I was in labor!

I finally called my doula around 8:30 to come by just in case. My midwife arrived around 12 and I was 5 cm.

Somewhere between Tuesday and Friday baby turned posterior and resulted in some insanely nasty back labor. I tried the sterile water injections, which were the most painful thing ever. I actually screamed through them and them were pretty worthless. I ended up begging to transfer for pain relief for about 2 hours before everyone gave in and let me go. Had a super quick ambulance ride to the hospital and once I got there was told it was too late to have drugs. Apparently everyone wanted to stick to my birth plan but me! I pushed for an hour and half at which point I started begging for an ob to come suction the baby out which they agreed to, but again were lying because the ob just ignored my requests and made me push...lol.

I had my vbac at 5:04pm on Friday. I managed to turn Isobel a bit with pushing but she still came out facing mostly up. She was 7lbs 15 oz and is 19" long. She looks exactly like dd1. Surprisngly enough dd1 slept through the entire pushing phase despite all the noise, so hubby got to help support me through pushing.

I'm actually happy that I transferred. I ended up with some big tears, he inability to pee and some serious tail bone pain. I checked myself in for an overnight stay so I could get some relax and relief.

It wasn't my planned homebirth but it was a vbac!
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Congrats on your vbac and your baby!!! Seems like you were just destined to have a vbac
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Yay for a vbac! I hope your tears heal quickly. Congratulations!
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as a hopeful vbac-er i am very thrilled to read this!
Congratulations!!! :

happy baby mooning!
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Congratulations! It sounds like you were surrounded by a great support group! Welcome, baby!
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Congratulations! I hope you heal quickly and are feeling better soon.
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Congratulations! It sounds like things worked out just right for you, even if not according to plan. Enjoy your babymoon!
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That back labor is a horror! Sorry you didn't get your drugs, but that you made it through.

I hope you recover quickly and enjoy your new baby.
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I am glad to hear that everything went well, and you are finally holding your little one! Congrats on your VBAC mama!
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Congratulations!! I'm glad all that prodromal stuff was actually doing its magic on you! So there's hope for me too!

Enjoy your beautiful babe!
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Hooray! Welcome to the world, little one! I'm so glad you got your V-bac!
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Thanks everyone! I had a different midwife than last time (same group though) and I'm definitely looking for another option for the next birth. After months of nagging at me for choosing a home vbac my attending midwife spent my transition making subtle comments about hypothetical what ifs and eventually mentioned getting an epidural if I transferred. All this resulted in me freaking out begging for drugs. Ultimately they wanted me in the hospital with an iv in and that's what they got. They knew it was too late for drugs and they let me transfer thinking I'd get them.

I'm happy with the birth just irritated that my midwives couldn't just drop the issue and let me do it the way I had planned.

Apparently the other set of midwives in this group are much more open to hbac and I've been told to request their trio specifically for the next one. If that's not an option hopefully I can afford to bring a more homebirth friendly midwife in from out of town.
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Wow, it's a good sign that you are already considering who to have at your NEXT birth!

Well done, welcome to your new babe, and healing vibes to you!
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Congrats on your VBAC!
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Congrats Mama! Love the name!!!
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*bumping all births we've had so far !!!*
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